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Making New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Dec 31, 2014

It's that time of year again when we count our blessings and get ready to make a few changes for New Years!  Resolutions have been a traditional gesture for many to seize the opportunity towards improving ourselves within physical, financial or emotional areas.   The most common resolutions are to lose a few pounds, increase our lucrative value and to expand social circles.  While these are certainly appropriate goals that pertain to a wide demographic, how about making things a bit simpler?  We don’t necessary have to be skinnier, worth more or popular to be happier in the New Year.  Resolutions can be better attained if we choose to diverge into activities and opportunities that already exist in our daily lives.  Joining a gym or scanning the want ads may not lead to a healthier and happier 2015.   Melioration can be achieved by taking smaller steps.  Here are my top resolutions that can be utilized everyday throughout the changing of the year. 

 new years diet

We don’t necessary have to make the resolution to drop twenty pounds in order to like ourselves more and we certainly don’t have to succumb to outrageous and even sometimes, dangerous diets to fit into a pair of skinny jeans.  Even if we do decide to spend our Christmas bonuses on fancy memberships, lets face it, most people stop using them by the end of January.  It’s a waste of time and resources and there are easier ways towards achieving a loser belt strap and a youthful glow.  Try swapping one meal a day with a plate of fruit and vegetables.  Chopped watermelon, cantaloupe and mixed berries contain a satisfying taste while bumping up your antioxidant immunity and lesser calorie value.   Vegetable soups such as cream of broccoli (made with a low fat dairy), salads and sautéed root vegetables are also excellent substitutions for sandwiches, pasta and other common dinner/lunch entrees.  You will be amazed how fast your body adapts and how quickly you’ll see results without having to bow down to inflated gym costs and grocery bills.

 saving money simply

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Having goals of finding riches in the future is a standard resolution but most find disappointment when at the end of the year, they haven’t found their pot of gold.  How about using a simple savings plan to create volume in your bank accounts without falling for “get rich quick” schemes that almost promise failure.  Instead, try using a coin jar where you can put pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels.  Whether it’s from buying a coffee, toys furniture or anything, insert the change and watch the levels of finances grow!  You might think that the amount will be low but I’ve tried this before and managed to pay for entire vacations with the money collected within one year.


                              Lance, Rick, Ryan & Suzie Canale -Rehoboth Beach, DE August 2014

We all want family, friends and loved ones but somehow believe that by making a New Years resolution to be popular, things will instantly change. It just doesn’t work that way.  Expanding social circles takes effort on our part and requires us to make the initiative to engage with others.  If you have high social anxiety, attempt to participate in low stress events where it is easy to strike up a conversation.  Coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores are excellent places to start.  Again, take simple steps like offering to shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk after the next snowstorm or signup at your local library for paint classes where you can mingle within your community.  Figure out what your interests are and search for local and free opportunities to partake in these activities where you can meet others who enjoy the same things that you do!  Remember, the key to living a long and happy life is still up for debate but most agree that having a loving surrounding of people is definitely a big part of the recipe!

- my best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA 

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