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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Exotic Flowers in Boston Garners FTD Quality Star Award

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Apr 08, 2015




CONTACT: Rick Canale


Roslindale, MA, (April, 2015) – Exotic Flowers was recently presented with the FTD Quality Star Award for its achievements in 2014. This important designation is only bestowed upon FTD Florists that consistently fulfilled and delivered high quality arrangements in a timely manner for the entire year. Recognized by FTD for quality and excellence, Exotic Flowers is dedicated to consistently providing exceptional customer service by delivering quality products for their customer’s most memorable occasions.  

worldwide flowers

Exotic Flowers is receiving the elite FTD Quality Star Award as a result of its continued commitment to quality improvement, customer service and proper care and handling of flowers.  Exotic Flowers is an example for fellow florists in the industry.

"To achieve this award once again is an awesome testament to the attention to detail that our staff provides on every transaction." - Rick Canale

Exotic Flowers remains a family owned and operated business in Boston for more than eighty years. Exotic Flowers imports flowers from around the world to offer its clients the unusual and outstanding.

Since 1910, FTD has stood for innovation, leadership and quality in the floral industry. FTD’s achievement is proudly embodied by the most recognized floral symbol in the world - the iconic black and gold FTD Mercury Man logo. The story of FTD would not be possible without its network of thousands of dedicated artisan florists that have created a great tradition of same-day delivery flowers and gifts over the past 100 years.

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Will FTD's Merger with ProFlowers Help The Local Florist

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Exotic Flowers Roslindale

The floral industry's big four will soon become the big three. In October, 2014 FTD will merge with ProFlowers. What will this mean for the floral industry and what will it mean for florists ?

As a florist in Boston, my biggest  hope would be more national advertising to create awareness for the entire floral industry. While the floral industry relies upon occasion based giving, it would be great if FTD ramped up their advertising to make certain that flowers should be at the top of any gift giving list.

Boston Florist

ProFlowers was always limited in its ability to tout same day delivery. Same delivery is one of Exotic Flowers in Boston's greatest assets. FTD's network of thousands of local florists should strengthen ProFlowers value.  It is interesting to note that FTD launched a hand tied European bouquet collection previous to this announcement. ProFlowers was built on assembly required bouquets. At Exotic Flowers, 'batteries' are included and we do not feel that your floral gift should have to be assembled.

The gorilla in the room just got stronger. The question remains, how will FTD convince its members like Exotic Flowers in Boston that this merger will benefit a local Boston florist ?

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Can You Get Exotic Flowers in Georgetown, Kentucky ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jul 15, 2013

I regularly boast of Exotic Flowers in Boston's ability to send flowers worldwide. Our tag line for many years was from 'Boston to Belgium, Miami to Milan,'. Unfortunately not all florists are created equal and sometimes we run into a few bumps in the road with flower availability in more remote town throughout the country.

EXOTIC FLOWERS IN KENTUCKY resized 600Recently a Boston client called and asked to send Imagination Blooms with  orchids to Georgetown, Kentucky. I explained to the sender that while the florists in Georgetown do a lovely job of lush flower vases they could not offer the orchids in the photo for same day delivery. Alas, the sender was let down and chose to take her business elsewhere. We get our clients the freshest flowers from the best florist in every community. Some times they do not always have the exact item the client is looking for. For example, orchids are abundant in New York and Boston, but not so much in Georgetown.

One great thing about trusting worldwide service with a local florist versus FTD is that we offer a personal service that a corporate giant cannot replicate. When you call Exotic Flowers in Boston, real people answer the phone and will follow your entite your order and even provide delivery confirmation.

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Major Floral Industry Trends and How Exotic Flowers in Boston Responds

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

In the February 2013 issue of Floral Finance magazine, Teleflora chairman and floral industry icon, Tom Butler discusses four major trends that he sees affecting the retail floral industry.

1. Technology-Aided Sales

mobile website exotic flowers resized 600Butler discusses how the internet, mobile phones and a florist's point-of-sale (POS) system are used as tools to generate sales. Butler notes that consumers are placing more and more purchases online. He notes that a florist's website generates an important part of the sales mix. At Exotic Flowers, is not only a visual masterpiece, but is updated daily with new items as well scintillating blog content. The Exotic Flowers website now represents more than ten percent of our gross sales and an additional one third of all phone orders use the site as a dynamic catalog. 

