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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Behind The Florist Counter - The Orchid Thief

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Mar 02, 2021


Sometimes we hear people's darkest secrets. Sometimes they make us laugh. A recent store visit below:

Behind the floral counter:

Customer(C): I need a plant for my boss.

ExoticFlowers(EF): we have great orchids right here.

C: are they easy to care for?

EF: yes, she'll have no problem.

C: well, I'll be caring for it. I am going to show it to her in our zoom meeting & keep it.


Thinking face

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Wild About Orchids

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Apr 05, 2017

My favorite blooms in the whole world are tropical orchids.  The color, structure, florets, foliage and scent are all attributes, which keep this variety of flora and fauna one of the most sought after flowers in the nation.  Unlike other species, orchids have a sort of funky presentation that illuminate a magical and care free spirit.  Many believe that people with out going, creative and imaginative personalities are immediately drawn to them because of their own unique individuality.  Orchids are also available in a hundreds of different flavors and can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands depending on the breed.  Over the last three decades, orchid collecting has become a fashionable pastime for botanists all over the world, where additions of rare varieties are said to be valued in the hundreds of thousands.  I figure you have to really like orchids to be willing to spend so much but if you’re looking to start a compilation that starts a little cheaper, why not check out these affordable species sold in greenhouses near you!


orchids in boston.jpg

This variety is probably very familiar to people because it is sold everywhere including flower shops, nurseries and even grocery stores.  Phalaenopsis come in a wide variety of hues including white, pink and mixed.  If you have a sense of humor, you can even find them dyed in yellow, orange and blue.  Most of the time, you can find a pretty decent one for only $19.99 and you should be able to get at least four weeks of blooms out of it when watered properly.  



If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you might want to invest in the Mokara Orchid since it is easy to care for and forgiving enough that it can withstand a bit of neglect.  Available in cut or plant form; they are easily mixed with other flowers or stunning all by themselves in a vase.  This species also is grown in a spectrum of color such as orange, yellow, pink, purple and red which is majestic in presentation.   



Although cymbidiums can be a bit tricky to care for, they’re well worth the effort because these plants are stunning for any home or office to display.  Depending on the breed, cymbidiums can either be very inexpensive or very expensive.

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Beautiful Flowers that Resemble Other Fascinating Images

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Oct 01, 2016

It’s not enough when a beautiful blossom is striking in appearance on its own but when it resembles something else such as a butterfly or flying dove, that’s pretty incredible!  Recently my aunt sent me some stunning pictures of flowers that really look like other people, animals and artifacts that inspired me to share them with you.  While studying the photos, I learned a few important things about visual identifying and the undeniable relevance of certain plantings to living beings.  Not only are they an impressive optical illusion, but these photos also impress the brilliance with which Mother Nature has created within her environment.   I love the “Dancing Girls.  Which are your favorites?

Monkey face orchid


photo credit via

Dancing Girls Impatiens

Impatiens_bequaertii_8509.jpg photo credit via

Flying Duck Orchids


photo credit via


photo credit via

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The Magical Health Benefits of Orchids

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 24, 2016

I bet you didn’t know this but orchids are known to do a lot more than just provide a stunning floral décor for plant enthusiasts.  Particularly in regions of Asia and Australia, some believe that they can also induce beneficial health aspects to patients facing Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease.  Dating back to hundreds of thousands of years ago, orchids have been used to alleviate symptoms as well as cure sickness in ailments that otherwise had limited alternative medicine for.  Across the world in a multitude of different cultures, medical professionals and horticulturalists have experimented with the use of this tropical species and have found some amazing possibilities that extend outside of the floral industry.


Recently, I became extremely interested in learning more about their special properties after starting a new writing project based on this concept.  Can orchids really heal the ill?  Can they really fight disease or remedy sickness?  Well, judging from my research, there is a strong account of documented material, which reports this as a true statement.  While certain orchids are more beneficial than others, parts of the plants including their tubers, roots and petals have been utilized in elixirs that are then added to teas and powders.  Although modern medicine relies primarily on manufactured drug treatments to assist patients, there is a whole philosophy, which surrounds itself around a more “natural” philosophy.  Does this mean we should start eating the orchids we buy from our florists?  Heck no!  In most cases, these tropical beauties can be quite harmful and in some cases deadly so its best to either ask your doctor or visit a reputable health food store outlet.


