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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Famous Florists Who Have Made Their Mark

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jul 14, 2017

When you think of famous people, actors, doctors, astronauts and inventors may be the first professions that come to mind.  These are the careers chosen to influence the world by making it better place through ingenuity, brilliance, healing, entertainment and discovery.  While these are obviously some of the most sought after positions, it’s imperative we take a look at those who have gifted society with beauty-perhaps a florist could fit well in this category?  Over the years, there are certain florists who have pushed their way up to the top due to their impressive visions of creative floral design.  Gifted with imagination, talent and the ability to implement inventive presentation by the use of blossoms, these famous designers have truly put their mark on the industry, revolutionizing our appreciation and pride within the floral industry.  Read their stories and learn how they rose to become the highest celebrated professionals in their realm.  


Simone Gooch - photo credit via


Simone Gooch has been said to be the top floral designer of London whose clients include Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.  Her style is categorized by a “minimalistic” approach and sways towards “less is more” attitude when designing pieces.  Gooch is often inspired by visiting wholesalers to see what catches her eye instead of always relying on ordering a particular type of flower.  Although London is known to encourage an “English feel” to their floral arranging, she prefers to be more architecturally animated instead of compact as the traditional style demands.

Klaus Wagner


Klaus Wagner is an important industry leader for his native country of Germany where he is the first German designer to be awarded the honor of “World Champion”.  He depends solely on inventing new materials to use in his arrangements, creating optimally extensive “works of art” instead of mere bouquets in vases.  Kraus is the owner of the flower shop, “Blooms” as well as a floral publishing house and agency.

Menno Kroon  


Menno Kroon comes from a country where floral designing is one of the most competitive professions you can be in, yet he still manages to rise to the top as one of the best.  Starting at a young age, Kroon was mesmerized by anything that grew, particularly seeds and their process to grow into something beautiful.  He nurtured his passion by studying under some of the most renowned florists in the Netherlands until he, too became a Dutch Master himself.  He is not only recognized for his beautiful talent with flowers but also for his interior and exterior designing skills.  


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Exotic Flowers from Portugal

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, May 05, 2017

Portugal is a beautiful European country bordering Spain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.  The republic is known for it’s fine wine and dining as well as a culture rich in music and art.  While this warm weather spot is a major tourist destination for visitors worldwide, Portugal’s true hidden gem lies beyond the white powdered beaches…


Due to a climate that benefits from warm temperatures and a wide range of desirable topography, vegetation is abundant across the area growing thousands of beautiful specimens year round.  One location, which is particularly successful within the horticulture industry is Madeira Natural Park that expands more than two thirds across Portugal.  Here you will find rare varieties of orchids as well as trees belonging to the Lauraceae family including laurel, bay and mahogany shrubs and moss.  Depending on which trail that you choose it is possible to explore several different zones where the flora and fauna changes accordingly.  Because the country is mixed between Mediterranean, Atlantic and European environment fluctuations, you never know what you may stumble upon making the adventure all the more worthwhile.


If you’re interested in the types of flowers that are most prevalent in Portugal, you’ll be happy to know there is no shortage of stunning blooms in this neck of the woods.  The number one species representing Portugal as the official flower is “Lavender”, which is also popular in the United States.  The multi-purpose blooms not only grace the tables in vases and bouquets but also serve as medicinal tools and additives within makeup, tea and balms.  The tropical characteristics this country possesses also allows a healthy growth of varieties found in rainforests such as birds of paradise, orchids, proteas and calla lilies.  If you’re a wild flower lover like I am, you’ll also be pleased to know that because of the variations in soils, Portugal can also reap bountiful crops of sunflowers, morning glories and magnolias.  Having such a large assortment to choose from, Portuguese florists are well versed in designing an eclectic menu for customers for all sorts of tastes and preferences.  

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Beautiful Flowers of Africa

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 03, 2017

Africa is a breathtaking continent, rich in history and opulent in culture.  Along with their natural sustainability for art and music, Africa is also know for mega industry positions within banking, consumer goods, oil, gas and agriculture, which many people are unaware of.  Perhaps the reason why Africa doesn’t come to mind as a lush spot for farming and harvest might be because we think of the topography as being too arid or dry.  Unbeknown to the masses, Africa actually has areas where the land is lush and ideal for growing stunning blooms to be shipped all over the world!  In fact, product from this region is escalating in demand, skyrocketing this particular segment of their economy in recent years.  So what are the most desired African species the floral industry is seeking currently?  

lily of the nile.jpg

photo credit via


Otherwise known as “The African Lily”, this variety has remained one of my favorites through the many years spent in the flower business due to its stunning color and playful architecture that makes any arrangement “pop”.  This bulb enjoys the warmth of Africa’s typical temperatures but does well when planted in pots as well.  Fortunately, the agapanthus is not accustomed to any major bug problems although this perennial will only bloom certain months of the year from June to July.  Also pay particular attention to the plant’s roots since it possesses a rhizome system.  