Butler also mentions the prevalence of smart phones in society. The Exotic Flowers website is mobile friendly and used by many of our clients on the go. We also work closely with Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook offering check in specials.

Butler's third point on technology focuses on the florist's POS system. Exotic Flowers has been using the RTI system since 1991. Teleflora's RTI system is used by the busiest florists in the country. For more than twenty years, Exotic Flowers has been on the cutting edge of floral technology. We were among the first florists to email order and delivery confirmations to clients. The RTI system is also PCI compliant, knowing that your credit card numbers meet the highest security.

2. Later Holiday Volume

As noticed by all florists, consumers are waiting longer and longer to make their holiday floral purchases. These last minute orders add a ton of stress to the local florist. Exotic Flowers in Boston has been seeing this trend for years and has been pro-active in reviewing previous year sales so that we are ready and able to fulfill as many last minute requests from our best flower buying clients as possible.

3. Increased Demand for Customer Service

This is a no brainer at Exotic Flowers in Boston. We have made a concerted effort in the oast five years to really focus on customer service. Customer service in the floral industry is a continuing education. Our staff participates weekly in the #custserv chat on Twitter. We have improved our signage, uniforms and packaging. Our store and vehicles remain clean and our technology us updated regulary.

We also continue to educate ourselves on customer service through role planning and by reading customer service books like Lou Imbriano's Winning the Customer and Micah Solomon's high-tech, high-touch customer service. customer service book

4. Lack of Awareness that Retail Florists Send Orders Across the Nation and Around the World. 

Butler says, that "consumers have not been reminded enough of this service,". Exotic Flowers in Boston has been sending flowers worldwide for decades. Our endpoints are strong and we work on our list every day so that our clients know they are in good hands whether they send from Boston to Belgium or Miami to Milan. We have even added new signs in 2012 with the FTD logo to remind clients that we send flowers worldwide and offer same day delivery.

exotic flowers in boston resized 600

Staying on top of these four major floral industry trends has kept Exotic Flowers as Boston's Premier Florist.


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Is the FTD Mercury Man Creepy Looking or Sharing Mother's Day Love ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, May 10, 2012

This Mother's Day the FTD Mercury Man has hit the streets to share the joy of receiving flowers and to remind Bostonians that nothing beats the power of receiving fresh flowers from your local Boston florist. 

We have heard some interesting feedback regarding the Mercury Man's costumer and choice of being unshaven. Here are some of the comments from clients.

"If Mercury was a god then why doesn't he shave ?"

" Why a padded muscle suit ? "

" Kind of creepy having a guy in a giant banana hammock giving out flowers in the park."

Check out the commercial and let us know your thoughts.


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Exotic Flowers in Boston Garners National Recognition for Quality

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

ftd boston resized 600 Recently we received national recognition from both FTD and Teleflora for our achievements in quality and success as a local Boston flower shop. 

Exotic Flowers recently was awarded quality star performance from FTD for 2011. "The purpose of awarding the FTD Quality Star is to highlight and celebrate florists who provide superior quality." At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we work every day to exceed our clients expectations for any Boston flower purchase. Whether you buy one red rose at Exotic Flowers in Roslindale or the wedding staff at Exotic Flowers creates more than fifty centerpieces for your Boston wedding, our Boston flower shop works hard for our clients.

On the heels of the FTD quality star, Teleflora has anointed Exotic Flowers in Boston as National Account for the fifteenth year in a row. 

Teleflora National Account Boston resized 600

The Teleflora National Accounts program recognizes the success of local florists. The National Accounts are comprised of the top 5% of more than 15,000 Teleflora flower shops nationwide. At Exotic Flowers we send flowers worldwide every day. The Teleflora and FTD networks enable us to send flower from Boston to Belgium - Milton to Miami - Roslindale to Russia.  

We can send flowers nationwide, even for same day flower delivery. 

