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Top 5 Countries in the World that Depend on the Floral Industry

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 29, 2016

There are many different industries that go into supporting a country’s economy.  Based on several factors including but not limited to location, culture, language, technology and transportation accessibility, each country varies with particular types of business that they are dependent on to keep the region’s finances flowing healthily.  For example, China and Norway are leaders in the highest exportation of fish, namely because of their convenient proximity to the ocean.   Without this resource, it is doubtable that they would have been able to become the experts in fisheries that they are today.  There are other reasons that are not situated around the geographic properties as well such as the chocolate phenomenon that is crucial to German commerce.  Funny, its not because they have the climate to host abundant cocoa orchards but instead the answer lies with the fact that Europeans were named the first official  “chocoholics” when the sweet treat was originally introduced.  The demand for chocolate alone was the only factor needed to surge an economic spike for spending, allowing Germany to invent top quality brand names such as the Stollwerck Chocolates Company.  


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So if every country has at least one mega source of income, I had to ask the question, “Who are the leaders of the floral industry?”  With a little research, I found an interesting list of the top 5 places that depend on flowers to keep their economy circumventing.  Here’s what I found-are you surprised?

Top 5 Exporters of Flowers

  1.   Netherlands

Tulips remain one of Holland’s most popular flowers for export although the world acclaimed Dutch auction is located right in the city of Aalsmeer, which is their real moneymaker.

  1.  Colombia

Roses top the growing charts even though orchids and Birds of Paradise are also sought after for export.

  1.  Ecuador ecuadorean_roses.jpg

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Ecuador is a competitor of Colombia because they also harvest millions and millions of roses that are known for their vibrant color and large heads.

  1.  Ethiopia

Carnations are a great crop for Ethiopia to sell world wide because they are hearty and comfortable with the country’s naturally warm climate.  

  1.  Kenya

Roses and general cut flowers are Kenya’s floral focus, representing around 35% of the Dutch trade in Holland.  Every year, this African country grows in demand for their beautiful product.  

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