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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Choosing Your Boston Wedding Photographer by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 13, 2012

“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ~ Ansel Adams


 Boston Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning is an elaborate design comprised of many stages and layers. Each segment must work together in harmony, enabling an orchestration of precise presentation. For example, the floral color palette was chosen to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, which in turn, were selected to highlight the ambiance of the ball room, which was chosen for the kitchen chef's famous authentic New England cuisine. The coordination between details are responsible for achieving an overall impeccable bridal exhibition. One important part of this blue print is the photography and the layout which the couple chooses to express their wedding memoirs. Often,  wedding photographs become of the most precious keepsakes for years to come.

Photographers offer a wide variety of taste, style, and expertise, so it's very important to select one that matches your expectations.  Like any other profession, there are a multitude of options available, making research and word of mouth powerful tools during the process of 

finding a compatible picture taker. Once you feel comfortable hiring someone well footed in the camera biz, start to think about what you would like your  photos to capture. Some couples wish to harness the romance of the occasion by snapping close ups with little else in the background. Others want their album to tell a story of their favorite places or similar hobbies shared such as including baseball caps or skis in the framework. There are even couples who prefer to show humor by making silly faces with one another, imparting a special personality trait within the relationship.  Whichever style preferred, mirror the true essence of your relationship without being sidetracked by others opinions of where and how you and your partner should be standing.

wedding flowers in Boston

Couples should also take notice of the photographic arrangement of a location before committing to sites, especially those that include fees. Mountains, beaches and woodlands make amazing areas for wedding poses due to their natural “unfettered” beauty. The light present in a photo venue is another issue to be weary of, making sure you have investigated the different times of day if you happen to be shooting outdoors.  Dark shadows and poor lighting can be intrusive when trying to capture a special moment, leading to blurred shots and messy compositions.  Water sites such as rivers and lakes hold fabulous lighting attributes, utilizing the glisten and sparkle of sunsets and sunshine inspired days. Recommended Boston photographers include; Eric Limon Photography, Roberto Farren Photography and Lisa Rigby Photography.

by Suzie Canale


boston author

 Suzie is not only a great Boston Author, but also a regular contributor to the Exotic Flowers in Boston blog.

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Pretty Petals... By Suzie Canale (Choosing Your Wedding Flowers)

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jul 31, 2012

Boston Wedding Flowers

Chapter 7: Pretty Petals...

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever."

~Alfred Lord Tennyson


One of the most beautiful aspects of wedding planning is the selection of flowers which include a mass spectrum of possibilities including color palettes, texture and style.  Traditionally, brides were once confined to a "white only" restriction, limiting the wiggle room for brides to let down their hair when it came to bouquets and centerpiece design.  Although white weddings are still unquestionably stunning and still desired by those taken with blooms of white hydrangea, Casablanca lilies and Bianca roses, new trends have allowed bridal floral work to expand outside of this circle.  Including seasonal and thematic options, flowers can now be tailored to fit whatever fun and fantastical party planning couples have in mind.  For those who like to walk on the "rose petaled edge", try these fabulous floras on for size!

Seasonal Stems~ Tulips are certainly in full bloom during the spring wedding season which are both easy to find and affordable for a budget conscience couple.    Providing both soft and vibrant colored varieties as well as textures of ruffled edges and multi-layered heads (such as the Parrot tulip), this bloom is perfect when mixed or standing alone in bubble bowls.  Summer soirees are blessed with a pinwheel of hydrangea choices including antique, popcorn or sea hydrangea which thrives gloriously off of the salty air provided by the coasts of New England.  Boston gardens are also in full swing during this time growing a multitude of perennial and annual goodies lovely for hand held bouquets.    Some of the recommended flowers are tea roses, nasturtiums, campanula, geraniums, calla lilies and lady's mantle.  Fall is another gifted season for flora and fauna giving way to hearty stems of mums, kale and cymbidiums, deeming this the favorite month for bridal centerpiece design by many florists.  Last but not least is the winter collection, composed of interesting branches which can be arched into contemporary architecturally inspired forms.  Other ideal picks suitable for this chilly season are amaryllis (red, peach, burgundy, green and white) hypericum berries and gerbera daisies which are available year round. 

Themed~ Several soon-to-be's believe that themed weddings are confined to room decor, favors and clothing apparel which is simply not true.  Selecting a motif for your special day can carry right over to your floral planning including both centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  Perhaps the couple are fond of birds and would like to incorporate peacock feathers within arrangements?  How about those who adore animals and would like to choose flowers with names such as elephant paws, lambs ear, Beebalm, or Tiger lilies?  Another theme which holds incredible popularity is the "Tropical" wedding which can include exotic flowers such as the birds of paradise or showy ginger heads.   Orchid lovers have a wide array of delicate species to opt for such as james story, oncidium, and philanopsis, a fabulous way to put some "cha cha" into your arrangements and hand held bouquets.  Exotic Flowers in Boston specializes in this particular area of majestic blooms.

- Suzie Canale
Suzie Canale

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Transportation - Wheels for Your Wedding in Boston by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jun 20, 2012

: Transportation...

"Two such as you with such a master speed cannot be parted nor be swept away from one another once you are agreed that life is only life forevermore together wing to wing and oar to oar"~ Robert Frost

The type of transportation that you choose depends on several aspects of your wedding planning including the couple's personality, location and time of year.  The exit of the bride and groom from their ceremony and reception is often a memorable one for all in attendance, giving importance to the issue of selecting mobility that reflects both the essence of your matrimonial gathering as well as the symbolism unique to the two people starting their journey together.  Another factor to be aware of  is New England's predisposition to temperamental weather patterns, which although adored for her changing face throughout the year, can sometimes be unpredictable when it comes to precipitation and temperature changes.  Coupes reciting their "I do's" within the Boston area should always take into consideration this safety factor as well as choosing a desired means.  By referring to the following guidelines, you will find that this city offers an extensive array of solutions perfect for whisking the new "Mr. and Mrs." off onto their new adventure. 

The Limousine~ The limousine is a classic choice, assuring passengers a safe yet luxurious ride to each destination.  Generally equipped with mini bars, adjustable temperature controls, moon roofs, comfortable seating and a driver, this type of transportation is the best option for most newlyweds.  Not only is the limo appropriate for anytime of the year, it is also reliable for any type of New England weather forecast.  Although ancient lure believes that rain is a sure sign of good luck on a wedding day, the bride who is stuck in a sudden downpour without a roof overhead might disagree!

Horse Drawn Carriages~ Horse drawn carriages provide a romantic exit within a fashionable elegance and historic grace.  Appropriate for those travelling short distances during the more temperate times of the year, the bride and groom will enjoy a relaxing and soothing ride in the back of a coach, comforted by blankets, champagne and the exquisite views provided by the surrounding scenery.  This type of transportation is particularly sensational for countryside or metropolis located affairs.

Classic Cars~ For the past several years, the popularity of classic cars within event planning have grown considerably, appealing to those looking to shake up the wheels of their wedding.  Rolls Royce's, Bentleys, Mustangs, Corvettes, and Model T's  are both stylish and fun for a fast getaway to the honeymoon.  Bon Voyage decor such as streamers, "Just Married" signs and strung cans looks particularly adorable when trailing the tail lights of one of these beauties.

Suzie Canale Children's AuthorSuzie Canale is a local Boston Author - Purchase a copy of her latest children's book, 'The Candy Roses of Cape Care' at

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The "Sweet Stuff" of Wedding Cakes... by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, May 22, 2012

"In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums."
~Douglas Jerrold

 wedding cake flowers in boston

It is the pinnacle of the wedding planning process, one which you must denote serious thought and scrutiny to. What size, shape, style, variety, and color will justly represent your affair? Should there be icing replicas of the bride and groom? Should the design use sugar or real flowers such as gerberas, roses or chocolate cosmos for decoration?  Perhaps the couple is looking for an altogether different theme such as seashells? Is the white vanilla frosting the ultimate in taste tantalization or is the dark chocolate mousse the fork-full that will make your guests melt in their seats? How about the question of buffering your budget by making it yourself or splurging on one of Boston’s award winning bakeries? Have you guessed what this mouth watering bridal task is? Planning your wedding cake of course!

One important issue which is critical towards completing this mission successfully is to solidify a set budget of expense for this sweet desert. Wedding cakes can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the bakery making it wise to do a fair amount of investigating before committing to a vendor.  If this is an area where you are willing to tighten the belt buckle in regards to expenses, there are numerous recipes for making your own cake with step by step directions on baking and decorating. One resource worth checking out in your local library is the  book, “Wedding Cakes That You Can Make: Designing Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake” by Dede Wilson. Not only are you given clever baking tips, but you are also shown explicit directions on baking, decorating and icing. A second useful resource are specialty wedding sites such as or lovetoknow weddings which give easy and descriptive recipes for just about any cake imaginable.  If you are interested in previewing your "sweet" ideas, visit Designed by the Bride which allow visitors to design a "virtual" cake to encourage creative thinking within this area.

wedding cake flowers cape cod

If your baking skills are somewhat challenged and you own oven mitts which are for display only, consider Konditor Meister of Braintree, Ma or Montillio's of Quincy, Ma to fulfill all of your wedding desert needs. Holding a long standing reputation for their decadent wedding cakes, these ingenious bakers can pretty much replicate any idea, object or theme into edible bridal art. Beach themed weddings can be represented with sand dollar or starfish pieces added to their cakes as well as a sugar constructed sand castles.  Outdoorsy couples can serve guests a forest inspired desert incorporating pine trees or mountain landscapes into the design while the history lovers can marvel at a reconstruction of famous Bostonian landmarks such as the Freedom Trail, the Boston Public Garden or even Paul Revere's house. Taking a picture with you for model purposes is a helpful tip and try to remain open to options suggested to you by the professionals. The possibilities are endless so let your "sweet tooth" creativity run wild. Have fun with this project and indulge in the romance of a scrumptious wedding cake!

wedding cake flowers newport
- Suzie Canale
Suzie Canale Boston Author

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Popular Wedding Themes by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Mar 22, 2012

2011 11 09 11 24 48 467 resized 600

Chapter 3: Popular Wedding Themes...

“Celebrate we will,

Because life is short but sweet for certain” ~ Dave Matthews



Bean Town brides are in luck if pondering the notion of throwing a themed wedding extravaganza since this city if bursting with creative and entertaining possibilities!  Regardless of the time of year you wish to marry, there is something for everyone when the traditional white wedding just doesn't strike you as exciting.  Every aspect of your planning can reflect a particular motif or style including invitations, clothing and decorations.  By tailoring particular details of your event to you and your mate's personality, couples can create fun and original matrimonial affairs.  Whether you wish to celebrate a particular season, holiday or hobby, there's no telling where a little imagination can take your special day.

 tulip delivery boston

New England Seasonal and Holiday Themed Weddings~ Since Boston is blessed with the stunning beauty of four different seasons, why not use these attributes in your party planning and wedding decor?  Winter lovers might want to amplify the serenity of blanketed snow by using frosted branches within centerpieces and floral displays as well as hanging crystals to mimic the spectrum effects of icicles.  For those looking to manage their budgets, winter foliage takes up ample space when designed in arrangements, creating a full and fragrant piece.   Wreathes also make terrific goodies to gift guests which are both affordable and festive for the Yule season.  Fall flora and fauna fans can decorate with colorful leaves in bouquets and display pumpkins with wheat bales around archways.  Couples can also mull over the idea of throwing a Halloween inspired affair by asking guests to wear costumes!  Not only will this guarantee a fun and jovial atmosphere but will assure pleasant memories for years to come. 

Spring farers will have no problem recreating the sweetness of this season if they rely heavily on shades of lavender, baby yellow and blush pink within their formal wear and linens.  Since flowers are the symbol of Spring, don't forget to place stems of sweet peas, ranunculus and Sarah Barnhart peonies in bridal work, corsages and nosegays.  Summer seekers will benefit from throwing beach themed weddings as they are the number #1 party planned ceremony and reception thrown in the United States.  Boston beaches provide sublime sands and coastal views from Gloucester to Cape Cod convenient for both North and South Shore fans.  For simple yet sensational ceremonies, line folding chairs facing the ocean leaving room in the center for an aisle.  Line with small, white votives and use delicate white orchids or beach plum roses for bouquets.  While friends and family are swept away into the tranquil serenity of the Atlantic Ocean, couples will be pleased with this budget considerate, fuss free and most importantly, romantic style of party planning.

 fenway july 4 2011 resized 600

For the Sports Fans~ One of the greatest attributes beholden to many Bostonians is their love for sports.  The Celtics, Patriots and the Red Sox hold a special place in the hearts of New Englanders including many soon-to-be's who would love to include a little "fanfare" in their wedding planning but worry about issues of tastefulness and elegance.  You need not to worry, there are plenty of ways to pay homage to your favorite teams by creating both a fun and polished look for your special day.  For instance, Celtics fans can incorporate the shamrock (a symbol of the Celtics) into invitation layouts, favors and even garnish for individual place settings.  Diehard Patriot followers can implement the football theme by using red, white and blue color palettes for linens and dress attire or even have groomsmen where football helmets along with their tuxedos to tip off a humorous beginning to the festivities.  Red Sox enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Fenway Park rents facilities within the stadium for those who desire to assimilate the nostalgia of  a roaring crowd, the flash of native baseball colors across t- shirts and the sultry smells of franks and sausages sizzling atop stadium grills within their wedding planning.   Clever gifts for guests can include baseballs and baseball caps which make wonderful keepsakes of Green Monster bridal affairs.




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Does Floral Designer Preston Bailey Miss the Mark on His Colleague ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Bailey3 resized 600 

There is no doubt that floral designer Preston Bailey is a genius at his craft. Bailey has created some of the most stunning floral arrangements and events for his clients. He has elevated his craft to an art. As a Boston florist, I have often sought out Bailey's work for inspiration. Talk about a walking and talking version of Pinterest. 

preston web1 resized 600

I also read Preston Bailey's blog. Recently Bailey weighed in his opinion on how vendors should dress when working on an event. As a Boston florist who creates many weddings in New England, we work with many other vendors like photographers, bakers, party planners and musicians. Although our staff is uniformed for event set up, we often bear witness to some sloven colleagues as well. And while I am not upbraiding Bailey for judging his colleague's attire, I am questioning some other glaring view points in his blog post.

In his recent post, Bailey takes us into the audience of a recent wedding that he created and attended. Bailey observes a videographer whose attires upsets him. Bailey writes " I realized with horror that the videographer following her was wearing jeans and Ugg boots! I understand that some cultures are more casual than others, but Ugg boots at a formal wedding ? Come on.

 uggs and jeans resized 600 

 The very worst part, though, is that when one of my colleagues said something to the videographer about her unprofessional attire, her reply was very rude and she used the F word. If this videographer is reading, you know who you are, and shame on you."

Bailey and his colleague’s heart are in the right place. Unfortunately we have witnessed a drastic culture change where decorum has been cast aside.

I do admire the videographer for telling his colleague where to go. I do not think it was Bailey's colleague’s place to offer any further disruption to the event.

Perhaps a well written note next time would be better received. Or coordinating a team effort before the wedding takes place. After all, if the bride was confident in the vendor, then Bailey should have made an effort to reach out to the vendor before hand. The bride chose Bailey and the videographer with reason. I feel it is unfortunate that Bailey does not mention the videographer's name here. If you can drop an 'F bomb' at a wedding, then can handle a bad blog post.

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Boston Author Suzie Canale Helps Pick Wedding Locations

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Mar 09, 2012

The following is an excerpt from "Walking Down the Cobblestone Aisles" - Exotic Flowers Free Wedding Planning ebook.


Chapter 2: Where to Say "I Do"...

"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends.

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,  

He said one that would make me his wife.” ~ Author Unknown


 boston weddings resized 600

With a multitude of posh hotels, quintessential New England sites and natural attractions, Boston brides can luckily fulfill any dream day wedding wishes that appeal to her!  Perhaps she has always had her heart set on the lavish gold of the Fairmont Copley Plaza or maybe her "dare-to-be-wild" personality draws her to the slopes of Killington Mountain?  From the glamorous city ballrooms  to tented receptions lit by the stars above, there is an ideal location to fit every couple's individuality as well as their budget.  By taking a closer look at the specific vision that appeals to those readying to walk down the aisle (or ski, swim, run), wedding planners can begin to design the model appropriate for them by taking in account their spirit, tastes and cost allowances.  Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling...

Boston Hotels~ There is no shortage of enchanting hotels in the Boston area, painting skylines with contemporary architecture and divine antiquity style.   The Four Seasons Hotel, which is centrally located, provides a choice of four rooms, allowing you to choose desired views, style and occupancy accommodations.  Not only will the staff assist you with finding photographers, transportation and decorators, this hotel also offers discounted rates for Friday/Sunday affairs.  The Ritz Carlton is another excellent choice providing visitors with historic grandeur and magnificent views of the Boston Commons.  Couples will also be delighted to learn that a five night complimentary Honeymoon package is included when booking their reception in the grand ballroom.  Other recommended hotels include The Omni Parker House, The Charles Street Inn and The Grand Harbor Hotel.

gloucester wedding florist resized 600

"Young princess, when you get your wedding ring,

your man is saying she's my queen." ~Nas

Boston Landmarks~ For the bride searching for reception locations which reflect the authentic Bostonian essence, she is in luck!  Landscaped with the stunning gardens of the Boston Commons, galleries such as the Museum of Fine Arts which hang the highest, celebrated art work and the towers of Alden Castle staging the perfect wedding for a prince to his princess, Boston is comprised of beautiful sites which not only tell the stories of our yesteryear but also stand proudly to encompass the beginning of a couple's journey together.   The Old State House of Boson offers the comprised package of luxurious event rooms while also revealing a rich tale of our city's heritage and the Boston Public Library is a desirable location equipped with a courtyard for cocktails and function hall which amply fits 350 guests.  For those interested in the Boston Tea Party, The Odyssey or Spirit Cruise Lines are a fabulous choice to coast these majestic waters which shows crystal clear skylines of Boston at sunset.  Whichever location of historical reference you choose, guests will be enthralled by the interesting atmosphere which of these cherished sites possess.

 cape cod wedding florist resized 600


New England's Natural Attraction~ There are a multitude of reasons why planning an event within a natural setting can be an alluring alternative to traditional venues.   Resorts, function halls, restaurants and hotels rest under restrictions, sometimes creating problematic situations such as room rates, availability and occupancy constraints.  A secret which many couples are unaware of are the natural surroundings that bless New England, including  stunning forests, oceans and even large acreage meadows.  One reason for considering an "earthy" wedding is that nature provides the wedding decor for you.   Rooted paths with wooded landscapes exuding the aroma of sweet pine and silky sands with melodic sounds of crashing waves are available at no cost and are exquisites sights for reciting your "I do's".  Limitless guest space is another positive attribute, as long as it is kept in mind that the  wedding date should not coincide with the months engulfed by New England's Nor'easter season.   Suggested locations include Harold Parker State Forest located in North Andover, Ma,  Long Beach of Gloucester, Ma and Blissful Meadows of Uxbridge, