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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Short Floral Lifespans but Totally Worth It

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 17, 2017

I just recently wrote a blog about flowers that are the perfect purchase for longer living arrangements, highlighting species such as roses and aster which will live for longer periods of time compared to others.  While many people have this goal in mind when visiting their local flower shop, others (like me) are more driven to the uniqueness of a variety and will forgo longevity just to enjoy the flower for whatever time they have.  Economically, it’s probably not the way to go but if you’re bored buying the same old blooms like Alstromeria, Bells of Ireland and Asiatic lilies just because they’ll survive longer on your table, then you might want to try out these varieties that are totally worth the price.  Perhaps the exotic presentation is what appeals to you or the alluring scent that puts you at ease but whatever the characteristic is that you’re looking for-these blooms are almost promised to please.

Exotic Visual Presentation:

Long/Short Gloriosa

Gloriosa is a stunning tropical bloom that comes in shades of yellow, green and red but no matter what hue you choose, it’s bound to be an eye catcher.  They have a head shaped like a hand that extends petals from the center in beautiful arch patterns which resemble more of a sculpture than an ordinary flower. You don’t need many stems to pack a visual punch so keep these babies in mind for parties and weddings.


Cut Phalaenopsis

If you buy the plant, phalaenopsis will generally last around a month but if you purchase stems that have already been cut, they can last less than a week.  Why bother?  Because they are nothing short of “grand” when arranged in tall glass vases and placed in the center of a room as a centerpiece.  Trust me, you won’t need any further décor.


Another one of my favorites, scabiosa is a pretty, delicate summer bloom that comes in a variety of shades such as purple, blue, pink, white, cream and even red.  They have soft, fluffy heads that are mindful of warm days and look perfect mixed with other species or simply kept alone in a bunch.  They only last for about four to five days during certain times of the year but if you live close to a farm stand, they’ll probably have a consistent supply when harvest season arrives.

Aromatic Properties:

Chocolate Cosmos

Wow!  If you love the smell of chocolate than you’ll love these seasonal stunners that honestly will remind you of dessert!  The spring blossoms are usually dark in color, either in hues of deep brown and crimson, which make an exotic and sexy display.


This one is a classic that has survived the test of time and still remains one of the most requested items for weddings.  Having a lifespan of only two to three days, gardenias are breathtaking in both sight and aroma, which gives any event a classy, nostalgic feel.  

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Flowers Fragrant with Food

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Aug 05, 2016

Flowers are commonly referred to as sweet smelling for the most part and are associated with a perfume-like scent, which provides aromatherapy for homes and offices.  While this is true for varieties such as lilies, roses, lily of the valley and several other common blossoms that we’re all familiar with, Mother Nature has been known to cultivate unusual species possessing other interesting properties.  Instead of gifting all floras with pleasant, sugary odors, some species actually smell similar (if not identical to) some of our favorite foods!  Can you imagine having an arrangement that breathed blackberry ripple or chocolate mousse cake?  Or how about a healthy waft of grapefruit or even tomato soup to infuse your surroundings?  The truth is that there are many types of flowers that do in fact give off a scent similar to particular foods and are actually considered valuable for this exotic trait.  Take a peek at these famous food fragrant flowers and see if there’s one here perfect for you!

Chocolate Cosmos land_of_chocolate_cosmos.jpg

This is my absolute favorite flower because not only does it have a rich brown to burgundy hue, it also smells exactly like real chocolate!  Don’t fret if you don’t smell it right away since it takes heat to trigger the aroma property.  You’ll likely have to wait until July or August if you live in the New England area.


Grape Hyacinth grape_hyacinth.jpg

                                photo credit via Flower Factor

These beautiful miniature bulb plants not only smell like real grapes but they also have a shape similar to the fruit’s structure.  Small balls are piled on top of one another creating a long tower of deliciously sweet and fragrant spring blooms.

Scented Lemon Geranium

There are many species that have a citrus aroma but if you want a strong pungent smell, select a lemon geranium for your kitchen and/or bathroom.  The plant will produce a “clean-like” appeal to small rooms that are typically in need of deodorizer.


