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Make It This Year’s Resolution to Put More Flowers In Your Home

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Jan 03, 2017


one cymbidium orchid stem can be cut in half and used a feature flower in your home for two to three weeks.

As 2016 leaves and 2017 arrives, our hearts and heads are filled with every hope of it becoming the best year ahead of us!  While we celebrate the holiday, I bet many of you took it upon yourself to make a few promises- otherwise known as a “New Year’s Resolution”.  Perhaps it was about changing some un-preferred aspect of daily life such as reading more, shopping less or losing a little weight (it’s time for those last five pounds to go).  Some of you might have wanted to strive for more patience, hope and joy, possibly take more vacations or reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with.  Whatever your resolution may have been, I hope it included something that will make you healthier and happy during the next twelve months.  One idea to enhance the human spirit and mind is to make a conscience effort to place more live plants and flowers throughout your homes.


Dendrobium orchids may be old fashioned for some, but premium stems that have flower buds that reach to the end are majestic and elegant.

I bet you didn’t know this but flowers have actually been proven to elevate a person’s mood thus benefiting their overall health.  Daisies, roses, sunflowers, delphinium or any other species can visually stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain as well as affect sensory arousal from a blossom’s aromatic properties.  Not only does the scent of a flower play a large part in the responsiveness to one’s positive reaction but the color is also a large contributor.  For example, red encourages a seductive, sensual, “search for inner perspective” type nuance while shades like green and yellow suggest a lighter, giddier appeal.  If you frequently experience spouts of depression, try inserting a few small bouquets of orange and purple arrangements in places like the bedroom and living room.  This combination of hues is said to promote mental wellness and balance.  If you find yourself constantly stressed or tense, you’re going to want to choose flowers with soft tones of blue or pink.  These cooler colors bolster a sense of ease and comfort and do best in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


Star of bethlehem are sturdy and long lasting.

Some of you might say, “Sure, this sounds like a great idea but who’s going to pay for it?”  I understand your concern but in actuality, adding moderate stems of blooms weekly doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  If you can afford to set up an account with a local florist than go for it but if that’s out of your budget, I’ll give you some hints where to start.  First of all, seek out a nearby farm that might offer year round cut flowers from their greenhouses.  They’ll most likely be pretty affordable and will also sustain an impressive longevity due to freshness.  A second tip is to start your own indoor garden where you can clip blooms throughout the colder seasons and grow outdoors when it warms up.  Bulbs are also a lot of fun to start inside and give off an amazing aroma as well.  

NEWYEARS FLOWERS.jpg My husband salvaged the throats on spent cymbidium orchid flowers to offer exquisite detail to this bathroom arrangement.

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