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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Chelsea Market and Flowers in New York City

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 03, 2017

During a recent trip to New York City, I marveled at the obvious love this vibrant city has for flowers.  On almost every corner, there are displays from florists, grocers and even bookstores where you’re almost guaranteed to see an impressive floral presentation.  Unlike many other urban centers, it is common practice to see multiple buckets filled with stunning blooms that customers can easily select from during their travels.  Gorgeous clumping of color such as yellow sunflowers, bright green football mums, electric orange dahlias are just a few of the incredible species I saw turning heads on sidewalks.  But whatever your taste is, I can almost promise you’ll find some kind of blooming marvel that will make you stop in your footsteps.  

chelsea market.jpg

photo credit via www.

Although I usually stay near the hustle and bustle of action in the Big Apple, I changed my mind during this trip and went for a new area where I’ve never been before.  Instead of the electrifying lights and hoards of people crowding the streets of Times Square, we lodged in a charming location situated right next to Chelsea Market.  If you’ve never been before and you like cobblestone, brick buildings and quaint little shops to browse, this is the place for you.  Illuminating an “artsy” feel, this cool marketplace extends a length similar to traveling through a tunnel with original beams and structure dating back to the 1890’s.  For foodies, you’ll find any kind of delicacy you’d ever hope to taste and for consumers, you’ll be thrilled to peruse the sweet but trendy boutiques tucked inside.


The really special part of this hidden treasure is a small flower shop that you can find right in the middle of the market.  It isn’t actually inside a space, no this place is too funky for that!  The kiosk is actually a real old-fashioned flower cart, the original means for how flowers were sold decades ago.  Surrounding the cart, the owners have set up tables showcasing exquisite samplings of the best flowers sold in the whole city using the European style for display setup.  You’ll see pink perfection ranunculus, parrot tulips, peony tulips, exotic orchids, sweet pea, black callas and a whole lot of other delicious goodies.  Customers can purchase small bunches of the same variety or have one of their talented designers create bouquets right there in front of you. 

starbright floral.jpg


Of course, no trip to NYC is complete without flowers from my husband's favorite New York city Florist. 

Starbright Floral Design
140 West 26th Street, New York City, NY 10001
Voice: 212 229 1610

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The Flowers on the TV Show Kirstie

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jan 16, 2014


kirstie alley flowers resized 600 

photo credit: TV Land

Recently, actress Kirstie Alley returned to television with an enjoyable sitcom aptly named Kirstie. I have always been a fan of the star and this show does not disappoint. One of my favorite things about the show is the decor, especially the flowers. The arrangement pictured above showcases yellow roses and cymbidium orchids. The flower arrangements are spectacular and appear to be an integral part of this New York City broadway actress' apartment.

The video clip above is the Christmas episode. The set designer does an amazing job of pink poinsettia plants, an over the top Christmas tree, a ginger bread mansion, along with orange roses, green hydrangeas and bowls of Christmas ornaments.

kirstie flowers resized 600 photo credit: TV Land

In one episode, super star John Travolta makes a guest appearance. Undeterred from the star power on stage, the set designer fills Kirstie's bedroom with amazing florals such as the mound of indigo hydrangea as seen above.

At Exotic Flowers in Boston we are often in awe of the talents of New York city florists like our friends at Starbright Floral in Manhattan's flower district. Because New York is our big brother, we often send flowers to Manhattan. We are fortunate that the staff at Starbright treats our clients like their own.

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Garners National Recognition for Quality

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

ftd boston resized 600 Recently we received national recognition from both FTD and Teleflora for our achievements in quality and success as a local Boston flower shop. 

Exotic Flowers recently was awarded quality star performance from FTD for 2011. "The purpose of awarding the FTD Quality Star is to highlight and celebrate florists who provide superior quality." At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we work every day to exceed our clients expectations for any Boston flower purchase. Whether you buy one red rose at Exotic Flowers in Roslindale or the wedding staff at Exotic Flowers creates more than fifty centerpieces for your Boston wedding, our Boston flower shop works hard for our clients.

On the heels of the FTD quality star, Teleflora has anointed Exotic Flowers in Boston as National Account for the fifteenth year in a row. 

Teleflora National Account Boston resized 600

The Teleflora National Accounts program recognizes the success of local florists. The National Accounts are comprised of the top 5% of more than 15,000 Teleflora flower shops nationwide. At Exotic Flowers we send flowers worldwide every day. The Teleflora and FTD networks enable us to send flower from Boston to Belgium - Milton to Miami - Roslindale to Russia.  

We can send flowers nationwide, even for same day flower delivery. 

Some clients ask; why send to New York from Exotic when I can get airmiles through FTD ? It is quite simple, if you care about the person, use Exotic Flowers. We have been in business more than fifty years. We attend trade shows, conventions, visit flower shops and send test orders. Why use Exotic for flowers in New York, because my friend Nic at Starbright will do a great job for you. Can 1800flowers promise that ? I doubt it.

starbright florist new york

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Boston Florist Cements Alliance with New York City Florist

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Oct 19, 2011

Starbright Floral Design NYC
Last week I traveled to Manhattan on behalf of Suzie Canale's visit to Pajama Program Headquarters to read her children's books. While Suzie was sharing her Beantown Tales, I visited the historic New York flower district in search of my colleague Nic Faitos of Starbright Floral Design. Nic and I have exchanged ideas and orders since getting to know each other via social media in 2010. The George W. Bush administration preached 'face time is indispensable,'. In this case, our in person meeting was long over due.
Having braved treacherous highways and driving rain, I arrived in New York City hoping to catch up with Nic at Starbucks for coffee. Thanks to the rainstorm, Nic was delayed. Like all florists, Nic had to check in with his operation and staff to make sure the day would exceed his clients' expectations.
I have the utmost admiration for Nic and Starbright and asked to see the guts of Starbright Floral Design. Between a myriad of texts and finally a phone call, he gave my directions to his shop in the heart of the floral district. What a treat ! I passed by windows and sidewalks filled with six foot bundles of ilex and magnolia, thousands of orchid plants, topiaries, azaleas and the largest lobster claw heliconia I have seen. 
new york flower market resized 600
But Starbright Floral Design does not have a flower shop. They are on the second floor of a warehouse/office building. Upon walking in the shop, it felt like I was back in Boston. Floral designers were crafting gorgeous arrangements of roses, calla lillies and orchids; some flower arrangements featuring anthurium and pineapples for parties that day (even at the famous Copacabana) and others with roses and vanda orchids for a wedding that weekend. Telephones rang, flower processors and delivery personnel hustled throughout. I announced my presence and a towering man with glasses and ponytail leaped from his chair with a hug and a welcome. After exchanging pleasantries, Nic welcomed me 'to his kitchen,.' Just like Exotic Flowers in Boston, there was action and a bit of a mess, just like the 'kitchen' at Exotic Flowers. We grabbed a Starbucks and went straight to exchanging ideas. 
starbright floral New York city resized 600Nic and I then held our first of many future meetings. This New York florist can teach this Boston florist a great deal and vice versa. We exchanged ideas all in the name of growing our businesses. At the same time, we cemented our gentleman's agreement; we will treat any New York to Boston order as a VIP and the staff at Starbright Floral Design will do the same for any flower order from Boston to New York City.
Don't worry, I am not becoming a Yankees fan and I am not pulling a 'David Ortiz.' Exotic Flowers of Boston's relationship with Starbright Floral Design of New York City is all about building our business and cementing our relationship. Our business will grow and prosper because of our clients, our staff and our partnerships.
Images one and three of this blog are both designed by Starbright Floral Design of New York City.

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