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The Magical Health Benefits of Orchids

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 24, 2016

I bet you didn’t know this but orchids are known to do a lot more than just provide a stunning floral décor for plant enthusiasts.  Particularly in regions of Asia and Australia, some believe that they can also induce beneficial health aspects to patients facing Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease.  Dating back to hundreds of thousands of years ago, orchids have been used to alleviate symptoms as well as cure sickness in ailments that otherwise had limited alternative medicine for.  Across the world in a multitude of different cultures, medical professionals and horticulturalists have experimented with the use of this tropical species and have found some amazing possibilities that extend outside of the floral industry.


Recently, I became extremely interested in learning more about their special properties after starting a new writing project based on this concept.  Can orchids really heal the ill?  Can they really fight disease or remedy sickness?  Well, judging from my research, there is a strong account of documented material, which reports this as a true statement.  While certain orchids are more beneficial than others, parts of the plants including their tubers, roots and petals have been utilized in elixirs that are then added to teas and powders.  Although modern medicine relies primarily on manufactured drug treatments to assist patients, there is a whole philosophy, which surrounds itself around a more “natural” philosophy.  Does this mean we should start eating the orchids we buy from our florists?  Heck no!  In most cases, these tropical beauties can be quite harmful and in some cases deadly so its best to either ask your doctor or visit a reputable health food store outlet.


But if you’re curious about this area of science, here are a few of the most interesting orchids that I’ve found possessing medicinal healing properties.

Dendrobium Orchids

Strengthens Eyesight

Increases the Immune System Function

Alleviates Symptoms of Cancer

Ant-Inflammatory Properties


Cymbidium Orchids

Assists fertility in both Men and Women


Vanda Orchids

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Reduces Fevers

Treats arthritis

Remedy for Bronchitis

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