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A Countdown to Christmas Calendar

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Nov 29, 2014

We all know there are a million things to get done during the month of December in order to prepare for one of the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas!  Our lists are long and we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed with trying to accomplish an impossible tally of tasks, at the end feeling apprehensive, uneasy and exhausted.  Well, that’s not the way the holiday season should be at all!  Christmas is about being together and enjoying the special spirit the yuletide season summons in all of us.  So how do we fix the Christmas frenzy of anxiety?  We get organized with a simple calendar that will help us get all of our undertakings accomplished while still having fun and enjoying Christmas for all of the magic that it brings.  Here is a schedule that works for me but design yours to suit your specific needs and agenda.


December 1st    Break out the Christmas Advent for the Kids. Lego offers a really cute one with a new mini set daily. LEGO_ADVENT_CALENDAR_2014


December 2nd   Begin preparing the house for decorations by storing excess clutter

                            and knickknacks. 

 December 3rd   Lights go up outside - white lights are my favorite!

 December 4th  My husband's birthday. The Christmas Wreath is hung on the door and the Christmas cards are addressed. The Jimmy Fund offers beautiful holiday cards that Exotic Flowers send to its top clients.

 December 5th   Make a complete list of gifts for family and friends.  It’s better to plan

                          ahead to defer from going over the budget. 

 December 6th   Bake a cranberry pie and put in freezer to be stored until Christmas

                          for last minute hostess dessert needs.   

 December 7th   String the rest of the cranberries for garland.  They are beautiful on

                          The tree!

 December 8th   Gingerbread House Project Day!  One of the kid’s favorite activities!

 December 9th    Make sure the kids have made their last and final version of their

                           Christmas lists.  You don’t want any new wish list surprises popping

                           up any later…

 December 10th  The tree arrives!  Put in stand with water to allow the branches to

                             relax overnight.

 December 11th  My son Lance's birthday. We have a tradition of putting up ours today. The tree is ready to                         be decorated with lights, tinsel, popcorn strands and ornaments!

 December 12th   Buy Christmas pajamas for everyone!  Decorate the hearth with

                            candles and balsam garland. 

 December 13th     Christmas bonuses for the mailman and paperboy. 

 December 14th    Buy the wine for the holiday table.

 christmas_cookies                                                 photo credit:

December 15th    Bake sugar cookies for the neighbors and package those that are to

                             be given as small gifts.

 December 16th    Donate items to the local soup kitchen for their holiday feasts. 

                            make sure to include some children’s books for the kids.           

 December 17th    Finish up any last minute Christmas present shopping and be

                             officially DONE!

 December 18th    Plan your menu for Christmas dinner including everything

                             from the main course to the dessert.  Don’t forget the rolls!

 December 19th     Finish wrapping all of the presents and hide them in the attic. 


December 20th     Pick up the floral centerpiece from Exotic Flowers in Boston 



December 21st     Brace yourself-its grocery store shopping day for your holiday


 December 22nd    Grab stocking stuffers at CVS- make sure you don’t forget the

                              candy canes.

 December 23rd     Prepare the side dishes that can be refrigerated.  Get as much of

                               the cooking done as early as possible!

 December 24th    Christmas stockings are hung by the fire and cookies and milk are

                              left by the fireplace for Santa Claus. 

 December 25th    Christmas Day-Enjoy the holiday with friends and family!


suzie_canale_boston Suzie Canale at Fenway Park with her boys May 2014.

Suzie will be celebrating this Christmas with her familly at her home in Westwood, MA.




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