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Exotic Flowers - The Goals and Tools of Our Marketing Strategy

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 30, 2010

Boston Flower Delivery VanThe goals of our marketing at Exotic Flowers are quite simple; we maintain a visual presence in the Boston area by presenting a beautiful flower shop and greenhouse which sells the freshest flowers and exotic plants. Our flowers and gifts are sold and delivered by uniformed personnel who drive lettered vehicles.

The color maroon resonates throughout our company. Maroon is visible in our clothing, our stationary, our vehicles, ink colors, stickers, packaging, direct mail and our website. Why maroon ? Maroon was chosen for personal reasons. I, Rick Canale, am a graduate of The Roxbury Latin School (1989) and Boston College (A&S 1993,). Both schools use this color as their signature. Of course, many other Massachusetts Universities and Colleges, like Harvard, M.I.T.. and UMASS Amherst also use this color. So Exotic Flowers reaches out to many Massachusetts residents through this subliminal advertising.

We send direct mail postcards five times per year to our client base. These mailers reinforce to our customers, who they buy their flowers from. The goal of our program is remain at 'top of mind awareness' for our customers.

We spend over ten hours per week in social media. I personally post to two blogs, am on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Our social media program keeps Exotic Flowers in a continual conversation with our customers and prospective customers.

Exotic Flowers of Boston and Roslindale will occasionally publish a print ad in a local publication like the Improper Bostonian. Our goal with these ads is to reinforce our image and presence in the marketplace. Exotic Flowers also has a small ad in the Super Pages Book for the client who still references the big book.

Exotic Flowers also donates flowers and gift cards to special causes and events for our top clients. We reserve these donations for our top clients as we like to give back to those who give to us.

Exotic Flowers also sponsors sports teams like the Red Sox and the Boston Breakers. We also contribute to local child and teen sports leagues. Exotic Flowers feels organized sports are essential to the health and well being of our community.

Finally, the staff at Exotic Flowers goes out of the shops and talks to people. We believe in going to the bank, shopping in our community, dining out and being seen. We are a member of the community and want to be visible. We also attend industry shows and conventions and network with our colleagues. We feel that we need to give as much as we can to the floral industry. We know that the more floral professionals who share ideas, the more people will buy flowers and the more successful we will be.


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