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Perfect Plants For Valentines Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 03, 2015

Roses may seem to be the major player on Valentine’s Day but the truth is, not everyone likes roses.  I know there are other flowers to choose from such as lilies, tulips, hydrangea and other beautiful blossoms that florists carry for the holiday but in some circumstances, there are women who just don’t enjoy cut flowers as a gift.  It may be the maintenance of changing murky water or the disappointment when petals drop and die too soon but whatever the case, that bouquet just might not impress your lady.  Does this mean nix the call to your florist altogether?  Of course not!  You’ll need their help more than ever in choosing just the right Valentine’s Day presentation that is sure to get her heart pumping.  One suggestion that I know they’ll give is the option of plants instead of flowers.  If you think about it, this is a great idea since there is a variety to pick from with breeds ranging from color, scent, expense, life expectancy and caring instructions.  I’ve broken down a few types of plants to match particular women’s personalities.  Does your sweetheart match any of these?

 orchids in boston

Busy but Grateful

Look, she appreciates the gesture and all but this girl simply does not have the time to take care of a needy plant.   Honestly, you love this all business attitude of hers and like her independent personality so why send her a different message in the flowers you give her for Valentines Day?  Try ordering a white Phalaenopsis plant, which is both classy and easily taken care of on its own with the exception of occasional watering.  Another great option is a bamboo creation that is both eye pleasing and fuss free.   It will look great in her apartment and also remind her that you support her individuality and determination.

 hydrangea plant

Sweet and Sentimental

You have a few choices if you’re lucky to be gifting a woman who’s not necessarily into cut flowers but adores the romantic act of a sweet and sentimental present.  It’s likely that she feels this way because she hates to see living things die so be mindful of long lasting selections.  Leaning towards flowering plants such as spray roses, hydrangea or heather is just the right fit for this type.  The presentation is warm and loving while still respecting her taste.   Great color choices for this category are pink, red and blush, which perfectly match this theme of romantic and beautiful flowering plants. 

 valentines plants

Edgy and Modern

This girl is a challenge because she likes to promote her contemporary yet edgy appeal, the characteristics that got you to fall for her in the first place.  Its not that she’ll kill anything quickly or be saddened if a bouquet dies too fast, it’s more likely that she wants to think she’s beyond the traditional Valentine’s Day greenery.  Try asking for planters of Bromeliad, Calla Lilies or Cyclamens.  They make a stunning presentation and she’ll love your boldness made by this modern move!

suzie_canale_westwood Suzie & Rick Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie loves plants and repots herbs and orchids during the winter.



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