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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Plant, Animal, People

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Aug 16, 2017

There’s an old saying for those who are looking to create more balance in their life that caring for something should start in this order:

Plant-----------→ Animal ----------→ Human

The reason behind this strategy is to build the concept of responsibility by taking baby steps towards reaching your goal.  You may have heard of this approach in connection to AA, becoming a new parent or Sexaholics Anonymous but in general, this is very good advice for anyone who’s looking to enter a solid relationship with another individual.  


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If you believe that you may be on the “Plant” end of the diagram, there are excellent varieties you should be aware of to get you set up in this type of training but before I give you a list to go on, you might want to keep in mind these useful tips.

  1. Water- Just like people, plants have to be well hydrated in order to survive and flourish, making this the number 1 rule when you purchase your plant.  Be careful to read the instructions given to you by your florist or nursery since every species is different with their needs (Again… just like people).  If you feel you might fall in the forgetful realm when it comes to this task, you may want to start with a cactus, which needs very little and is drought tolerable.

  1. Sunlight-  Plants are living entities who need plenty of sunlight in order to create their own photosynthesis (food generation) so you’ll need to find a brightly lit area of your home to set your new friend up in front of.   Again, there can be a variation between different species but I can promise, there needs to be some kind of sun at least part of the day available to the plant if you’re hoping to ever continue to phase 2- an animal.  

  1. Love-  It might sound corny but plants need love just like humans do and the way to accomplish this is to follow both previous rules as well as add a little extra into the mix.  While the age-old theory claims that talking to plants will help them grow into epic proportions, some people prefer to sing to them instead.  While you may be reading this and thinking it’s silly, plants have been proven to positively react to human verbal contact and have been recorded to double in size compared to those spent in solitary.  If you need another reason to loosen up around your ficus, just remember that it’s great practice for starting a conversation once you get to step 3- a real human being.

  1. Suggested Plants- Fiddle Leaf Ficus Trees, spathiphyllum, ferns and cacti


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Exotic Flowers in Boston - We Do It Fresh - Lessons in Flower Care

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Sep 30, 2011

Fresh Flowers in Boston
In the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed the latest Direct Mail postcard from Exotic Flowers. About every two to three months, a colorful postcard goes to all our Boston and nationwide flower buyers. This month's postcard touts Exotic Flowers' expertise in sending fresh flowers.
Having been in the floral industry for over seventy five years, Exotic Flowers is schooled in the fundamentals of flower care.
Cut flower processing is required as a staff member at Exotic Flowers. The flower processing team at Exotic Flowers has more than one hundred years experience in fresh flower care. We do it fresh is not just an act, it is the backbone of our success.
Bridal Flowers in Boston
Our floral arrangements are designed to last 5-10 days. Every one of our flower arrangements in the Boston area is delivered in the Exotic Flowers' floral preservative. This preservative is designed to promote longevity and maximum blooming show. The floral preservative has both a bacteria fighter and food to help our flowers flourish. Our arrangements also arrive with a care tag explaining that fresh water should be added daily to ensure maximum vase life.
Our flower buckets also have floral preservative; different than the solution in your arrangement. Our Roslindale refrigerators hold flowers at 40 degrees and the floral solution in the buckets is designed to hold and hydrate the flowers until they are ready to grace the tables and offices of Dorchester, Cambridge, Boston and West Roxbury.
dead flowers Boston resized 600Unfortunately, some other florists in Boston do not see the importance of flower care. These dead roses to my left are only 4 days old. The same roses at Exotic Flowers in Boston flourish for seven days.
Exotic Flowers fresh flower care tips:
  • as soon as you receive your flower arrangement from Exotic Flowers, immediately check the water level. Check container daily to insure it is always filled.
  • Do Not Change the water. Exotic Flowers in Boston has already added a floral preservative which not only fights bacteria, but also nourishes your flowers to promote longevity.
  • Display your arrangement in a cool location, out of direct sunlight.

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Tropical Flowers from the Amazon Secrets of Ecuador Arrive in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 09, 2010

c  Users rickcanale Documents tropicals at exotic flowers 256The buyers at Exotic Flowers have just started bringing new tropical flowers into Boston from a new vendor. The Amazon Secrets of Ecuador specializes in unique flora and foliage of the Amazon jungle. Amazon Secrets is a division of Magic Flowers of Ecuador who is a certified member of the Rainforest Alliance as well as a member of EUREP GAP (the Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture,).

Every day, more than 700 acres of the Amazon Jungle are devastated. The destruction has extinguished large amounts of native species. In 1990, Magic Flowers started its rescue of the Amazonian Flora. An adequate cultivation of native species allows Amazon Secrets to offer the world, the jungle enchantment and helps conserve them for future generations. Magic Flowers stated goal is to "Help Protect the Jungle,".

Magic Flowers products include Heliconia, Ginger, Musas, Decorative fruits (like miniature bananas) and tropical which are all featured on the pictured arrangement.

The arrangement featured in this photo was created for long time customer Darryl M. of Boston who wanted to put his wife in the tropics, eventhough they could not fly there for their anniversary this year.

A few tips to preserve the life of tropical flowers include;

  • Display away from heating and cooling sources.
  • Daily misting is recommended.
  • Use a stable flower vase filled up with room temperature water. Add a floral preservative (Exotic Flowers water is already treated,).
  • Cut an inch off flowers if they do not arrive in a vase.

These simple tips will help your tropical bouquet from Exotic Flowers in Boston lovely longer.

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