Some clients ask; why send to New York from Exotic when I can get airmiles through FTD ? It is quite simple, if you care about the person, use Exotic Flowers. We have been in business more than fifty years. We attend trade shows, conventions, visit flower shops and send test orders. Why use Exotic for flowers in New York, because my friend Nic at Starbright will do a great job for you. Can 1800flowers promise that ? I doubt it.

starbright florist new york

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Boston Florist Exotic Flowers Helps FTD Celebrate 100 Years

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Aug 05, 2010

Flower Delivery Boston August 18, 1910, a group of forward-thinking florists met at the Society of American Florists (SAF) Convention in Rochester, NY and formed the country’s first flowers-by-wire service, Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association (FTD). The retail delivery association was led by John Valentine, a Colorado wholesaler who wanted to help grow the retail floral industry, which was still dominated by growers and wholesalers.

In the beginning, the growth of FTD was a slow process with only 200 florist members in 1914.  At the 1916 SAF Convention, members of FTD voted to split from SAF to form its own entity FTD, giving the 328 FTDA member florists the chance to chart their own destiny.  Also in the early years, the well-known FTD Mercury Man was introduced (1912), showcasing Mercury, the mythical messenger of the gods. Over the years, the logo has taken on many different variations, but always features the famous winged man.
Click here to view the FTD Logo through the years!

In 1920, FTD debuted FTD News, the first monthly membership directory. The FTD Directory is still used today in a printed book format as well as online within FTD Mercury. On January 1, 1924, 3,000 FTD Member Florists were introduced to the FTD Clearinghouse, the first non-profit international banking operation in commercial history, which handled over 460,000 orders worth almost $3 million in its first year. The 1920’s was a year of growth for FTD with the introduction of FTD’s first Publicity Bureau.  The group was very aggressive and creative in their marketing efforts. Annual revenues grew to over $6.3 million and the number of florists exceeded 5,000 by the end of 1929. Also in 1929, the FTD logo was copyrighted as the official trademark for FTD and was displayed in every shop.

Although the Great Depression hit the floral industry hard, FTD continued its strong advertising campaigns in the 1930s with radio shows featuring flower experts and merchandising celebrity endorsements from film stars such as Betty Davis and Jane Withers.  FTD also entered its first prize winning float in the Rose Parade and revived the “Say It with Flowers” marketing slogan originally used in 1914.  As the 1930s closed, there were over 7,000 FTD Member Florists and more than 2.1 million orders being processed through the FTD Clearinghouse.

As the United States entered WWII in 1941, FTD Florists experienced a shortage of many things from flowers to gas, tires and flower boxes.  Many florists went back to horse-drawn carriages for delivery and flower shops became a sales office for war bonds. Resulting from the ban on travel, FTD cancelled its florists’ conventions for three years and took a very aggressive effort to support the war effort and hosted programs to support all military personnel.  This dedicated approach grew the clearinghouse business to $25.4 million in 1945 and more than 8,650 members at the close of 1949.  In 1946, FTD launched both the industry’s first and FTD’s first test order program to assure quality and top performance from every FTD Florist. Quality and customer satisfaction remains a key part of the business still today.  Also, in 1946, FTD joined British Unit and Fleurop, the three groups later became known as Interflora, Inc.

The 1950s was an era of aggressive marketing campaigns and more celebrity endorsements of FTD.  With the introduction of the television, FTD hit the airwaves with a winning float in the first televised Rose Parade, was featured on the Ozzie and Harriet show and had FTD floral segments on the Today Show.  FTD increased its print advertising campaign to 13 publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and Cosmopolitan featuring prominent entertainers including Kim Novak, Elizabeth Taylor, Dale Evans and Rosemary Clooney endorsing FTD and flowers.  The media hoopla helped the FTD Clearinghouse surpass $63 million as over 8.2 million orders were filled in 1959.  FTD processed over one million orders for the first time in May 1959.  It was also during this decade that FTD changed its name to Florists’ Transworld Delivery (1956) to reflect the international partnership that was flourishing with Interflora Inc.

