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How To Beat the January Blues

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jan 09, 2015

The holidays are over, the decorations have been put away for another year and while some find relief in this fact, others can’t help to feel a little blue once January rolls around.  If you’re living in New England, you are well aware of the frigid temperatures, which can be troubling to handle as well.  It’s darker, snowier and most of us are still buffing back our bank accounts from December’s season of spending so it’s no wonder why some of us might struggle through this month.  I know that I was certainly one of them, that is, before I changed my outlook with a few tips and tricks.  This is what worked for me but don’t hesitate to add your own ideas that will lift your spirits and get you back on the happy trails once again!


New Years Resolutions




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New Year’s resolutions can actually cheer a person up believe it or not if the goal works to strengthen your serotonin uptake.  Now you may feel the aim has to shoot for the moon but the simpler the better.  Erect a resolution that focuses on positivity such as stopping yourself when trouble arises and utilize problem solving skills instead of giving up or inhibiting a depressed emotion.  Easy change ups in our reactions from positive to negative can do a world of good in alleviating constant non-preferable feelings. Every year, my family and I write our resolutions down and send it out to sea as a message in a bottle.



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It’s a proven fact that physical activity disperses anxiety and depression so if you’ve been hesitant about exercise, now’s the time to get up and moving!  For some people, joining a gym might be the answer but it doesn’t have to be that expensive.  Although Boston has a tendency to be icy which may dissuade from outdoor activity, take a trip to the mall and walk the circuit before stores open.  Another approach could be to watch exercise TV shows, which are prevalent on both local access and On Demand viewing.  Completing a few stretches and leg lifts can even help to get the blood flowing and you’ll be amazed just how bright your outlook begins to escalate!

 Surround Yourself With People



          Sometimes we become down and not realize that the real reason is lack of human contact.  It’s easy to bunker down in our homes when the sky is gloomy and the weather is not ideal.  What we don’t see is that our levels of communication and sense of touch deplete, shutting down the part of the brain that craves social processing.  Without this, the body looks for other ways to satisfy this need such as binge eating and drinking; things that we all know are bad.  Instead, look in your local paper and attend craft shows, bingo games, and community get-togethers or just call a friend up for a warm cup of coffee and the new café in town.  Pretty soon you’ll find your spunk again and be ready for when the spring arrives!




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