Gloriosa is a member of the “Colchicaceae” family, which is also a bulb plant that flourishes in moist weather conditions but remains dormant during dry spells.  The lily is a “climber” and uses its tendrils to scale over the tops of other flowers, making it a beautiful accent to tropical gardens.  Although the colors are bright and decadent, the stems and roots are highly poisonous and at the very least can cause skin irritation to someone who is sensitive to plant toxins.  Interestingly enough, African medicine does include some gloriosa samples within certain tonics and elixirs that are said to have great healing powers.  

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Most Popular Flowers from Japan

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Apr 19, 2017

Being a HUGE flower lover, I often wonder about what other countries are growing compared to the United States.  Here, are most popular varieties usually include roses, hydrangea, sunflowers, mums and tulips but elsewhere, the answer might be significantly different. Depending on where we are in the world, there are assorted growing conditions, which make some plantings of flora and fauna more successful in one area compared to another.  Temperature, soil acidity, humidity and the abundance of water sources all go into the formula of a nation’s vegetation and particular horticulture.  If we are to visit the desert for example, we might see samples of cacti that need dry soil and little water.  If we visit a rainforest, we’re probably going to notice orchids and banana plants that need heat in addition to high humidity.  It really is pretty fascinating when you think about it.  So I’ve decided to research a few specific countries to see what their favorite flowers are native to their region and why they flourish so well.  


my husband recently brought home this Spirea from Japan for our sitting room

Japan is known for their stunning and eclectic resource of exotic blossoms and the reason lie within their asset of possessing a temperate climate.  Even though there are four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, the temperature usually doesn’t drop under 32 F unless you travel north where snowfall has known to occur.  The moist wet soil is also a beneficial characteristic composed of red and yellow sediment, breeding impressive species of ferns, which matriculate everywhere you go.  Yes, the heat, soil and extensive education for growing in Japan has laid claim to a gorgeous composition of plants and flowers across the land.  Here are a few of the most popular blooms, which are customary in this country.

  • Dahlia
  • Ranunculus
  • Scabiosa
  • Spirea 
  • Sweet Pea

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Around the World on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 06, 2017

Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending flowers, chocolates and Hallmark cards filled with romantic gestures of intention.  Annually celebrated on February 14th, we see our stores and flower shops filled to the brim with red and pink decorations, cupid shooting arrows and other symbols relating to love between two people.  Since we’re used to this traditional presentation typical to most states in the USA, we sometimes don’t realize that other people across the globe carry out these festivities in a whole other manner.   Not everyone observes Valentine’s Day by dining in dimly lit restaurants, gifting their lovers with sensual bouquets of blossoms or satisfying their sweetheart’s “sweet tooth” with a box of sugary treats.  No, it’s a big world out there, encompassing hundreds of thousands of different customary practices -particularly when it comes to the holiday designated to “amore”.  Curious by this, I decided to research a few outside cultures and see how we match up!  Is perfume, lingerie and long stem roses all that’s needed for the rest of the world or is there a differentiation between the United States and other countries?  You’ll be surprised to read what I found out…   


Photo credit via Jeff Leatham


This is a country that loves to celebrate February 14th and has always had an overall strong appreciation for flowers.  While blooms are definitely apart of their romantic rituals, they opt instead to give their honeys pressed white snowdrops instead of fresh arrangements.  Cards are also exchanged but are referred to as “gaekkebrev” (a joking letter) that holds a funny poem instead of our typical use for sentimental varieties.  


Wales is a really interesting place to discover during Valentine’s Day as well because they have no use for roses or other generalized gifts during their holiday.  Celebrated on January 25th in retribution for their patron saint of love, the Welsh choose to give their mate a spoon made with beautiful designs that represent a feeling or trait.  Many become very valuable with age and are past down as family heirlooms throughout the generations, sometimes re-gifted as a token of luck during marriage celebrations.  


This is a place that really understands romance at it’s highest!  While we focus on “stuff” to give our valentines, they utilize this special day with ceremony-MASS CEREMONY!  Thousands of couples gather together in areas such as community-based organizations, parks and even malls to recite their wedding vows.  Instead of walking down the aisle as a single couple, Philippine lovers prefer to say their “I do’s” in front of a multitude of others, truly sending out a message of love to all.  

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Top 5 Countries in the World that Depend on the Floral Industry

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 29, 2016

There are many different industries that go into supporting a country’s economy.  Based on several factors including but not limited to location, culture, language, technology and transportation accessibility, each country varies with particular types of business that they are dependent on to keep the region’s finances flowing healthily.  For example, China and Norway are leaders in the highest exportation of fish, namely because of their convenient proximity to the ocean.   Without this resource, it is doubtable that they would have been able to become the experts in fisheries that they are today.  There are other reasons that are not situated around the geographic properties as well such as the chocolate phenomenon that is crucial to German commerce.  Funny, its not because they have the climate to host abundant cocoa orchards but instead the answer lies with the fact that Europeans were named the first official  “chocoholics” when the sweet treat was originally introduced.  The demand for chocolate alone was the only factor needed to surge an economic spike for spending, allowing Germany to invent top quality brand names such as the Stollwerck Chocolates Company.  


photo credit:

So if every country has at least one mega source of income, I had to ask the question, “Who are the leaders of the floral industry?”  With a little research, I found an interesting list of the top 5 places that depend on flowers to keep their economy circumventing.  Here’s what I found-are you surprised?