Tuberose might be one of the only flowers in existence that actually smells similar to soda!  That’s right- this variety is said to remind one of Dr. Pepper so if you’re a big fan of the popular drink, this might be the right bloom for you.  



Although lilac is sweet, it also has a mixture of vanilla that makes this a favorite of many gardeners and home décor professionals.  

Bradford Pear

I know I said I would name flowers that had fragrances similar to food but I never said they would all be pleasant!  If you come in contact with a Bradford Pear, you might want to grab your nose because this flowery tree smells like rotting fish!

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Dr. Seuss and a Love Affair of Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Feb 28, 2014

Allium Gladiator resized 600
As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2nd), florists and gardeners embrace Seuss' inspiration from flowers found right in our own backyards. Pictured above, Gladiator Allium showcase the imaginary worlds that Seuss created.
GOMPHRENA SEUSS FLOWERS resized 600Summer flowers like Gomphrena show the fluffy spheres of color so prevalent in the children's stories.
Craspedia also known as Billy Balls are another flower that one can see inspired Dr Seuss to create such memorable images. CRASPEDIA resized 600
With two young boys in the house, there are many Seuss books in every nook of my house. I am also fortunate to be married to children's book author Suzie Canale. Her book 'The Land of Chocolate Cosmos' has been called 'The Lorax' of our generation.
Dr. Seuss and flowers are such a popular concept that PBS kids has even created an online game known as Dr. Seuss Flower Finder where kids and adults can create their own flowers. Flower Finder Dr Seuss
Dr Seuss has inspired so many creative people in the floral industry that a float in this 2013's Rose Bowl featured the Cat in the Hat.
dr seuss float

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Children's Book Drive at Gillette Stadium Sunday September 22, 2013

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 19, 2013

the beantown tales

Hey PATRIOTS fans! The Pats are asking for donations of children's books to bring to this Sunday's game and they will personally deliver them to needy children of Massachusetts! Exotic Flowers of Boston will give a FREE Beantown Tale book to those who show their game day ticket from now until Saturday to donate to this great cause! Just show your ticket at our store at 609 American Legion Hwy in Roslindale, MA and you'll get a free copy to give:)

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we know the value of reading to children and for kids to have their very own books. 

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Exotic Flowers' Favorite Author at the Andover Bookstore September 8th

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Aug 28, 2012

Andover storefront061711 resized 600 At 1pm on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 - Exotic Flowers favorite author Suzie Canale will be signing and reading from her latest children's book, 'The Candy Roses of Cape Care,'. 

SUZIE CANALE: "The Candy Roses of Cape Care" (Andover)

Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 1:00pm

The Candy Roses of Cape Care is the third installment in The Beantown Tales: Green Series where a group of six cousins rally together to save a magical beach’s candy sprouting roses from extinction. Growing every sweet treat imaginable, from lollipops to gummy bears, the team must work fast to clean up their sandy shores before pollution threatens to halt the production of an enchanted potion produced by the sea. Keeping in theme with the prequels, The Land of Chocolate Cosmos and The Popcorn Hydrangea of Poppingtom, the author educates while empowering readers to make key changes within their communities. This book tantalizes tummies with yummy imagery nestled in fantastical worlds.

Suzie-CanaleSuzie Hearl Canale grew up in Andover and is a graduate of Salem State College. She began writing after a twenty-five year career in the wholesale floral industry in Boston, where she was inspired by flowers named after child-friendly foods. She developed The Beantown Tales, a series of books geared towards educating children to make positive changes within our society. Suzie’s books have received the 2011 Green Difference Book Award by the Massachusetts Green Schools Organization, as well as Honorable Mentions in the 2011 New England Book Festival, 2012 New York Book Festival, and the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival. Canale recently published "Walking Down the Cobblestone Aisles of Boston" in electronic form. As she continues her career writing career, she also keeps busy raising her two sons and volunteering for the Mass Bay American Red Cross chapter as a member of the Disaster Relief division.

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