But if you’re curious about this area of science, here are a few of the most interesting orchids that I’ve found possessing medicinal healing properties.

Dendrobium Orchids

Strengthens Eyesight

Increases the Immune System Function

Alleviates Symptoms of Cancer

Ant-Inflammatory Properties


Cymbidium Orchids

Assists fertility in both Men and Women


Vanda Orchids

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Reduces Fevers

Treats arthritis

Remedy for Bronchitis

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The Medicinal Power of Orchids

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 11, 2015

Over the weekend, I was fortunate to visit an orchid show in Winchester, Massachusetts and boy was I blown away by the impressive presentation!  So much so that when I returned home, I began researching the exotic plants to learn further about their history and purposes beyond home décor.  I was amazed at what I found!  Not only are there millions upon millions of varieties in existence but orchids are actually used for medicinal purposes as well!  

Emperor Shen Nung was the official “Father of Medicine” who discovered the flower’s healing properties, which include everything from curing sore throats to potentially lessening some of the symptoms commonly experienced by cancer patients.  Holding most of powers within their root systems, tubers and stems, orchids continue to be studied by scientists and herbalists in order to get a better understanding of potential benefits that can be used by the medical industry.  

After surfing a few of the web’s top agricultural websites, I found many examples of the stunning bloom’s incredible attributes beyond their obvious rare beauty.  Take a peek at some of these spectacular species that could quite honestly be life changing for all of us!




These beautiful plants are some of the most common and affordable in the orchid family.  Along with being used predominantly for making Hawaiian leis and funeral casket sprays, dendrobiums have also been known to assist cancer patients with alleviating radiation side affects such as strengthening the immune system and improving eyesight.  Like several of the species, it’s not the flowers that are used as the main ingredient for elixirs but the stems, which are dried and ground for making tea.  

Orchis Mascula


This is another “orchid wonder” and maybe the most utilized for creating medicine and vitamins in countries around the world.  Orchis Mascula was the plant of choice during the Ottoman Empire where beverages were derived to help cure digestive problems, diarrhea and even gum disease.  Today, the orchid is still used in areas of Saudia Arabia, Syria and Iran.

Calanthe Liukiuensis


This is another find for the medical world and has contributed to making major changes for those who experience hair loss and other low protein associated illnesses.  The orchid is also known to increase skin blood flow by drying and grinding the plant into flour when it can then be transformed into pill format or sold as an ingredient for cooking.  

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Best Flowers and Plants for Office Buildings

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Oct 19, 2015

One of HR’s biggest puzzles when attending to tasks of the office is trying to figure out what varieties of plants and flowers to order from their Boston florists.  Why is this challenging?  Office buildings tend to run warmer than the average climate of other work places so only certain varieties will hold up for a full week.  The other component of the predicament is that you have an eclectic group of people to be weary of who might have allergies or a general dislike for certain fragrances and textures.  Because of this, you need to be careful to order pieces that are low in pollen count and odorless, which shortens the list of possibilities even further.  


Does that mean to skip the weekly flower order all together?  Heck no!  


There are several options towards solving this pickle of a problem and all are easily attainable just by contacting your florist.  Check out these perfect flora and fauna for your office and watch the employees and clients stand in awe of their beauty.   



photo credit: Flower factor

Tropicals such as Birds of Paradise and orchids are fabulous for stagnant environments with little air movement because they can withstand the heat and have an incredible property of longevity.  Their bright colors and dynamic shapes will create a great topic of conversation as well as a bright welcoming for guests.  


You might want to consider using hydrangea for two reasons; one they hate the cold so a warmer temperature is better for them and two if they are watered regularly, they will last for weeks.  Green is the strongest in many cases, so you might want to coordinate that color in your order.  

Cacti & Succulents

Photo credit: Flower factor

You can’t go wrong with cacti because they’re durable, need very little upkeep and come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Cactus plants also hold no aroma making them outstanding for sensitive noses.  Just be sure to invest in succulents instead of prickly varieties!

