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Flowers and Their Auras

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 31, 2015

People have many ways of expressing their feelings.  For some, they use words, for others their face changes expression and sometimes a mannerism can even be a strong indicator of an emotional state.  One interesting way to read someone’s feelings is by picking up on their aura.  An aura is defined by the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.  Sometimes they are seen as light or actual color shades describing specific types of sentiment that are present at that exact time.  Now there’s a large portion of the population that don’t believe in this science and claim that it’s nothing more than empty fortunetelling.  

I strongly disagree.

Not only do I think that a person’s inner state is readable by light and color but I also believe that its possible to recognized auras based on the plants and blossoms one selects!  Florists might want to pay close attention and be prepared for the changing elements in mood a customer possesses and be prepared to accommodate by utilizing this theory.  Here are a few basics to be on the look out for if you’re a Boston designer!

Yellow Flower Auras

Yellow is a great aura to have since it usually means you’re in a good place both spiritually and mentally.  Positive energy and happiness usually surround this person who is likely to select varieties such as yellow tulips, gerberas, sunflowers, roses or freesia.  This customer will be pretty easy to please so put on your best smile and think bright and sunny.

Red Flower Auras

These guys are extremely physical and have strong senses of touch and smell.  If you witness a customer asking for red blooms of amaryllis, James Story orchids, geraniums or peonies, you’re going to need to aim to please an active and vibrant person who will be very particular about what they want.  Commonly sexy, passionate and adventurous, florists should be prepared to understand that this aura always knows what it wants and usually gets it!

Magenta Flower Auras

For those who are magenta flower lovers, their auras will tell you that they are creative and innovative dreamers.  They’ll be fun to design for, too because usually they are open to new architectural arrangements within centerpiece design.  Top varieties that you should have on hand for them are deep pink calla lilies, stargazers, phalaenopsis and sweet pea.  You’re going to have fun with this customer who promises to add a little adventure of their own within their flower purchases.  


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