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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Tropical Flowers from the Amazon Secrets of Ecuador Arrive in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 09, 2010

c  Users rickcanale Documents tropicals at exotic flowers 256The buyers at Exotic Flowers have just started bringing new tropical flowers into Boston from a new vendor. The Amazon Secrets of Ecuador specializes in unique flora and foliage of the Amazon jungle. Amazon Secrets is a division of Magic Flowers of Ecuador who is a certified member of the Rainforest Alliance as well as a member of EUREP GAP (the Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture,).

Every day, more than 700 acres of the Amazon Jungle are devastated. The destruction has extinguished large amounts of native species. In 1990, Magic Flowers started its rescue of the Amazonian Flora. An adequate cultivation of native species allows Amazon Secrets to offer the world, the jungle enchantment and helps conserve them for future generations. Magic Flowers stated goal is to "Help Protect the Jungle,".

Magic Flowers products include Heliconia, Ginger, Musas, Decorative fruits (like miniature bananas) and tropical which are all featured on the pictured arrangement.

The arrangement featured in this photo was created for long time customer Darryl M. of Boston who wanted to put his wife in the tropics, eventhough they could not fly there for their anniversary this year.

A few tips to preserve the life of tropical flowers include;

  • Display away from heating and cooling sources.
  • Daily misting is recommended.
  • Use a stable flower vase filled up with room temperature water. Add a floral preservative (Exotic Flowers water is already treated,).
  • Cut an inch off flowers if they do not arrive in a vase.

These simple tips will help your tropical bouquet from Exotic Flowers in Boston lovely longer.

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