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Tips to Survive Winter Blunders

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 04, 2016


The other day I got into my car to drive to a doctor’s appointment in the first real snowy day of the New England season.  I was pretty excited because afterwards, I would be having lunch with two close friends-one of which came all the way from California for a visit.  So anyways, I was on my merry way when I heard a BANG” ricochet from the front of the car.  A few moments later the “Thump, thump” made me suspicious of damage caused by whatever it was that I hit in the road.  Luckily, I barely made it into the parking lot, found a space and turned off the ignition to go and went to investigate the problem.  A flat tire.  A really flat tire during the worst winter weather we have experienced so far, making the situation all around a disastrous one.


Thankfully, I had prepared myself for a mishap similar to this and was able to resurrect the situation without any severe grievances (although I did miss that luncheon with my friends).  It made me realize how important it is to fully stock your car with items that will come in handy during situations like these or unthinkably - even worse.  If you haven’t stocked up already, keep in mind these tips that will assist you safely through your own winter blunders.


Always Store In Your Trunk…

  1. Bottled Water- Even if it freezes, water will always thaw and its important to stay hydrated in freezing temperatures.


  1. Fleece Blankets- If there’s no heat in your vehicle then it’s imperative that you store a few warm blankets just in case your tow ride takes longer than expected.


  1. Extra Clothing- This goes without saying that you should pack extra clothing to add layers if needed.  Sweaters and waterproof jackets are highly recommended.


  1. First Aid Kits- You never know when you might need a Band-Aid or other necessary medical supplies if you’ve been in an accident.  Having the right materials just may lessen the impact of an injury incurred so make a stop at CVS or Walgreens to stock up!

A SPARE TIRE!!!  You would be amazed how many people are driving around without a spare tire in their trunk!  Now’s the time to check and make sure because if you get a flat tire like I did, you don’t want to be stuck empty handed and ill prepared

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