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Best Marketing Idea Ever comes from a Boston Florist

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Mar 13, 2012

watertown florist resized 600 Meet Dave Greenberg, the owner of Watertown Main Street Florist in Watertown, Mass. Like many Boston florists, Dave is hard working floral designer who shares his craft and beauty with others. Dave is searching for a life partner, he is even offering $1000 reward to do so and has created his own website, along with reward posters, t-shirts and business cards to promote his cause.

marrydave resized 600

Dave looks like a great catch and I truly hope he finds his soulmate. But this story caught my eye because it so much more than a guy looking for love. This is marketing at its best. Completely outside the box and viral. David's story is national news and he has been featured in print, online, the radio and television throughout the country.

Originial, fresh, innovative and exciting; as a flower buyer I am inclined to think his work will be similar. Exotic Flowers delivers our own flowers in Watertown, so I have not witnessed Dave's work. I can say one thing - I am envious of his marketing prowess. 

Congratulations this is one of the best florist marketing ideas I have seen.


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