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Will 1800Flowers Suspend Its NFL Sponsorship ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

Ballentines flowers photo credit Visa


I have always admired Jim Mccann's marketing gimmicks at 1800flowers. He is one of the major players in the floral industry who steps in with new ideas and fun ones too. Recently, 1800flowers partnered with Visa and the NFL and created a football holiday known as Footballentine's Day. The idea is to send flowers to your loved one, because you are stuck at the TV watching the game. As if this gesture would placate your loved one for your lack of attention. It is is great to see these NFL Stars get in touch with flowers though. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we even pitched Tim Tebow to endorse our products.

ballentines bouquet

photo credit Visa

Unfortunately for Visa and 1800flowers, the NFL is surrounded by controversy and does not need commercials touting guys to send flowers to women while they watch football. After all, more than 55% of women watch football. 

Hopefully, 1800flowers steps up and donates a percentage of this bouquet's sales to combat domestic violence. 

If you get a chance, watch Eric Decker step up to the design bench and design a one of a kind floral arrangement. It is worth it. Likes a lot of Mccann's advertising, we pause and take notice. The floral industry needs more commercials.

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Can You Get Exotic Flowers in Georgetown, Kentucky ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jul 15, 2013

I regularly boast of Exotic Flowers in Boston's ability to send flowers worldwide. Our tag line for many years was from 'Boston to Belgium, Miami to Milan,'. Unfortunately not all florists are created equal and sometimes we run into a few bumps in the road with flower availability in more remote town throughout the country.

EXOTIC FLOWERS IN KENTUCKY resized 600Recently a Boston client called and asked to send Imagination Blooms with  orchids to Georgetown, Kentucky. I explained to the sender that while the florists in Georgetown do a lovely job of lush flower vases they could not offer the orchids in the photo for same day delivery. Alas, the sender was let down and chose to take her business elsewhere. We get our clients the freshest flowers from the best florist in every community. Some times they do not always have the exact item the client is looking for. For example, orchids are abundant in New York and Boston, but not so much in Georgetown.

One great thing about trusting worldwide service with a local florist versus FTD is that we offer a personal service that a corporate giant cannot replicate. When you call Exotic Flowers in Boston, real people answer the phone and will follow your entite your order and even provide delivery confirmation.

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The Floral Industry Steps Up with Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Oct 19, 2012

nfl breast cancer resized 600

From the NFL's pink wristbands, cleats, and gloves to Major League Baseball's pink bats, the Energizer Pink Bunny, mega brands in America have stood in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. This awareness makes a huge effort in helping save lives, this branding reminds everyone how important to be screened regularly.

Floral industry leaders like Teleflora, FTD and 1-800-Flowers have also shown their support as well for creating awareness. Each industry titan has created a product to help increase awareness.

Teleflora has created the Pink Hope and Courage Bouquet. teleflora breast cancer resized 600Exotic Flowers in Boston is a Teleflora member and is proud to stand with our partner in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

FTD offers both a calla lily plant and an azalea plant to help increase Breat Cancer awareness. ftd breast cancer resized 600Exotic Flowers in Boston is a longstanding member of FTD and is honored that FTD has chosen two items to show their support of breast cancer awareness.

1800flowers really comes through and offer four items to help increase awareness. Two edible items, one floral and one spa kit. 1800flowers roses boston resized 600 Although Exotic Flowers in Boston is not a members of 1800flowers Bloomnet group. Please know that we are in support of their program and can also send a replica of their pink rose arrangement anywhere in the Boston area to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Is Exotic Flowers in Boston a Florist for Change ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 08, 2011

Florist in Boston

Florists for Change ?


A lot of Buzz in the floral industry has been about Florists for Change. Who are they ? Why are they meeting ? Are they game changers ? Are they revolutionary ? Before I present Exotic Flowers in Boston's position, I would like to recap a call I received yesterday from an established flower shop in Manchester, NH.

On the morning of September 7th, 2011 an order appeared on our fax machine (yes people still use a fax machine and not for spam). The order arrived from a high profile flower shop in Manchester, New Hampshire who we have been doing business with for decades.

Usually this NH shop sends orders to Exotic Flowers via FTD and our orders will print on our printers. This order however was a bit different. The usual items were there like flower recipient, Beth Israel Hospital, fresh flowers, card message, sending shop etc.. This order also had a credit card # on it ( I am not going to into the PCI Compliance issue here). The order also stated that Exotic Flowers in Boston give a $60 value but give the NH flower shop a 20% discount.

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we get this request a lot. Mostly from florists and those who do flowers out of their homes that choose not be in FTD or Teleflora. At Exotic Flowers we are happy to take any credit card order, but do not offer a 20% discount for those who choose not to belong to a wire service. Sorry, just not something we do.

What made yesterday unusual was, the NH shop had been sending us FTD orders for years. When our rep  Shannon Rizza called their shop and explained that a discount was not an option, their sales rep explained that it was something they had just started doing. Their rep in turn got their boss to ask for me and what follows is the conversation:

NH Shop Owner: Is this Rick ? The guy who writes and appears in all the magazines ?

Me: Yes, but you can call me whatever you want. I respond to most anything.

NH: do you know this order will represent more $ in your pocket ?

Me: yes. but we choose not to fill credit card discount orders.

NH: But you would have filled this as an FTD order and lost 30% of the order.

Me: I know, but we do not fill wire orders to make money. We fill them because we send a lot of orders and hope that you will do a nice job on our orders when we send them to you.

NH: so you are not a Florist for Change ?

Me: who said that ? I feel if you were really a florist for change then perhaps I should be getting 90-95% of the order.

The conversation went on and ended with me recommending a shop who I knew could help him.

Which leads me to; is Exotic Flowers a florist for a change ? Of course. We believe the customer service in the industry is fractured. But change begins in your shop first; then at a national level. Exotic Flowers believes in working with FTD, SAF, Teleflora and BloomNet to have a collective set of guidelines for all florists. Start with business ethics, honesty, integrity. If all florists work within the walls of their shop, the rest should take care of itself. FTD and 1800flowers are not going away. Florists who fill those orders are not going away either. My job as a traditional retail florist in Boston is to be the florist for my community.

Flowers to Boston

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