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How to Fight the Bulge During the Holiday Season

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Nov 19, 2015

The season of merriment, the season of joy, the season when our pants feel a size too small.  Yes the holiday season has arrived, luring us in with decadent dishes and rich cuisine.  I mean who can resist the pumpkin pies, the mashed potatoes or the highlight- the beloved turkey?  There’s food everywhere and most of us (including myself) find it difficult to resist taste testing a few sugar cookies here and there.  Oh, and don’t forget the “stress” issue that comes into play when our relatives are literally driving us towards that extra glass of wine or slab of cake.  Yes, according to research, the average Bostonian packs on an extra five to ten pounds during the months of November and December, hence the popular New Year’s resolution promise to get “in shape”.  

But here’s my question to you…

Why must we continuously get back on the hamster wheel of holiday diets when there are perfectly good ways to steer clear of your scale’s needle bouncing back and forth?  Is it viable that by introducing techniques that are successful in curbing our appetites might we miss that rush to join any gym we can find on January 2nd?  I dare to think we have a shot if we follow these tips that will keep us on track without eliminating the holiday season’s tasty treats all together!


Smaller Plates Mean Smaller Consumption

This works particularly well if you’re the one who is hosting the feasts this year because that gives you control of selecting dinnerware.  Studies reveal that by serving meals on smaller plates, it gives the illusion that you are eating the same amount of food you would be on regular dishes.  It is also documented that people feel more “filled up” when emptying their plate no matter what the size of the dinnerware may be.  That means that you can feel equally satisfied while cutting back on unnecessary indulging calories. Portion sizes will be cut in half and you’ll be pleased to know that this compromise will allow you the room you need for a regular sized dessert!

Don’t Forget to Move

Looking back on my favorite holidays that I’ve celebrated, I can’t help but to remember that I was always moving!  Talking with Aunt Kay about her summer gardening plans and then offering to help clean the kitchen with grandma, I realized that I was constantly walking from one room to another.  What does this mean for our waistlines?  It means that I was exercising!  Moving about the room is important because it burns calories and helps to digest your food better.  You’ll be the hit of the holiday party for your impressive social skills and be able to slip back into those skinny jeans without any problems at all!

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