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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Quick Fixes for Floral Wedding Woes

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Wedding season is upon us and Boston brides are lining up to walk down the aisles!  There is shear excitement in the air even though the bridal season can be a bit stressful which can sometimes ruin an otherwise blissful occasion.  With all of the tasks that need to be done to make the event successful, there’s no wonder why couples can feel overwhelmed with stress right before their happy day.  Wardrobe fittings, catering menus, location options, invitation details and music arrangements can snowball into catastrophic messes so we can certainly see why the idea of elopement is becoming more attractive…


The truth is, there are several blogs and articles out there to help relieve some of the pressure, including tips on how to pre-plan disasters before they even occur.  Wouldn’t that be something if we could correct bridle hiccups (that we know most weddings experience) before they happen?  Honestly, I don’t believe that you can predict every blunderbuss situation but when it comes to flowers, there are definitely a few tips that are useful if you’re willing to be a bit flexible.  Take a look at some suggested advice given by our city’stop floral designersthat will keep you smiling all the way to your honeymoon!  You’ll feel confident that your special day will have an attractive display of blossoms, as well as the confidence to focus on what truly matters- reciting the vows of “I do”.

Helpful Bridal Flower Tips

Flexibility Saves the Day

Hey, if you’re willing to agree on some changes to the photo you saw in your favorite wedding magazine, things will go a lot smoother once it’s time to get down to the business of ordering the flowers.  Floral professionals understand issues such as availability, cost and presentation that may negatively affect your vision as well as your wallet.  Do some homework on the arrangements that you prefer and afterwards, ask the florist their opinion on whether the flowers are the right choice for the job.  Listening to what they have to say could not only end up saving you the trouble of dealing with nightmarish logistical issues, but they could also save you a ton of money.  Even the smallest adaptations can make a huge difference to the outcome of your wedding work so keep things flexible.  Should you show them the ad in “Brides” with the gorgeous cascading phalaenopsis and palm trees scattered throughout the room?  Absolutely!  By doing so they’ll have a better idea of what your tastes are and perhaps can come up with a similar look that’s just as stunning at a lower price.


Fussiness with Exact Color Will Only Lead to Doom

I was a wholesale florist for twenty years and it never failed to amaze me when a florist promised a particular shade of a particular shade of a particular shade of…blush?  It’s a flower, which means that an exact tint is impossible to foretell.  Particularly when a pink tone such as “salmon” can be seen differently depending on the person you ask.  What looks like salmon to me, might not look like salmon to you so don’t get too precise with variety names.  If you’re a savvy bride, you’ll choose a basic color that can be easily identified like lavender or soft pink.  These are terms that everyone is familiar with and you’ll know that your florist will be able to appease your wishes.

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The Artistry of Makeup for Boston Brides by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jan 18, 2012

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Sorry guys, all eyes are on the bride. The most discerning guests notice every item from how the bride wears her pearls to how her flowers are held.  Want to be a head turning bride ? The presentation of the bride is not only one of the most important elements of your wedding but also the most fun. Once the bride chooses her dress, shoes, flowers and bling; it is time to plan your cosmetic design.

bridal bouquet in boston resized 600

Some Boston brides prefer to hire a professional makeup artist. Many other brides choose a friend and family member .  All you need is the proper guide to application and color contrast.  Keeping the makeup in house is a great way to save money on your wedding.

 Color tones in foundation, blush, lipstick and eye shadow that reflect the hues present in either the dress or wedding décor is a common mistake.  Colors should always reflect a bride's natural complexion. Brides often make the mistake of wanting to look tan and come out orange.  The worst thing you can do is look at your wedding album in twenty years and have your children ask why you look like an orange crayon.

bridal flowers in boston resized 600

Blush should be a shade darker than the chosen base then applied underneath the cheekbones.  Once you’ve found the proper shade, then the bride can narrow down her lipstick by either sticking to deeper, more romantic shades ( mahogany brown, maroon or sultry red) or lighter shades expelling a soft bridal effervescence ( honey, peach or delicate pink).  Eye shadow should also reflect the particular lighting of the bride's eyes to ensure a dramatic statement.  Blue eyes SHOULD NOT be glazed in shadows of blues.  This washes out the natural beauty of her eyes and delivers no “pop” appeal.  If you have brown eyes blue eye shadow sets off a sexy composition, finishing them off with black mascara and liner.  Green eyed or hazel eyed beauties should enhance their assets with shadows of gold, using either black or brown finishing products to complete this earthy and exotic fashion. 

brides bouqet in boston resized 600

Less is almost always more in this area of bridal etiquette so let the natural beauty in you glow.  Every bride has an inherent shine that comes from within making this an area where most need very little help from bottles and tubes of artificial enhancement.  Keep it simple and let your inherent loveliness and charmed smile do the radiating of glamour.


Suzie Canale

on Twitter @SuzieCanale

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