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Exotic Flowers in Boston

A Poem for Boston Gardeners by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jun 14, 2012

boston gardening resized 600

Lucky for Boston gardeners,


The month of June has now arrived,


Bringing fresh new bursts of color,


Now that our gardens have been revived.




As the perennials regain position,


And the weeds have been removed,


We'll see our hard work will be rewarded,


With flower beds greatly improved!




But for those who need a bit of help,


Whose green thumbs have gone numb,


Exotic Flowers will put you on the path,


On what to grow and stay away from.




You'll have loads and loads of choices,


From the best of garden crew,


Who'll help design a pretty garden,


With perfect plants just meant for you!

by Suzie Canale

Check out Suzie's new children's book, "The Candy Roses of Cape Care,". 

Suzie Canale Boston Poet

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Gardening Tips for the beginning of June in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jun 05, 2012

  • Boston Garden Center
  • With the current rainy weather in Boston, now is a great time to do some weeding. Weeds come out of the ground a lot easier when they are hydrated. Drier weeds tend to grasp onto the ground making it much more difficult to pull out.
  • Incorporate easy care vegetable plants and herbs into your Boston landscape. Nestle your rosemary, thyme and beans amongst your day lilies. This combination gives you a nice textured garden while also bearing delicious additions to your meals. Plant some thyme along your walk way. Fragrant herbs are a great addition to roast chicken, are resilient against footsteps and many will return next spring, (perennials).
  • Boston Nursery
  • If you are stretched on time and enjoy flowers in your garden like most Bostonians, then seek out easy care annuals like coleus, impatiens and begonias. These easy care annuals provide instant color, just ask for regular watering and little maintenance. These annuals will bloom in your garden until late October.
  • If your tomato plants are now planted and outside, do not forget to stake them or even better put tomato cages on them now. You do not want to wait until they are too big.
  • Container gardens; probably the best investment you can make if you live and work in Boston. A mixed pot of annuals on your front steps not only increases your home's appearance but makes a huge difference for your neighbors as well.
  • Container gardening in Boston

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Is Your Urban Garden Center

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Aug 19, 2011


Located at 609 American Legion Hwy in Roslindale, Exotic Flowers boasts a premier urban garden center. Exotic Flowers has remained at this spot for over seventy five years. Exotic Flowers remains in the middle of what we like to call 'flower mile,'. One block towards Hyde Park is City Farm floral as well as Maria's plant stand. At the intersection of Walk Hill St and American Legion Hwy are Walk Hill Florist, Calisi's Flowerland and Louie the Florist. These six urban garden centers have remained in business for over two centuries combined. While each venue provides their own flowers and plants, Exotic Flowers remains a destination floral and garden center.


Our Boston garden center offers annuals, perennials, potting soil, statuary and pottery. We also carry plant food and garden tools. Impatiens and geraniums are the best selling garden plants for our Boston inner city fans. Hanging planters featuring petunias, sweet potato vine and bacopa are our best seller overall.

Our prices are quite competitive as we grow a lot of our own plants in our two Roslindale greenhouses. We also grow hardy fall mums as well as poinsettias. These locally grown plants not only help the environment, but also keep money in the local economy as well. Many local shools, like the Haley School visit to see our operation in action and the students are given free plant lessons.


During the fall, our Boston garden center features mums, kale, asters, pumpkins and cornstalks. As December approaches, we transform the garden center in Roslindale into a winter wonderland replete with Santa Claus, twinkle lights, Christmas Trees and decorated evergreen wreaths.

December remains our most active month. Clients are encouraged to come in for free calendars and to see our greenhouses filled with vibrant red poinsettias.

The inner city of Boston offers so much to so many and Exotic Flowers is proud to be a mainstay in the Boston community.

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Clearance Sale at Boston's Premier Garden Center

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jul 08, 2011

boston garden center clearance resized 600

Exotic Flowers Garden at 615 American Legion Hwy in Roslindale Boston has begun its annual summer clearance sale. This is a great chance to replenish your Boston garden on some premium items at discount prices. Outdoor garden flags, outdoor pottery and statuary are now 50-70% off.

Forty eight plant annual trays are now $12.50 per tray marked down from $18.00.

Four inch annual plants like New Guinea Impatiens and geraniums are now only $3 each, formerly $5 each.

Six inch wave petunias and begonias are now only $5 each, formerly $8 each.

Hibiscus plants are all now 20% off.

10" hanging plants like petunias, geraniums, lantana are now $15, 2 for $25 and 4 for $40. While Supplies last at Exotic Flowers in Roslindale.

boston garden clearance resized 600

Exotic Flowers' impatiens wall bags are now only $15 and 2 for $25.

Coco baskets are now only $25 formerly $40 each.

10" Impatiens or New Guinea Impatiens are now only $10 each.

garden center clearance resized 600

all items are while supplies last at Exotic Flowers, 609-615 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale, MA 02131 617.524.4457



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Exotic Flowers Top Five Garden Center Gifts for Mother's Day

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, May 04, 2011

Hardy Azaleas Boston

5. The hardy Azalea; popularized by the PGA Masters Tournament - the outdoor Azalea is a home owner staple. A great gift to help beautify the exterior of mom's. Available at Exotic Flowers in Roslindale. These azaleas can also be delivered anywhere in the Boston area.

Diplodena Hanging Plant in Boston

4. The Diplodena hanger - we currently have an abundance of these beauties at our Boston garden center on American Legion Hwy in Roslindale. This majestic hanging plant can beautify your mom's home in Boston or its suburbs. A great plant for a Mother's Day delivery as she may keep it year round.

Japanese Maple Boston Garden

3. Japanese Maple Tree - if you're looking to make a statement, these majestic trees are a great choice for Mother's Day. Exotic Flowers, your Boston family owned and operated florist,  can deliver these trees straight to your door.

Hibiscus in Boston

2. Hibiscus - this exotic beauty is an ideal Mother's day gift for any mom across the country. Exotic Flowers' garden center currently has over 200 in stock and we can also deliver them presented as the ideal Mother's Day gift.

Hydrangeas In Boston

1. The most traditional of all Mother's Day gifts: in 2011, the spectrum of hydrangea plants at Exotic Flowers in Boston is its most colorful ever. This Mother's Day, let Exotic Flowers be your florist for flowers all over the world. Start your own tradition.

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