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Perfect Plants For Valentines Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 03, 2015

Roses may seem to be the major player on Valentine’s Day but the truth is, not everyone likes roses.  I know there are other flowers to choose from such as lilies, tulips, hydrangea and other beautiful blossoms that florists carry for the holiday but in some circumstances, there are women who just don’t enjoy cut flowers as a gift.  It may be the maintenance of changing murky water or the disappointment when petals drop and die too soon but whatever the case, that bouquet just might not impress your lady.  Does this mean nix the call to your florist altogether?  Of course not!  You’ll need their help more than ever in choosing just the right Valentine’s Day presentation that is sure to get her heart pumping.  One suggestion that I know they’ll give is the option of plants instead of flowers.  If you think about it, this is a great idea since there is a variety to pick from with breeds ranging from color, scent, expense, life expectancy and caring instructions.  I’ve broken down a few types of plants to match particular women’s personalities.  Does your sweetheart match any of these?

 orchids in boston

Busy but Grateful

Look, she appreciates the gesture and all but this girl simply does not have the time to take care of a needy plant.   Honestly, you love this all business attitude of hers and like her independent personality so why send her a different message in the flowers you give her for Valentines Day?  Try ordering a white Phalaenopsis plant, which is both classy and easily taken care of on its own with the exception of occasional watering.  Another great option is a bamboo creation that is both eye pleasing and fuss free.   It will look great in her apartment and also remind her that you support her individuality and determination.

 hydrangea plant

Sweet and Sentimental

You have a few choices if you’re lucky to be gifting a woman who’s not necessarily into cut flowers but adores the romantic act of a sweet and sentimental present.  It’s likely that she feels this way because she hates to see living things die so be mindful of long lasting selections.  Leaning towards flowering plants such as spray roses, hydrangea or heather is just the right fit for this type.  The presentation is warm and loving while still respecting her taste.   Great color choices for this category are pink, red and blush, which perfectly match this theme of romantic and beautiful flowering plants. 

 valentines plants

Edgy and Modern

This girl is a challenge because she likes to promote her contemporary yet edgy appeal, the characteristics that got you to fall for her in the first place.  Its not that she’ll kill anything quickly or be saddened if a bouquet dies too fast, it’s more likely that she wants to think she’s beyond the traditional Valentine’s Day greenery.  Try asking for planters of Bromeliad, Calla Lilies or Cyclamens.  They make a stunning presentation and she’ll love your boldness made by this modern move!

suzie_canale_westwood Suzie & Rick Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie loves plants and repots herbs and orchids during the winter.



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Beat Winter Blues and Bring Exotic Plants Indoors

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jan 08, 2013


January is a month that few gardeners look forward to. Bank accounts are depleted, waistlines stretched to bursting point and the thought of Christmas cheer feels like a distant memory. A glance out the window will do little to lift the spirits, with plummeting temperatures, snow and ice all lined up to give you the winter blues even if everything else fails to.

Twitchy Boston gardeners missing their usual fix can while away the days and weeks gazing out at bare beds, grey skies, ice and snow and picture a string of long dark months stretched out before them. But there is another way, a way to bring light into the darkest of New England winter days.

Exotic plants grown in your home are a wonderful way to fight the winter blues. They bring a colour and vibrancy to cheer even the gloomiest of gardeners and their rich and complex smells will enliven the spirit and brighten your house.

The brilliance of their colours enrich the soul and the challenges they present to the avid gardener are different to the ones faced for the rest of the year, keeping you and your skills sharp and keen.

There are so many varieties of plant and flower that are both exotic and suited to indoor growth during the winter months. But here are just five suggestions to help lift the mood and brighten your home. And remember, spring is already on its way.

Orchid plant in Boston

The Orchid 

What’s not to like? Beautiful, delicate and with a rare and varied explosion of colour that makes it a must-have in any winter home. There are now more than 30,000 pure species of the orchid which mean there is one for almost every set of conditions. They will need to be watered carefully and placed in a position where the sun can bathe them gently for at least a few hours a week, but, despite their frail appearance, they are remarkably hardy and will fight their way through most winters. Pick one and enjoy the uplifting results.

Lemon Tree

Citrus plants make fantastic additions to your winter collection. The smell alone will bring a smile to your face and a reminder of spring and summer aromas. But these are evergreen plants and what is more they flower during the winter months. To get the very best out of them all you have to do is pick the right spot. An ideal place will see them given plenty of sunlight and occasional water. These plants hate too much water but if you can add nutrients you will reap the benefits. Be careful to keep them away from radiators or heaters and if you can do all that you will be in for a treat. Orange trees are also fantastic and although they are not cheap.

