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The Importance of Sending Funeral Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, May 11, 2011

describe the imageThe following letter was written to SAF (The Society of American Florists) recently. The letter was recently published by Floral Managment Magazine. A funeral director's wife expresses her appreciation for sympathy/funeral flowers.

Quiet Ambassadors of Love

"As a funeral director's wife, I have often stood by others in times of loss and grief. When confusion and pain run so deep, words are intrusive and unwelcome - hearts are too full for anything but flowers. God's beautiful bouquets send thoughtfulness, reassurance and strength with their special perfume and color. They tell those who are left, 'we love you.'

Flowers are given 'in memory,' but they're a gift for the living! I tell people, 'Send flowers as often as you are able, and know that they will reflect your love - especially at a funeral home.' The saddest thing is a funeral without so much as a tiny bud vase whispering that someone cares."

- Bobbie Nelson

Hydrangeas in BostonBobbie Nelson strikes a chord with this note. She tells us all how important funeral flowers are. Even when the famiyl requestes a donation, the request does Not mean not to send flowers. You can often split the difference; $50 for flowers and $50 for the donation.

 Flowers mean so much to so many. When singer Johnny Cash's wife, June Carter died; Johnny Cash asked people to send flowers as she loved them so.

Trivia: did you know that the casket cover at the top of the blog was shown at Michael Jackson's funeral ?


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