Top 5 Exporters of Flowers

  1.   Netherlands

Tulips remain one of Holland’s most popular flowers for export although the world acclaimed Dutch auction is located right in the city of Aalsmeer, which is their real moneymaker.

  1.  Colombia

Roses top the growing charts even though orchids and Birds of Paradise are also sought after for export.

  1.  Ecuador ecuadorean_roses.jpg

photo credit:

Ecuador is a competitor of Colombia because they also harvest millions and millions of roses that are known for their vibrant color and large heads.

  1.  Ethiopia

Carnations are a great crop for Ethiopia to sell world wide because they are hearty and comfortable with the country’s naturally warm climate.  

  1.  Kenya

Roses and general cut flowers are Kenya’s floral focus, representing around 35% of the Dutch trade in Holland.  Every year, this African country grows in demand for their beautiful product.  

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The FTD Logo

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 08, 2016

If you’ve ever received flowers, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve noticed a particular icon printed on the sender’s card telling you that the arrangement came from an  FTD florist.  Since a thousands of all floral bouquets move through this communicative network, the picture of the little man with the winged feet is recognizable by many.  Comparable to other industry giants who typically use a bloom as their logo, FTD chose to relate their business environment to an entirely different type of symbol.  


Why is the emblem so unique from other competitors?  The answer is very clever…

Florist’s Transworld Delivery (FTD) decided to reach their client base by promoting their impressive service skill set not their product, which they felt was perfectly exemplified by their selected logo.  In fact, the man with the winged feet is known as the god, “Hermes” who was the messenger to Zeus.  His stories are often associated with speed and essential communication, a craft that left him one of the most infamous characters in Greek mythology.  He is also referred to as the Roman god, “Mercury” who traveled extensively, delivering important mail from one sender to another.  His ability to be swift with his chores became a resonant trait of the mythical idol and to this day is connected with the idea of dependability and trustworthiness.  He is also interestingly enough, tied to the occupation of “business”.


It makes sense, right?

You can see that FTD made a wise, strategic move by adopting “Hermes” as their spokesperson since all of his qualities are those that the company wishes to market as possessing themselves.  Dependable, quick and reliable are all assets we anticipate in our vendor’s services and we are reminded of this every time we receive an FTD product.   So the nex
t time you receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers, check the card to see if the time-tested man with the winged feet was in fact your special deliverer!  

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Garners FTD Quality Star Award

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Apr 08, 2015




CONTACT: Rick Canale


Roslindale, MA, (April, 2015) – Exotic Flowers was recently presented with the FTD Quality Star Award for its achievements in 2014. This important designation is only bestowed upon FTD Florists that consistently fulfilled and delivered high quality arrangements in a timely manner for the entire year. Recognized by FTD for quality and excellence, Exotic Flowers is dedicated to consistently providing exceptional customer service by delivering quality products for their customer’s most memorable occasions.  

worldwide flowers

Exotic Flowers is receiving the elite FTD Quality Star Award as a result of its continued commitment to quality improvement, customer service and proper care and handling of flowers.  Exotic Flowers is an example for fellow florists in the industry.

"To achieve this award once again is an awesome testament to the attention to detail that our staff provides on every transaction." - Rick Canale

Exotic Flowers remains a family owned and operated business in Boston for more than eighty years. Exotic Flowers imports flowers from around the world to offer its clients the unusual and outstanding.

Since 1910, FTD has stood for innovation, leadership and quality in the floral industry. FTD’s achievement is proudly embodied by the most recognized floral symbol in the world - the iconic black and gold FTD Mercury Man logo. The story of FTD would not be possible without its network of thousands of dedicated artisan florists that have created a great tradition of same-day delivery flowers and gifts over the past 100 years.

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Stays on the Faith Hill Band Wagon

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Apr 29, 2011

Faith Hill Boston Teleflora

In partnership with Faith Hill via Teleflora; Exotic Flowers is once again on board with the famous singer for Mother's Day. So far, the partnership with Faith Hill has produced some great results. At least a half dozen clients per day, will request the keepsake floral arrangements affiliated with Faith Hill. These stunning floral arrangements are hand designed in Boston and delivered throughtout the entire Boston area.

At Exotic Flowers, we have often served the celebrated, e.g. David Ortiz, Toni Braxton, Maura Tierney, Michael Bivins and many others. Fortunately, these celebrities found us through our reputation and stunning floral arrangements in the Boston area.

The relationship with Faith Hill is one of the many benefits of being a member of the Teleflora network. Of course, our #1 benefit via Teleflora; We send flowers worldwide.

From, Boston to Belgium; Miami to Milan. Entrust your global floral gift giving needs to Exotic Flowers. All our relationships are well established.


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