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Hot Flower Fads for September

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Hot Flower Fads for September!

The summer is gone but not forgotten for Boston florists trying their best to impress their customers with a new fall line!  Designers are bustling behind their workbenches constructing cool and crisp floral products that will reflect the fresh start of a beautiful New England autumn.  In the past, popular styles incorporated bright yellows mixed with burnt reds typically found in roses and freesia but this time around, there’s a whole different approach for centerpieces and vase display.  If you like romantic fall colors integrated with a cozy “home” feel, you’re in luck because that’s just where the trend is traveling!  Color palettes, texture, size and height are being brilliantly engineered to match the essence of the season, which generally is defined by a warm and friendly feel.  After all, it won’t be long before we are all hunkered down once again for the east coast winter weather.  So here’s our last hooray for an outdoorsy and cool style just right for a September in Boston.

Sunflower Sensation


Red sunflowers are not only glamorous but they are also rich in color which means they can be combined with several different varieties of flowers including gerbera daisies, mums and particularly roses.  My taste is tints that easily blend and don’t force a hard contrast visually.  There’s nothing worse than a flat red up against a bold yellow or blue.  Variegated orange garden roses are stunning within this style as well as hypericum berries, hay and green amaranthus.  One word to the wise, stay away from “propped up” pieces that can look cheap and junky like added fake fruit or stuffed scarecrows.  A simple presentation with these flowers is all you’ll need to impress!

Dreamy Dahlias



Dahlias are another flower that trickles over to fall from summer and boy, are they fabulous in centerpieces!  Bright and cheery yet country themed as well, these beauties look great with just about any pairing, especially black or green calla lilies.  Ask for these in bubble bowls or fill your own antique jars and vases to create a lacy feel for a luncheon or evening dinner party.  Wedding planners also utilized dahlias in table centerpieces as well as boutonnières and bouquets.  They look perfect in pictures and surprisingly have an extensive longevity.  

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