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Old Wives Tales that Surround Myth Around Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 29, 2018

Old Wives Tales are fun.  They make us dive deep into our imagination and belief system, questioning realism against the possibility of magic.  I’ve always enjoyed listening to these stories, wondering which ones may have actually have a bit of truth lying at the center.  Do you hold your breath when going by a cemetery to ward off inhaling dead spirits? Or are you careful not to drop an umbrella in the house in fear a murder will soon follow?  These are two great examples of Wives Tales that people still might be weary to follow the rules of even though there is much doubt that they are actually true. We are funny in that respect; reacting to stories we hear, in fear of punishment when we disobey.  Old Wives Tales can touch upon millions of aspects and items within our lives such as broken clocks, cracked mirrors and black cats walking underneath ladders. Some bring good luck and some bring bad but when faced with a choice, most likely we comply in order to reach the favorable outcome.

I, being interested in this storytelling phenomenon, wondered if Old Wives Tales might include any tidbits about flowers?  Surprisingly during some recent research, I found quite a few that had to do with plant and flower varieties according to their planting, care and use.  Who knew picking a bloom from a certain species during a particular time of year could result in an early divorce or landscaping your house with specific buds could send omens for future home invasions and burglary?  Do these Old Wives Tales hold any water? Why don’t you read about them and decide for yourself!


Blinding Consequences for those who move Peonies

As we well know, peonies are a perennial that blooms in bush form from late May into early July (depending on the temperature).  What you may have not have known is that its bad luck to move a peony plant because you might have your eyes pecked out by sharp beaks.  Yes-that’s right! The peony is associated with the Greek God, Paeon who was a physician to the gods. The peony plant was his sacred flower so anyone found moving the root system was said to be attacked by violent birds.  I’d say it’s okay to move a peony if you really want to in the fall but maybe it’s also wise to make sure the birdies aren’t watching you while you do it?

Love and Dandelions

How many of you as young girls picked mature dandelions and blew their soft, white seeds in the air while making a wish?  It may be a memory that several of you share but did you know the number of breaths it takes to remove all of the white fluff can indicate how many years until the child will be married?  Five puffs= five years, ten puffs=ten years and twenty puffs could mean twenty years of waiting before walking down the aisle!


Flowers for the Ill

This is kind of a spooky one but many people believe that bringing white flowers into a home where a person is sickly will actually speed up their death date.  Creepy, huh? Varieties such as roses and ranunculus should be specifically avoided because as they come to the end of their lives, their head bends down much like an image of a person dying.  To stick on the safe side- bring a mixed bouquet of colorful blooms instead.

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The Magic and Mysteries of #13

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sun, Nov 13, 2016

Ever really wondered why the number 13 is considered unlucky?  Think about it for a minute… Urban Legend says you should never be married on the 13th of any month, that you should never buy a home that has the number 13 included in the address and if we ever wake up on a Friday the 13th we just better expect the worst to happen.  


Send 12 roses not 13. 

All of this sounds a little silly but the truth is, the significance behind the number 13 is very real.  Millions of people believe that #13 is a taboo and should be avoided at any and all costs.  Seeing this popular trend, I was curious as to how this number obtained such an awful reputation.  What I found was its unpopularity actually stems all the way back to biblical times!  Now that’s amazing… Here’s what I uncovered about the number 13 and see if you still think it’s unlucky!


There were 13  at the Last Supper including Jesus.  Judas Iscariot took the 13th place setting, the apostle who betrayed Jesus and hence brought about the original negative annotation for the number.  


If you’ve ever noticed a hangman’s noose, you might have counted the number of loops used to secure the rope around the head.  You’ve got it- unlucky 13! This has been argued to be only 8 but documentation shows that originally, there were 13.    


I bet you didn’t know that a space exploration was involved in this fiasco!  Apollo 13’s space mission to the moon in history that went wrong although all astronauts did return to earth safely.  Since then, very few missions were named #13 and almost never occur on Friday the 13th.


Speaking of Friday the 13th, it turns out this was an especially bad day when a flight from Uruguay crashed into the mountains killing several people.  The aviation catastrophe continued on that day unfortunately when another flight from the Soviet Union crashed and killed close to 200 passengers when they were nearby the landing strip.  Moral of the story is to try to book your flight on another day if possible.  


Here’s something for the kiddies!  According to the awesomeness of Spongebob Square Pants animated cartoon series, Mr. Krabs declares that there are 13 swears in the English language.  I’m dying to know what they are, aren’t you?


Having a name with 13 characters is also an unlucky sign since some of the world’s deadliest serial killers are included in this finding.  Those who do have 13 letters in their name such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Jack the Ripper are supposedly cursed by the devil.


At age 13, you become a teenager and we all know that’s bad news!


Of course, in America we send 12 roses not thirteen. Send some today. :)

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