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Exotic Flowers in Boston

#MothersDay Flowers: 2018

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 30, 2018

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th and florists all over the city are already pouring hours of thought into their holiday inventory.  It’s a special day for all moms out there who have throughout the year, poured their hearts into taking care of their families and floral professionals are ready to give them exactly what they deserve!  Bright arrangements, pastel bouquets of decadent centerpieces are all among the possibilities these specialized designers are gearing up for. If you know your special someone has a real soft spot for beautiful blooms, why don’t you go the extra mile and bring her something that will truly make her hit the floor!  As inventory changes seasonally, the spring varieties are now just arriving which happens to be some of the most stunning species you’ll see during the year. Imported from all over the world, prepared to be amazed by the gorgeous floral selection being offered by local shops who have the single mission of pleasing HER!  Here’s a sneak preview of some of this May’s more stylish pieces that will get you on your way to brainstorming the perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

mothers day flowers

You may already know that peonies-specifically pink peonies are one of the biggest sellers for Mother’s Day.  The explanation is simple since the color perfectly reflects the spring season as well as the theme of women in general.  Besides the shading, the luxurious shape of the petals as well as the pleasurable appearance of the soft and delicate blooms consistently shoots this variety straight to the top for requested deliveries.  Mix and match the tones or select a straight hue and you’ll be sure to let her know just how much she means to you.


Although we typically think of pink as being official Mother’s Day protocol when it comes to flowers, bright tints of yellow, orange and green can also be a huge crowd pleaser.  These shades are happy and cheerful, while also being a reminder of the warmer days ahead for all New Englanders. I like parrot tulips, mimosa, freesia and daffodils for this look but you can substitute these options with roses, forsythia and gerbera daisies to make a piece really “POP”!


Now this is definitely my sweet spot when it comes to flowers because there’s nothing I love more than a stunning blend of purple and lavender spring flowers.  The tiny sprigs mixed together perfectly complement one another while bringing an aroma to your home that is simply unforgettable. With so many varieties to choose from such as hyacinth, sweet pea, lilacs you just can’t go wrong with this sexy Mother’s Day arrangement.

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Spring Flowers and Their Scents

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 02, 2018

New Englander’s love the idea of no more snow, no more shoveling and no more layering clothing with a dozen wool pullovers to keep warm.  If you live around these parts, you probably agree that although the first snowfall can be a beautiful sight to behold, the daydreaming of warm beaches usually follows quickly.  That’s why the first blooms of the fresh spring season are an exciting event in the northeast and are often looked upon as a sign of better things to come. Who doesn’t love the blankets of crocus, daffodils and hyacinth sweeping across our backyard lawns and the beautiful addition of bright color that replaces the dismal ice we’ve lived with for months.  It’s a welcome change to look forward to each spring although there are a few of us who can be bothered by a select portion of their properties…


Flowers can be troubling for those afflicted with allergies, particularly when it comes to the scent.  While many varieties have less ability to produce a strong smell, others produce a fragrance that is quite pungent and can be annoying to some.  If you belong to this group who ducks for cover every time blooming season arrives but still would like to enjoy the beauty of flowers, you might want to take a look at this list which separates the stinky species from the less assuming.  No one has to go without a cheerful bouquet of seasonal bloomers as long as we recognize the species set that will be less bothersome to their health issues.


artwork via

Stinky        VS    Less Stinky

Narcissus (←same family→   Daffodils

Hyacinth         Poppies

Lilac                Tulips

Clematis         Crocus

Stargazer Lilies       Hydrangea

Sweet Pea       Ranunculus

Lily of the Valley       Anemones

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Flowers Fragrant with Food

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Aug 05, 2016

Flowers are commonly referred to as sweet smelling for the most part and are associated with a perfume-like scent, which provides aromatherapy for homes and offices.  While this is true for varieties such as lilies, roses, lily of the valley and several other common blossoms that we’re all familiar with, Mother Nature has been known to cultivate unusual species possessing other interesting properties.  Instead of gifting all floras with pleasant, sugary odors, some species actually smell similar (if not identical to) some of our favorite foods!  Can you imagine having an arrangement that breathed blackberry ripple or chocolate mousse cake?  Or how about a healthy waft of grapefruit or even tomato soup to infuse your surroundings?  The truth is that there are many types of flowers that do in fact give off a scent similar to particular foods and are actually considered valuable for this exotic trait.  Take a peek at these famous food fragrant flowers and see if there’s one here perfect for you!

Chocolate Cosmos land_of_chocolate_cosmos.jpg

This is my absolute favorite flower because not only does it have a rich brown to burgundy hue, it also smells exactly like real chocolate!  Don’t fret if you don’t smell it right away since it takes heat to trigger the aroma property.  You’ll likely have to wait until July or August if you live in the New England area.


Grape Hyacinth grape_hyacinth.jpg

                                photo credit via Flower Factor

These beautiful miniature bulb plants not only smell like real grapes but they also have a shape similar to the fruit’s structure.  Small balls are piled on top of one another creating a long tower of deliciously sweet and fragrant spring blooms.

Scented Lemon Geranium

There are many species that have a citrus aroma but if you want a strong pungent smell, select a lemon geranium for your kitchen and/or bathroom.  The plant will produce a “clean-like” appeal to small rooms that are typically in need of deodorizer.


Tuberose might be one of the only flowers in existence that actually smells similar to soda!  That’s right- this variety is said to remind one of Dr. Pepper so if you’re a big fan of the popular drink, this might be the right bloom for you.  



Although lilac is sweet, it also has a mixture of vanilla that makes this a favorite of many gardeners and home décor professionals.  

Bradford Pear

I know I said I would name flowers that had fragrances similar to food but I never said they would all be pleasant!  If you come in contact with a Bradford Pear, you might want to grab your nose because this flowery tree smells like rotting fish!

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Exotic Flowers Top 5 Mother's Day Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, May 06, 2011

Hydrangeas in Boston

5. The hydrangea may be one of the most traditional flowers for flowers delivered in the Boston area for Mother's Day. We often carry hydrangeas in white, blue, green, pink and lilac. But be sure to call your expert Boston florists at 617.247.2000 for the best selection. Hydrangeas arrive at both Exotic Flowers Boston stores daily.

Oriental Lilies in Boston

4. Oriental Lily - a classic; the fragrant oriental lily has withstood all the trends and remains one of the most sold Mother's Day Flowers at Exotic Flowers in Boston.

Carnations in Boston

3. Carnation - don't knock it. thanks to celebrated Hollywood events and galas, the carnation has been resurrected as one of the more trendy flowers in Boston. Carnations at Exotic Flowers are only used in gifts upon request. Please know we carry many colors and sell over 2000 for Mother's Day at both Exotic Flowers flower shops in Boston.

Lilacs in Boston

2. Lilac - grown in New England. these fragrant lilacs are only around for a short time. With a limited supply and some great press through Arnold Arboretum's 103rd Lilac Sunday, the native lilac is always our first flower to sell out for Mother's Day flower deliveries in Boston.

Peonies in Boston

1. Peony - a Mother's Day flower tradition. The peony appears delicate, feminine and fragrant; an ideal feature In Mother's Day flower deliveries to the Boston area.

Where is the rose ? Exotic Flowers is known for their ecuadorian roses. We do sell over 15,000 roses for Mother's Day flower orders in Boston. Fans rave about our roses so often for us that we thought we could omit them in this feature.


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