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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Lucky Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 02, 2016

The month of March is the luckiest time of the year when we search for four leaf clovers, leprechauns and of course, their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  It’s the season of adventure, the season of mystery, and most of all, the season to find trinkets that we believe can bring prosperity to anyone clever enough to find them.  The magic that surrounds the idea of certain items enhanced with good fortune is a popular belief found throughout many cultures although Bostonians typically celebrate this during Saint Patrick’s Day.  Although we may never retrieve a perfect shamrock or trace the whereabouts of an imp’s treasure, there are certainly other tokens that are believed to be symbolic of “luck” and are quite a bit easier to obtain.  

One suggestion is to do a little research on varieties of flora and fauna that have been known to precipitate a shower of good tidings to all those who plant or place them within their homes.  In case you’re cringing, I wasn’t talking about those familiar green carnations that seem to arrive at the beginning of every March.  No, fortunately there are several other plants and flowers that have been labeled as “luck” driven conduits.  Although not all of them are shaded in green, these species are not only a good omen in your garden but also breath taking to feature in a favorite vase or landscaped bed.  If you’re looking to make a change from the traditional symbols of Saint Patrick’s charms, take a look at these varieties that promise to please and might even send good fortune your way!


Peace Lilies

The name of this flower is literally the characteristic it holds, which is the ability to enhance peace and a constant flow of positive energy whether they are in your garden, office or on your dining room table.  A Peace Lily’s creamy supple texture is translated into the flower’s nature to smooth out disagreements as well as raise comradely.  Not only are they stunning in appearance and easy to take care of, they are easily ordered from local florists in and around the city.  


Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is the next most popular flower next to green carnations sold in the month of March.  The reason is because not only are these stalks inexpensive and readily available, they are believed to attract the five core luck factors (wealth, love, happiness, health and spirituality) to those who place them in a vase in their home.  If the funky abstract stems and cool presentation interests you, be sure to buy the stalks in multiple packs.  The more stems you have bunched together, the stronger the ability of the plant to attract the five lucky attributes.



Not only are sunflowers one of my favorite blooms having strong round heads with color resembling sunshine, but they are also know to bring safety and protection to your family as well as nurture positivity within the home.  Other attributes to sunflowers include and increase of fertility, cultivation of new relationships and the ability to ward of those who are not truthful.

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Popular St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 29, 2016

Saint Patrick’s Day is on March 17th (which falls on a Thursday this year), a holiday long associated with luck, fun and Irish tradition.  Customarily, Boston is just the place to celebrate the festivities, often hosting thousands of visitors who sit, drink and be merry within one of our many local pubs.  Granted, the green beer is fun but did you know that alcohol was originally banned on the holiday, forcing restaurants and bars to be closed? This is just one example of the trivia and customs associated with Saint Patrick’s Day that few even know about.  Test your Irish history and see if you’re aware of these true facts about an authentic Saint Patrick’s Day celebration!


  1. Saint Patrick was not from Ireland, as many believe.  He was originally born in England and was captured, then enslaved to Ireland as a sheepherder. Once he escaped, he returned home to become a priest and then travelled back to Ireland to pass on his teachings.  

  1. The story about Saint Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland is almost impossible to be true according to experts from National Geographic.       These slithery critters are almost never seen in this area because the geographical composition is post glacier.   

  1. The official Irish color is not green but is in fact BLUE!  Most of Ireland is not as lush as most people believe accept for the Emerald Isle.  The blue is significant because it is the shade featured in many of the country’s flags.GREEN_ROSES.jpg

  1. Even though the four-leaf clover is a wonderful find since they are extremely rare, they are often misconceived as the country’s symbol.  The harp is actually the official logo of Ireland, although clovers remain the more popular notion.

  1. Corned beef and cabbage might be the sought after dish on the menu this holiday but did you know that bacon was actually the original protein cooked during this holiday?  Because many settlers who came to America could afford so little, this inevitably led to a substitution using a cheaper product than pork.  

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