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Will 1800Flowers Suspend Its NFL Sponsorship ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

Ballentines flowers photo credit Visa


I have always admired Jim Mccann's marketing gimmicks at 1800flowers. He is one of the major players in the floral industry who steps in with new ideas and fun ones too. Recently, 1800flowers partnered with Visa and the NFL and created a football holiday known as Footballentine's Day. The idea is to send flowers to your loved one, because you are stuck at the TV watching the game. As if this gesture would placate your loved one for your lack of attention. It is is great to see these NFL Stars get in touch with flowers though. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we even pitched Tim Tebow to endorse our products.

ballentines bouquet

photo credit Visa

Unfortunately for Visa and 1800flowers, the NFL is surrounded by controversy and does not need commercials touting guys to send flowers to women while they watch football. After all, more than 55% of women watch football. 

Hopefully, 1800flowers steps up and donates a percentage of this bouquet's sales to combat domestic violence. 

If you get a chance, watch Eric Decker step up to the design bench and design a one of a kind floral arrangement. It is worth it. Likes a lot of Mccann's advertising, we pause and take notice. The floral industry needs more commercials.

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Tim Tebow - a Spokesman for Valentines Day at Exotic Flowers in Boston ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Sat, Jan 11, 2014

Tebow Tears resized 600

Tim Tebow could sell ice to the eskimos. What better spokesperson than the stud quarterbacK ? Yes of course Tom Brady would be a great choice, but he is a little busy selling Uggs. Think about it. Tim Tebow is sensitive, caring and attractive. Tim appeals to all markets. He even cries. Sensitive guys send flowers. Sensitive guys could really sell flowers. Florists have used NFL hulks before to pitch flowers. Rest in peace Hall of Famer, Merlin Olsen.

tebow and flowers resized 600

From this photo we see that Tebow is comfortable around flowers. If Tim's handlers are listening, Exotic Flowers in Boston is ready to do business on a worldwide scale. Tebow's missionary work in the Phillipines resonates with Exotic Flowers' ability to send flowers worldwide. Exotic Flowers wants to work with you Mr. Tebow. We believe that Tebow's endorsement could be not only a game changer for Exotic Flowers in Boston but for florists worldwide.

tebow the florist

Check out this image as Tebow hands off flowers as well as a football. Tim if you're available, Exotic Flowers in Boston is hiring. Just in time for Valentine's day, we know you can help sell flowers in Boston and around the world. 

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