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Jazz Greats Sing it with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Oct 20, 2017

billie holiday.jpg

Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Mary Lou Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Herbie Hancock, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett and Thelonious Monk are some of the world’s greatest jazz artists of our time but besides music, what do they have in common?  Sultry, sexy and romantic are all descriptive of these musical greats so it’s no wonder they would look to something else with equally alluring qualities…  Flowers have always played a big part in the world of jazz, sometimes by being represented as a stunning vase of white callas on a piano or a single gardenia tucked in a performer’s hair.  Jazz flowers can be a subtle accessory added to the stage or an eye-popping piece that becomes just as big a part of the presentation as the vocalist themselves.  If you’re an up and coming jazz player who is interested in what these famous artistic contributors adored for flowers, take a look at what it is the most likely bloom they had on their dining room tables.

Charles Mingus- “Flowers for A Lady” was a big hit and it’s all due to the talent behind the song and truthfully, his love for flowers, particularly gerbera daisies.  

John Coltrane- Coltrane had a way with passing a vibe and easing listeners into a state of relaxation.  His cover album features a pink phalaenopsis which he derived many of his inspiration from.  

Mary Lou Williams- What a beautiful voice who enraptured audiences for years and years with her lacey and soft appeal.  White Casablanca lilies were said to be her favorite which mimicked her unforgettable personality.

Ella Fitzgerald- Ella was a swooner when it came to wrapping audiences around her little finger which was all due to her sultry voice and sweet presence with which she graced the stage.  Gardenias were a preferable essential that she placed in her hats or hair.

Herbie Hancock- Mr. Hancock is known for his “smooth operating” skills which is why he often was seen photographed with beautiful roses of all shades.

Nat King Cole- Nat King Cole was said to have a wide adoration for all things that grew but was described as preferring tropical dendrobium orchids the most.  

Miles Davis- who could mess with the skills of this famous jazz player who enjoyed walking in the woods on his time off? This probably explains the reason why he was always partial to the loveliness of water lilies he often saw on the trails.  

Keith Jarrett- Another rose lover, Keith Jarrett was known to place a vase of red roses in the rooms where he practiced to induce creative productivity.  They are also often seen gracing the covers of his albums.

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Metal Bands Love Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Oct 13, 2017


ACDC, Metallica, Van Halen…these are the legends of heavy metal who are responsible for top hits that still remain popular twenty years later.   Their sound is timeless and continues to be celebrated decades later where parents now get to pass down their gift of music to their children and perhaps even their grandchildren.  Metal music is an important part of the world’s history and must be recognized for the important contributions these bands have given to the arts.  Where would be without hits like, “Thunder Struck”, “Enter Sandman” and “Hot for Teacher” which rocked audiences from the United states all the way to Europe?  They are undeniably a large part of our creative passion we look to stimulate and keep growing because music is the epicenter of where millions of innovative ideas come from.

So where do these artists get their inspiration from?  The answer quite honestly could be from anywhere but one facet just may be a passion for flowers!   Are you having a hard time believing Brian Johnson stops to smell the roses in between taking the stage in front of millions of people?  Well, it’s true!  Many of these artistic geniuses have an affection towards beautiful blooms and believe it or not?  Some even harvest their own sprawling gardens.  The reasons why may be expansive but the basis starts with the fact that flowers have many healing properties as well as inspiring and nourishing. Think about the basic properties of blooms that possess visual, aromatic and tactile gains. These would likely benefit these artists who are constantly searching for the next spark of enlightenment that they can use in their work and in turn, morph into songs that will please fans.  We all need a little something to encourage artistic creativity so it makes sense that flowers might be an influential tool.    

Since there is a plethora of floral varieties to choose from, we can predict which species might be the better options for musicians like James Hetfield and Eddie Van Halen.  First, they need to have an intoxicating smell and a sexy color that will attract attention.  If we’re talking arrangements, then the pieces should be architecturally sophisticated or small and compact like the European style. 

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Flower Inspired Facebook Posts

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Aug 12, 2016

Facebook is the number #1 leading social media site, propelling millions upon millions of account users to post updates, share links and upload photos that reflect their everyday life and interests.  If you’re reading this, your probably one of us and understands this as pretty much a truth pertaining to your daily routine.  Checking in, “liking” or even just casually scrolling down the feed, browsing our “friends” pages has become a way to keep in touch and pass along ideas and feelings that affect us and the world we live in.  This new form of communication efficiently links us together, forming one big network of information.  Plus- it’s a lot of fun, too!

So what does this have to do with a blog dedicated to flowers?


Recently I came across a post by a friend that featured a picture and a lovely saying, decorated with illustrated pink poppies.  The message simply read, “AND the DAY CAME when the risk to remain in a TIGHT BUD was more painful than the RISK it took to BLOSSOM.”  


Sweet, right?  The point of the quote is straight forward enough which conveys encouragement to the take leaps to grow because the fear of doing so becomes more hurtful to stay the same than the bravery do go ahead and try.  


I love it.  The post did exactly what it was meant to do and that was to give me the little extra boost I may have needed for the day.  So if you’re one of the many faithful Facebook users who are into this sort of thing, here are a few more inspiring thoughts thematic after flowers!


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