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Beautiful Corsages and Boutonnieres for Prom

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 24, 2017

Yes, kids…. It’s PROM SEASON!  I know so many of you are getting ready to slip on that beautiful sequin dress and snazzy tuxedo to enjoy a night on the town with that special someone.  Prom is a sacred right of passage for high school seniors, an evening that will live on in your memories for decades to come.  Some of us daydream about our experiences decades afterwards, believing it was one of the biggest highlights of our youth.  I know it was one of mine…


There will be photos galore to help capture this exciting time so you’ll want to look your best and plan on every detail to the “T”.


  1. Gown … check.
  2. Tux... check.
  3. Shoes… check.
  4. Hairstyle… check.
  5. Jewelry…. check.
  6. Handbag…check.
  7. Limousine…check.  
  8. Makeup… check.
  9. Dinner Reservations… check.
  10. Flowers….  Flowers?

So I noticed we hit a snag in our planning and may have forgot to order the corsage and boutonnière from our local florists?  Well, this is just catastrophic!  Who ever heard of not pinning a flower to the lapel of your handsome date or slipping on a stunning wristlet on the girl of your dreams?  It’s just not how things are done, people so let’s make sure step #10 is covered.  


In general, the blooms are bought according to the color palette the pair will be wearing but it doesn’t have to be this way for everyone.  Maybe she likes orchids or her favorite flower is a rose?  Select a variety that will go well with HER instead of panicking over the tint of fabric her dress is made out of.  For HIM, choose something that isn’t going to be too bulky because he’ll lose or damage the head for sure once the dancing gets started.  Think small roses, mini gerberas, mini callas or ranunculus as options and ask your florist what they advise will work well for the both of you.

Have a ball… BE SAFE and Enjoy Your Special Prom Evening!

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Masculine Boutonnières for the Manly Man

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 25, 2016

Wedding season is a beautiful portion of the calendar when couples confirm their love for one another in front of friends and family.  In order to create this stage of bliss for the newlyweds, the process involves many people.  We know that we have to hire a band and caterer and whatever you do, don’t forget the florist, but outside the vendors, there are others who we call upon for help.  Besides the bride and groom, the matrimonial cast includes stars such as the ring bearer, the flower girl (our favorite) the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.  While the children are probably excited to have important jobs for the service and the bridesmaids are just dying to wear that orange taffeta dress you assured them looked stunning on all of them, a particular group of guys may be a bit harder to convince of their relevant roles…


Groomsmen can be tricky to orchestrate but in all honesty, they’re usually the lifesavers of the party who just want to have a good time. In general, they’re the ones who loosen everyone up and make the big problems seem pretty minor after a few trips to the bar so you’ve got to pay attention and make sure they are fashioned as well as the rest of your wedding attendants (even if they really could care less).  If you’ve managed to get them all in a blue or black tux or suit without any gag props being mentioned, then you’ve done a job well done but let us not forget the boutonnières that will be pinned to their lapels.  Boutonnières sometimes have a bad wrap with groomsmen because they are often designed too big or too feminine for their taste.  If the bride is insistent of making them wear fuchsia roses because pink is her favorite color, well then you’re just going to live with it for the next six hours but if she’s flexible, there might be hope for a “Manly Man” boutonniere.  

What is a “Manly Man” Boutonniere?

A “Manly Man” boutonnière is just as attractive as a regular floral wedding piece for a man’s suit but incorporates more of a masculine appeal by using darker colors and a more rustic texture.  Men in general appreciate this contemporary style of dressing them with flowers because the shading and size tends to be simpler, smaller and less flashy than traditional pieces.  


How Can You Request “Manly Man” Boutonnières from Your Florist?

Mentioning this term to your floral representative should be explanation enough but if you have to indulge them further, request boutonnières that utilize greens, browns, blues and white.  You can even get away with oranges and reds when the season calls for it.  Rustic lapel displays are both attractive and soothing to the eye when walking down the aisle, plus they look great in photos as well.  Try these cool “Manly Man” boutonniere ideas for your wedding day and watch your guys dance the night away!

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Asking Your Date to the Prom

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Apr 06, 2016

It’s one of the biggest nights of the year for seniors and probably the most exciting as well.  Everyone will be dressed in their best, sporting flashy tuxedos and ballroom gowns fit for princesses while they groove the hours away on the dance floor.  Limousines will pull up to the curb and flash photography will be illuminating the skies as dates promenade proudly wearing corsages.


Any guesses what this special event might be?

That’s right- it’s Prom Night!  This late spring gala ends the year for the triumphant graduates and allows them to celebrate their experiences in the last four years with one last evening out together.  The wardrobe, decorations, music, food and after parties make this one of the most anticipated functions of a senior’s high school career so its important to go with just the right person!  It’s no wonder it can be nerve racking when asking a special someone to accompany you so how do you do it without breaking a sweat?  There are several ways to accomplish this task, depending largely on your personality and/or the nature of the relationship to the person you’re asking.  Here are some suggestions on how to break the ice and find your perfect date for the senior prom!


You’ve Been Dating Awhile…

If this is you, than you really have nothing to worry about.  Simply saying at an opportune time, “Will you go to the Prom with me?” should do the trick.  Just make sure you ask and don’t assume they’ll agree with no formal commitment.  You wouldn’t want them showing up with someone else over a miscommunication and after all, there’s no one better to go to the prom with than your significant other!

You’ve Never Even Said Hello…

There is always that girl/guy that you’ve had your eye on that you’ve never even spoken to but are dying to ask out.  Well, here’s your opportunity and seriously at this point, what do you have to loose?  Send her/him a note in their locker or bribe one of their buddies into giving you their cell number.  Write a text or better yet, CALL THEM!  Surprise invitations from admirers have an alluring appeal so just go for it!


It’s Your Best Friend…

Sometimes, a prom date is the best when you’re totally comfortable with them.  You can wear what you want, make goofy faces in front of the cameras, not worry if you’ve got dip spread on your chin and basically just be yourself.  In this case, a bestie is a welcomed commodity because there’s no real pressure to perform any other way than who you naturally are.  You are although, going to attend a formal function together so make sure your efforts in asking are more than, “So you want to go or what?”  Grab their favorite latte or make some other nice gesture than means

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Quick Tips for Ordering Prom Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, May 13, 2014

C  Users rickcanale Pictures prom1May is the height of school activities and celebrations. We celebrate graduations, achievements, academic awards and our high schoolers often attend their first prom.

So many youngsters are so busy with school, sports, theatre and friends that preparing for their prom is like taking another course. You have to order prom tickets, get a dress or tuxedo, ensure a safe ride and of course plan for an after prom party. One of the last minute items often overlooked are flowers.

C  Users rickcanale Pictures prom2Exotic Flowers design studio in Roslindale and all of our Boston floral designers have been making prom corsages and boutonnieres for a combined work knowledge of over 100 years. Our local Boston flower designers have made the traidtional to the unusual.

Most popular these days are rose boutonnieres for the gentleman and rose wrist corsages for the ladies. Whether your prom is at Catholic Memorial, West Roxbury High School or Latin Academy, the staff at Exotic Flowers wants to be a special part of your prom.

Prom Flowers BostonQuick tips for quick ordering:

  • order early
  • know the dress color
  • corsages in the Boston area for schools like Boston Latin, Milton High School, Roxbury Latin and other Boston schools are pretty much $25
  • rose boutonnieres are $8
  • roses, roses, don't get fancy. roses photograph well, are trendy and offer no unwelcome surprises.


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