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Decorating Christmas Wreaths

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Dec 09, 2017

As you’ve probably noticed, streets are slowly being filled with lit up homes dressed in garland and other festive décor that lets everyone know it’s their favorite time of year.  For decorators and floral designers, it’s the busiest time of the year where they put their creative thinking to the test to manifest stunning holiday pieces that will encourage the holiday spirit.  From trees to pine roping, experts are hard at work accommodating their customers tastes and needs to produce beautiful reminders that Christmas has indeed arrived.  One area of particular interest is the demand for personalized hanging door wreaths which are an increase of demand.  In past years, trends have shown an absence of interest in this item but in 2017, wreaths look to be making a gigantic comeback.


One reason why they are returning to so many Christmas lists is the fact that this symbol encompasses the true meaning of the season, which embraces unity, love and the centrality of togetherness.  The circular shape of the ornament is the expression of eternity where there is no end, just the continuation of interwoven branches that signify the bonds between family.  The significance of the wreath dates back to centuries ago where people made their own decorations using material they had available and replicated formations of icons they found of importance. The circular shape being one that held the most importance during celebrations-particularly Christmas.

Although you see many wreaths made out of pine, there are many different types sold in tree lots, flower shops or ones you can whip up on your own.  You can use a variety of materials to create breathtaking décor to be placed on your door and several can be found for little to no cost at all.  Here are some of my favorite branches and foliage which are fabulous for this type of project:

Leather Leaf


Pussy Willow

Grape Vine

Privet Berries




Dried Flowers and Herbs

Depending on what you have chosen for greenery, you can add ornaments to the piece by using a hot glue gun to secure the items.  Ribbons, pine cones and small charms make wonderful additions to holiday wreathes or you can forgo further design to allow a natural style for you to enjoy.

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Decorating your Boston Home with Garland and Swags for Christmas

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Nov 28, 2014

Christmas garland Boston resized 600

Did you ever decorate your home with Christmas garland for the holidays ? If not, now is the time to start your own tradition. Live evergreen garland can decorate banisters, light poles, mantles and doorways.  Although garland can be artificial, the staff at Exotic Flowers firmly believes in fresh evergreen garland. We often say, 'real garland means real Christmas.'

Christmas garland can be ornate or simple. Some use simple long needled white pine roping. Some Bostonians look for mixed greenery which includes balsam fir, noble fir and berries. Some even add light strings to their garland. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we offer all the ingredients for Christmas garland. We even install holiday garland in homes in Boston, Canton, Brookline and Beacon Hill.

Evergreen garland often comes in twenty and thirty foot rolls. Of course we can sell you any length your home requires.  Fresh evergreen garland not only enhances the beauty of your home but also brings the scent of Christmas into your home.

10979213455_6b77cd2312_h                                                                               photo credit Flower Factor

Evergreen swags are another great option to decorate for Christmas. Swags are made from evergreen sprigs tied together. Swags in the Boston area are created with  Balsam fir, Cedar, boxwood and  a combination of  berries and cones.   Swags are often hung vertically with a bow added for color. You can hang a swag anywhere you would hang a wreath; of course the front door is most popular. The swag is often the most economical alternative to a wreath.



Another great idea for decorating the outside of your Boston home for Christmas are mixed evergreen planters. In place of pots filled with geraniums, the staff at Exotic Flowers will install mixed evergreen planters on your front steps. These planters often include balsam fir, fraser fir, cedar, pine cones and white birch. The best part of these planters is their durability. They often decorate the front steps of Boston area homes throughout the winter.

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How to Show Christmas for Your Wedding or Engagement Party - by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Dec 02, 2011

Faith Hill Flowers resized 600The Christmas season is filled with hope and possibilities. The season of wishes and dreams forces us to extend the season as long as we can; hence the arrival of Christmas music on Boston radio on November 11. In Boston, we hang garland, bake cookies and even mount Christmas wreaths on our cars. The aroma of vanilla, pine and cinnamon brings us back to our childhood. Even Boston brides try to recreate Christmas magic for their weddings. 

wedding brides bouquet boston resized 600Christmas is all about lights. Twinkle lights, LED lights, twinkle lights, sphere lights, musical lights. You can never have enough lights for Christmas in Boston. Lights can hang from the ceiling, on archways, over mantles and on trees outdoors and indoors. Not only electrical lights, but how about candle light ? Tea lights, hurricanes, tapers, pillars or even battery operated candles will create Christmas romance for your wedding. Another favorite of mine is candle lighting your church with no electric light. Call up the fire marshall and illuminate your church with hundreds of candles along the aisle and altar.

boston christmas wedding resized 600Another essential for any Christmas wedding are evergreens; boughs, garland, wreaths, kissing balls and trees. Holiday garland beautifies chairs, banisters, mantles and can even be draped along the aisle of church pews. Christmas garland may also be accented with berries, pine cones and ornaments as well. Candle rings are also a cost effective centerpiece. A candle ring is just like a miniature Christmas wreath; add a cream pillar candle to the center and you are done. Christmas trees are also a great wedding prop. Six to ten Christmas with white twinke lights on a church altar will give you your own indoor forest. This tree scape is an ideal backdrop for timeless wedding photos. 


Suzie Canale

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Celebrating Christmas with Evergreen Boughs, Garland and Wreaths

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Dec 08, 2010

Boston Christmas GardenFor centuries, Christmas has been celebrated with many symbols, especially the presence of evergreens. Evergreen boughs and garland were present in many cultures and celebrations. Jewish history shows the use of evergreen boughs in during their Feast of Tabernacles. While the Germans used evergreen boughs in their homes during winter to bring life indoors. The Romans celebrated their winter solstice with boughs, garlands and flowers. These celebrants were the beginnings of the floral industry. Our florist ancestors showed the importance of floral decor as a part of winter celebrations.

Christmas wreaths aand garland trace their symbolism to early Christianity. As Christians began celebrating the birth of Christ, the pagan traditions of winter were carried over and somewhat modified and new meanings were created. The boughs and garlands served as a symbol to remind Christians of the salvation and redemption of Jesus.

Christmas Wreaths in Boston

The presence of the holiday wreath resonates with religious symbol of a ring. Wreaths represent God's eternal nature; no beginning, no end. Many believe the origin of the Christmas wreath comes from Jesus' crown of thorns. The adornment and decoration of a Christmas wreath emanate from the celebration of Christ's birth as well as a crown for a King.

Wagon full of White Pine Roping

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