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Joe Guggia and the Stud's Guide for Buying Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jul 20, 2012

The Stud%27s Guide For Cover for Kindle resized 600
This fun and informative flower buying guide is a testament to the value of forming a relationship with a local retail florist, like Exotic Flowers in Boston.   While using "sexual rewards" as a premise to grab your attention. "The Stud's Guide for Buying Flowers..." covers flower purchases for all relationships, personal and professional. 
Using humor to add to the guide's value, author and floral designer extraordinarie Joe Guggia, AIFD hits the nail on the head and really puts it out there for the world to understand this journey and take advantage of the "rewards" flower gifting can bring.
In Joe's own words, " So Why The Hell Do I need To Read This Thing?


I have a news flash for all you studs that is going to change your life and make me the most awesome guy you know: buying flowers for your wife, partner, mistress, lover or whomever you’re sleeping with is the best thing you can do for your sex life and all around well-being.  While you might be one of those guys that wants to blurt out “but flowers are expensive!” stop that crap right this second and listen to what I have to say.   Trust me that by spending a few bucks here and there on flowers, you can become a wanted lover that will turn your sometimes boring sex life into the romantically overheated experience you want and need.    Know that giving beautiful flowers is an asset to your daily life that will make all your relationships (family, friends, lovers, fellow workers) respond in a positive way to your being.

 joe guggia resized 600

 This world is definitely full of constant surprises and changes at a moment’s notice.  Everyday we’re confronted with something new that grabs our balls and tests us to the max. We get up and go about life hoping that at least one thing we do really makes a difference in our world and the world of those around us.  But sometimes there are those crappy things that get the best of us and we just want to run a hundred miles an hour and yell ”screw you!” at the top of our lungs.

We feel that way sometimes, friggn’ overwhelmed and just plain tired of all the crap that’s thrown our way.  So buying flowers should be one of those experiences we can handle easily and not be confused about.  It’s the kind of experience you should want to do over and over again so you can give that someone special in your life a great gift that they’ll love you up for.  With proper flower buying knowledge you can learn to give something beautiful and get back what you’re hoping for ten fold.  This fact has been proven over and over again, has gone on for centuries and will continue to go on for centuries more.  Humans are created that way, responding in an incredibly positive way to receiving nature’s gift of flowers for any and every occasion.

So trust me and take a few minutes away from that game, food, garage or whatever the hell has your attention. Read and absorb what I have to say.  Follow the techniques I explain in this flower buying bible and be ready to learn how the simplest of bouquets will show them how hot you think they are.     This floral education is sure to get your special someone right where you want them to be, ready and willing to reward you with the best “thank you” you could ever imagine.  And if you were only reading this because someone threw it in front of you and said “Honey, read this!” don’t give them any flack and just do it.  This will be the one time you’ll be damn glad you did!"

A few chapter titles include: 


Chapter 1:  Monkey Men Had It Goin’ On

Chapter 2:  The Village of Testosterone

Chapter 3:  Men, It’s A Brave New World:  The Cyber Florist Seduction

Chapter 4:  Money Will Feed The Beast

Chapter 5:  The New Hottie and The Village Screamers

Chapter 6:  In-House Tail Maintenance

Chapter 7:  Flowers Vs. Plants: Testes On The Cutting Block

Chapter 8:  Sexy Roses of a Different Color

Chapter 9:  Mommy and Friends Need Lovn’ Too

Chapter 10:  The Neighborhood Piss Off

Chapter 11:  Kiss Some Corporate Ass!

Chapter 12:  Hasta La Vista, Baby…

The Last Word:  And This Ass Bite Has More To Say?

This book is a keepsake and should have made the Exotic Flowers in Boston Summer reading list. Special thanks to Joe for sharing his talents with the world.

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