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Exotic Flowers in Boston

What are the best flowers to use for Oktoberfest ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Sep 23, 2014

oktoberfest flowers resized 600
photo credit. 1800flowers
When we hear about Oktoberfest, we think about beer. What we neglect to mention is that Oktoberfest is a tradition. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, our slogan remains as 'start your own tradition,'. As Americans, our heritages have been watered down. Cultural traditions have often been forgotten. Traditions also create memories and good times shared amongst friends and relatives. Ask the folks at St. Pauli Girl Beer, you do not have to be German to celebrate Oktoberfest. st pauli girl oktoberfest resized 600Oktoberfest is not only a celebration of copious tankards of beer, but also an abundance of foods like bratwurst, sauerkraut, dumplings, schnitzel and various mustards.  Bratwurst3 resized 600 As Americans we are fortunate to indulge in delicacies from various cultures. Who cares if your ancestors were not German ? Oktoberfest is a chance to celebrate and start your own traditions. What celebration is not complete without fresh flowers to adorn the table and your New England home ?
The golden hues of mustard, the bronzed bratwurst and pickled cabbage can all be enhanced with amazing floral and plants. The colors of the fall season are a perfect complement for the menu.  Bronze mums, burgundy calla lilies, free spirit roses and yellow orchids all lend to the illumination of your home for the party. 
Even the White House when entertaining German heads of state made a point of incorporating these hues into the tablescape. obama german flowers resized 600 Note how the yellow oncidium orchids, green trick dianthus, and green heleborus illuminate the dinner setting for this illustrious event. Remember, if heads of the world have flowers on their dinner tables, then you should too.

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Are The Presidential Inauguration Flowers Worth the Money ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jan 18, 2013

inaugural flowers 2013 resized 600
Members of all parties are debating whether or not the President should spend $100 million dollars on his inauguration. Of course he should. We live in the United States of America, our economy is driven by the purchasing of consumer goods and services. What better to way to show how to spend tax dollars than spending them on goods and services in America. We are a country of image. We believe in the best. We have an image to uphold and it should never be sacrficed.
obama inauguration flowers 2013
The above photo shows the flowers used in Obama's 2009 inaugural luncheon. Note the importance of flowers on the tables and also how understated and alluring the President's head table looks with three oblong flower arrangements linked together with fresh garland. Now, think about how weak and lacking these same tables would look without flowers. If you take the approach of cutting the budget on flowers, then you might as well cut the dry cleaning bill and attend the lunch in sweat pants. 
Inauguration flowers 2013For the 2013 inaugural luncheon, party planners have chosen orange flowers in silver cache pots. While guests are dining on American favorites like grilled bison and New England chowder, they will feel welcome and invigorated by the flowers on their tables. The flower colors and container were chosen to pick up the copper and bronze tones of Statuary Hall. The arrangements on the tables feature 'free spirit ' roses and ranunculas.

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