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Raising Boys Who Love Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Sep 01, 2017

I’m a mom of two boys and also a big lover of plants and flowers so the question is, “How do I combine them both?”  It’s a stereotype that boys don’t belong around the frilly stuff and should instead be committed solely to the “manly” rough and tumbling activities associated with the outdoors.  Flower designing may as well be stricken right off the list as something the male species should be attracted to and to put it simply… That’s just isn’t right.  Although admittedly, times are getting better in terms of it being socially acceptable to wipe clean the lines drawn for “girl hobbies” vs. “boy hobbies”, I still find this particular stereotype a frustrating issue to bend.  Even though girls have been thankfully increasing the ratios as athletes found within hockey, football and baseball- the male species seems to be having a more difficult time adapting to activities, which have previously been seen as “chic stuff”.  As you can imagine, flower arranging is right up on the top of the tier and I for one feel this is a shame.  Is there a way to attract more boys to the floral world?  I believe there is. lance c.jpg

One way of encouraging a healthy connection to plants and flowers is to partake in hikes where wildflowers are prevalent, visiting preservation areas where plant life is abundant and reading about horticulture together.  By exposing boys to the beauty of flowers, we can stimulate growth that reaches far beyond what we could ever imagine.  Did you know that males who possess a connection to both plants and flowers have a greater likelihood to become compassionate, giving and understanding?   Did you also know that boys who have an early education about horticulture possess stronger skills within creative thinking, planning and organization?  Really, it’s true!  Others believe that it may also advance early development of coping skills as well as fuel a longer and happier life in general.  Now these should be reasons enough alone why we should be fostering this important connection to flowers!  So how should we go about it?  Try these simple ways to support a lasting relationship, which might stimulate positive outcomes throughout a boy’s entire life.

  1. Nature Walks
  2. Family Gardens
  3. Simple Flower Arranging
  4. Cooking with Flowers
  5. Artwork Mirroring Flowers

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