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The Symbolic Meaning of the Blue Violet

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Aug 07, 2017

With such a vast array of contemporary flowers available to us these days, it’s sometimes easy to forget about some of the beautiful classic species we grew up with.  Many of these stunning blooms we can still find in our backyard, one of which is the blue violet.  How many times have you come across this sweet flower and never realized the importance they hold when speaking in terms of symbolic meaning?  Generations of growers and floral enthusiasts will tell you that these pretties are quite special when considering their background.   

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Not only are violets the official flower for celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary but they’re also a sign of intuition and spiritual connection.  Having five heart-shaped petals typically surrounding a white center, these early spring bloomers can be found anywhere from wooded glens to grassy meadows.  While most grow wildly in nature, violet lovers will be pleased to know that many greenhouses now carry samplings in a variety of different colors for those who wish to cultivate a crop in their own backyard.  


Rosario Dawson as Persephone in Percy Jackson 

Another connection the violet plays in relation to history is a religious theme, which links to Catholicism’s Virgin Mary.  Because of this, the violet can signify “Modesty” and “Humility” and often is looked upon as a sign of innocence.  Bunches of violets were hence used as gifts to newlyweds at the beginning of their sexual relationship.  In Greek mythology, once again Persephone has a relationship to a flower because it is said that she collected clumps of violets before she was taken down the underworld each fall as a memento of the happier days spent in the spring.  

The last symbolic reference the flower is recognized by is its relationship to “love”.  Nosegays of the spring bloomer were once offered as a token to a new love interest as the traditional gesture and is still often requested by florists to serve as this very purpose.  Simple, elegant and delicate, violets make a statement that a relationship is everlasting and will stand the test of time.  

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