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Exotic Flowers in Boston

May in New England - Poetry by Suzie Canale, Exotic Flowers' Resident Poet

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, May 02, 2012

May in New England brings our garden’s first treats,
With blooms bursting straight through the chilled earth,
Exciting our green thumbs for plantings to come,
Mother Nature’s Spring hint of rebirth.
As the lilacs arrive in their great dripping splendor,
The bulbed tulips stand high in salute,
Hyacinth erupts with the sweetest of scents,
While the daffodils join in hot pursuit.
lily of the valley in boston resized 600 
If the weather holds up and the air is just right,
We might see stems of bleeding hearts,
Mixed in with the lily of valley’s white bells,
A scene fit for the Museum of Fine Arts.
But if low and behold, all our gardens bloom bare,
And we find ourselves heavily in need,
A visit to Sonny and Maries flower shop,
Will solve all Mother’s Day requests indeed!
 - Suzie Canale
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Suzie is not only the resident author at Exotic Flowers in Boston, but she is also now our poet in residence. You can learn more about Suzie on her website at

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