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Funeral Flowers for Baseball Great Stan Musial

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jan 28, 2013

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When a great man passes, we often stop to reflect on the impact that person had on our lives and others. Stan 'The Man' Musial passed away after 90 plus years. His life was a model for current ball players and every man, woman and child. 

“We didn't have much expect for kindness.”  - Stan Musial

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Ever the optimist and always the torch bearer, Musial never beat his chest. Did not clamor for individual headlines and always thought of others. When Musial he had an off year, he even had ownership give him a pay cut. Do you think any ballplayer today would offer to cut their own pay ? Doubtful.

Musial commanded respect. We are a better nation for his presence and example. At his funeral and viewing, we see how important flowers are at a funeral. From the single roses and bouquets at the base of his statue, to the grand wreath or baseball made of flowers; we see that a person's life is amplified by the presence of flowers at a funeral. 

At his eulogy, Bob Costas tells us how the great Mickey Mantle walked in Musial's shadow. . "He was a better player than me," the Mick apparently told Costas, "because he was a better man than me." 

Witness in this video how the Musial family shows the importance of memorializing Stan Musial with a red and white wreath of flowers at the base of his statue.

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