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Six Flowers That Will Make You Smarter

Posted by JessiRae P. on Mon, Mar 07, 2016

Want a quick way to boost your brainpower and memory retention? We’ve got six herbs for that. And guess what? You can use these natural brain boosting plants as fresh cut flowers, dried herbs, and essential oils.  




An age-old favorite of culinary artists, and kitchen go-ers everywhere: Rosemary. More than simply a redolent herb, rosemary has long been hailed to improve memory, focus, and concentration. Because essential oils in particular pass through the blood-brain barrier readily with absorption (the molecules of essential oils are super tiny!) they are the fastest acting, and most mobile solutions to wielding the plant kingdom for your purposes.

Simply inhaling the aroma of rosemary will help you focus and complete the task at hand with precision. Rosemary rouses a lassitude mind and prompts action where there is mental hesitation.




Coveted for eternal beauty and the symbol of love and passion, roses have a little known secret for sleeping doves: it makes them smarter.

Yes, you’re as cute as a dove.

Research shows when sleeping people are exposed to the scent of rose their memory improves. (Did you know working memory reigns supreme when it comes to improving cognitive aptitude?)

Oil diffusers with timers brimming with rose oil (and a mixture of water or carrier- don’t burn essential oils by themselves) will help get the job done. Conversely, you can introduce aromatic fresh flowers into your home. You may also opt for creating your own rose soap or lotion to carry the scent with you while sleeping.

It’s easy! Grab vegetable glycerin from your local craft store, or online, take a mold (I use muffin pans) follow the glycerin instructions, add rose essential oil, add rose petals, set, and you’re done! Now you can smell like a rose garden while you sleep and become smarter!

Herbal soaps? Super giftability.

I recommend adding the essential oils to ensure the scent is strong enough.

Ginkgo Biloba

Long hailed as the master of improving memory, countless studies have proved the efficacy of the benefits of ginkgo for the mind. Principally, ginko boosts our short term memory and improves our ability to process information. Interestingly, ginkgo helps our bodies improve blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to the brain.

Neat huh?

You can make a tea out of Ginkgo and drink it at the office, or while your in your home office planning the next big business to take the world by storm. You can opt to fill a vial of ginkgo essential oil and carry it around with you. Rub the oil onto your wrists, temples, and the bottoms of your feet.

When we apply oil (or anything, really) the substance is absorbed within a couple of minutes- sometimes instantly. (That should make you wary about stepping into cleaning products, or strange liquids.) You may also consider making a sachet of ginkgo for brain boosting on the go!

Combine any mixture of the herbs listed for an augmented effect.


Touted as a headache remedy, peppermint is being credited with improved cognitive performance. Peppermint is a stimulant, and helps us focus when our minds wander. Because the aroma of peppermint is so strong, you can literally put it in any form and benefit immediately. Soaps, lotions, oil blends, you’ll always be able to pick out its scent.

In addition to waking a sleepy brain, peppermint is great at bestowing energy, and is thought to power our creative and learning abilities. (Why not clean your paint brushes with peppermint oil? Or dab peppermint on your pens?)




Ever feel like you never want to go to work again, ever? I do all the time. But never fear, there’s basil for that! Eliminating (or at least improving) mental fatigue and focus is what basil is known for in the herbal world. The herb helps to improve memory, and if rubbed on a wound, serves as an effective antiseptic and antibacterial.                   

In a Nutshell

Use your newfound knowledge in any of the following ways:

  • Essential Oils

  • Herbs

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Herbal Soaps

  • Herb Satchels

  • Oil Diffusers

  • Teas

  • Massages

  • Potable Vials

  • Beauty Products (Facial scrubs, lotions, etc.)

Oils that Blend Well Together:

  • Basil & Rosemary

  • Peppermint & Basil

  • Rose & Lavender

  • jessirae.jpe

JessicaRae Pulver-Adell is the author of Holistic Healing for Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self-Hate. JessiRae is a fulltime writer covering mental health and addiction & recovery. Follow her work on Harbor Village and her blog.

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