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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Poinsettia Heaven

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

Pretty soon, we will be entering the season of poinsettias and this year you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible varieties that will be available!  The plant otherwise known as the “Christmas Flower” has long been a true symbol of the yuletide holiday and is still ranked as one of the top items bought for gifts.  If you’re not familiar with the poinsettia, here are a few facts that you’ll enjoy learning, which make this plant so special.

Boston Poinsettias

Photo credit: flower factor

* A poinsettia’s leaves are bright in color and can be white, red, pink, red or peach.  New species are cultivated yearly so be sure to check with your florist about any new shades that may be soon available.  

Poinsettias in Boston

* The leaves are called “bracts” because they are tinted instead of simply being green.  The reason why the bracts are colored is to attract pollinators to the plant’s flower.

* Although the poinsettia looks like only a plant, there is a small bloom located in the middle of the plant bracts.  The bloom has a special name called “cyathia” which is where bees and other insects produce pollen.

* The poinsettia actually dislikes the cold weather even though it is primarily popular during the icier months of the year.  Originally, the plant was found in Mexico by a botanist named Joel Roberts Poinsett in the 1820’s.  With the specimen, he returned to his home in South Carolina and began to cultivate the plant.  

* and no the plant is not toxic to cats or people.



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