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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Exotic Flowers Top 5 Mother's Day Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, May 06, 2011

Hydrangeas in Boston

5. The hydrangea may be one of the most traditional flowers for flowers delivered in the Boston area for Mother's Day. We often carry hydrangeas in white, blue, green, pink and lilac. But be sure to call your expert Boston florists at 617.247.2000 for the best selection. Hydrangeas arrive at both Exotic Flowers Boston stores daily.

Oriental Lilies in Boston

4. Oriental Lily - a classic; the fragrant oriental lily has withstood all the trends and remains one of the most sold Mother's Day Flowers at Exotic Flowers in Boston.

Carnations in Boston

3. Carnation - don't knock it. thanks to celebrated Hollywood events and galas, the carnation has been resurrected as one of the more trendy flowers in Boston. Carnations at Exotic Flowers are only used in gifts upon request. Please know we carry many colors and sell over 2000 for Mother's Day at both Exotic Flowers flower shops in Boston.

Lilacs in Boston

2. Lilac - grown in New England. these fragrant lilacs are only around for a short time. With a limited supply and some great press through Arnold Arboretum's 103rd Lilac Sunday, the native lilac is always our first flower to sell out for Mother's Day flower deliveries in Boston.

Peonies in Boston

1. Peony - a Mother's Day flower tradition. The peony appears delicate, feminine and fragrant; an ideal feature In Mother's Day flower deliveries to the Boston area.

Where is the rose ? Exotic Flowers is known for their ecuadorian roses. We do sell over 15,000 roses for Mother's Day flower orders in Boston. Fans rave about our roses so often for us that we thought we could omit them in this feature.


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Exotic Flowers' Gift Card Message Suggestions for Mother's Day

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, May 05, 2011

Mothers Day Card Boston

People are often at a loss words. As we say at Exotic Flowers in Boston, one of the reasons to send flowers is to express your feelings. Below are our top four suggestions for Mother's Day card messages to go along with your floral bouquet.

Happy Mother's Day.  
To the best Mom in the whole world.  
Mom, you are my inspiration.  
A hug...a kiss...and lots of love for you on Mother's Day.

As they have been saying for years; Say it with Flowers. Let our flowers show how much you care. From Boston to Belgium; Miami to Milan; Exotic Flowers in Boston sends flowers worldwide. When you call, we deliver.


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