CLIVIA IN BOSTON resized 600

The Kaffir Lily a.k.a. Clivia

This is a beautiful South African plant with spikes of cup-shaped, pink and red flowers. It is from the same family as Amaryllis and will enjoy a bright position out of direct sunlight. If you grow this plant indoors it will bloom delightfully with vibrant colour from the Fall into early winter and should be fed and watered more frequently as the holiday season approaches. The foliage is a sight to behold but it is the beauty of the flowers that will make the difference to even the gloomiest of rooms. A dead cert for a better mood.

kalanchoe in boston resized 600


Another extremely attractive plant is the Kalanchoe, which blooms into a series of tiny but eye-catching flowers even in the deepest of winter. Another reason that this plant is such a winter favourite among the exotic crowd is that it is wonderfully low maintenance and easy to look after. Bright clusters of pink, orange or even yellow flowers are a perfect way to bring colour and warmth to your home.

The Christmas Cactus

Another must-have, even beyond the holiday season to which this plant lends its name. They generally reach full bloom in January, just as your spirits are flagging, and burst into life with rich pink or purple red with elongated drooping fuschia-type blooms that will last deep into the winter months. This is another plant that is easy to keep but it does not like cold draughts.

Protect Your Plants

Having decided to brighten your home with some exotic indoor plants, it is vital to protect them with theft on the rise and the risk of disease always something to consider. Many gardeners now choose to insure their investment, in the same way that garden centre insurance has been commonplace for many years, in order to preserve and protect what can amount to a significant investment. A number of companies offer this service and while it might seem unlikely that someone would actually break into your conservatory to steal your most precious plants, a quick Google search will reveal a slew of local newspaper articles reporting exactly that. You have been warned.

by Guest Blogger

Evelyn Grant

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Exotic Flowers Boston - Top Five Gifts for Valentine's Day

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Feb 06, 2012

valentines flowers boston resized 600Uniquely Chic Bouquet - always one of our best sellers, this vibrant bouquet is long lasting and arrives in a contemporary clear glass cube. Hot pink and hot orange roses exude passion for this Boston flower delivery.

dozen red roses in boston resized 600Dozen Red Roses - A Valentine's Day sure thing, our large head long lasting red roses are grown in Ecuador. If you need red roses in Boston, Exotic Flowers delivers the best. We bring in more than 10,000 red roses for Valentine's Day.

valentines day boston flowers resized 600Enchanted Journey - fileld with purple and pink flowers, this Manhattan inspired design sets you apart from the typical Valentines Day flower deliveries in Boston.

exotic flowers in boston flowers resized 600Roman Holiday - Purple carnations, red roses, pink roses, all the colors for your Boston Valentine.

orchid valentines boston resized 600Orchid Plants - Some clients look for something that will last a little longer than fresh flowers. Exotic Flowers in Boston will have hundreds of orchids in a variety of colors available for a Valentine's Day delivery.

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Exotic Flowers in Boston's Favorite Orchids

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jan 09, 2012

My Boston home is always filled with orchids. Orchid plants, cut orchids, phaelenopsis, dendrobiums, cymbidiums. My wife Suzie and I cannot get enough orchids. Cut orchids last for weeks while orchid plants last for months. Like any plant purchase in Boston, do not waste your money on an orchid plant from Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe's, Target or Roche Brothers. Leave it to the experts. The staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston knows orchid plants. We're experts. 

ORCHIDS IN BOSTON resized 600Zygopetalum. This unique purple , brown and green orchid is one of the sweetest smelling orchid plants commercially available.ORCHID PLANT IN BOSTON resized 600

The cattleya orchid: what's old is new again. I often hear stories from my parents how cattleya orchids were used almost daily decades ago. Watch the Godfather and you will see them in the funeral tributes at Don Corleone's funeral.


The Vanda orchid is my favorite. The plump blossoms protruding from a mass of dangling roots make this plant an orchid lovers dream.

LADY SLIPPER ORCHID resized 600The Lady Slipper orchid is prized for high end wedding work. The  Paphiopedilum is one of my wife Suzie's favorites.

ORCHID IN BOSTON resized 600Miltonia orchids are a great choice for the orchid plant lover who is tired of the Phaelenopsis and likes more of a challenge.


The Phaelenopsis orchid is the most sold orchid plant in the United States. What's not to love?

Orchids and orchids are available nationwide through Exotic Flowers. Contact us today.

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