FTD moved forward at a rapid pace in the 1960s.  Clearings doubled from $63 million to $132 million and membership increased from 8,000 to 12,000.  There were many firsts in the 1960s for FTD that contributed to its rapid growth.  In 1962, FTD introduced the first FTD Selections Guide. FTD was featured on the cover of Business Week for its aggressive marketing efforts and for the newly introduced Selections Guide which was termed a “merchandising brainstorm”.  Another idea that was evaluated was the Test 90 Program, a three-month test of a privately leased telephone wire system to send orders. Although it did not continue after the three months, Test 90 was the first step in the development of the Mercury Network.

The 1970s may have seen gas shortages, but there was no shortage of growth for FTD and FTD Florists.  Along with increases in aggressive advertising campaigns and the introduction of its first nationally advertised holiday special (FTD LoveBundle) in 1971, FTD officially launched the Mercury Network on August 8, 1979. By November 1979, 6,500 consoles were delivered to members and transmitted more than 11,000 orders per day.  It did not take long for the Mercury Network to reach its one-millionth order, which occurred on December 13, 1979.  At the end of the 1970s, FTD topped $350 million in volume, orders were at 18 million per year and membership was at its highest at 19,000 members.

During the 1980s, FTD developed many famous new bouquets, some that are still being merchandised by FTD today, including the FTD® Pick-Me-Up Bouquet®, FTD® Big Hug Mug® Bouquet and the FTD® Birthday Party® Bouquet.  In 1983, NFL Hall-of-Famer Merlin Olsen was introduced to members as the new FTD spokesperson and was featured in advertising campaigns and appeared at various floral industry events.  In 1985, FTD introduced the 800-SEND-FTD toll-free phone number. The industry’s first design and education team was introduced by FTD in 1988 and many of the designers are still on the team today wowing audiences and demonstrating the latest trends at industry shows. FTD membership grew to over 20,000 at the end of the 1980s.

The 1990s provided FTD with great change and moved closer to John Valentine’s original goal for help grow the retail floral industry.  FTD branched out from being strictly a clearinghouse for orders and more towards a full-service business solution for florists.  FTD developed many new exciting business programs such as a telephone answering service (FTD Flowers All Hours) and a custom web site development and maintenance program (FTD Florists Online).  FTD also recognized how technology was changing the way consumers’ shop, so FTD expanded its efforts to promote 800-SEND-FTD.  In addition, FTD created in 1994 as another means to reach consumers that wanted an alternative way to shop for flowers.  In 1999, a portion of FTD became a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ combining 800-SEND-FTD and into one company called FTD.COM.

In 2000s, technology continued to be a vital part of the success of the floral industry.  Consumers continue to look for new easier and quicker ways to shop.  In addition, more and more competitors have entered the gift-giving category.  This forced FTD and FTD Florists to truly embrace technology, create alternative marketing solutions and merchandise non-floral gift options to reach distinctive, fast-paced, tech-savvy consumers.  Thus,, FTD Florists Online web sites and Mercury Technology systems grew very rapidly and have become a critical business function to FTD Florists.

Today, FTD is revamping its signature black and gold branding and focusing its marketing campaigns on celebrating the talent and artistry of FTD Florists.  To assist FTD Member Florists in the industry’s highly competitive environment and challenging economic times, FTD has introduced various programs and services all aimed at helping increase florists’ revenues and reduce costs. Programs such as the FTD Luxury Collections and the FTD Customer Choice Program provide florists with the opportunity to up sell the customer and significantly increase average order values. FTD is continuously enhancing Mercury Technology systems to offer florists state-of-the-art technology modules such as delivery and accounting integration, gift card options and marketing solutions to help streamline and advance their business.

On August 18, 2010, FTD will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and its 100 years of floral innovation.  That spirit of innovation is still the driving force behind the FTD brand today. From new marketing initiatives to breath-taking floral bouquets to our cutting-edge Mercury Technology, FTD continues to lead the industry with creative solutions that help florists compete in this rapidly changing world.  Our talented FTD Florists have been a part of the fabric of America for 100 years and an essential part of life’s most memorable experiences.

Exotic Flowers, Boston's Premier Florist is proud to remain an FTD  member in good standing. Did you know that Exotic Flowers in Boston can send flowers around the corner and around the globe. Trust your local Boston Florist to send flowers globally.

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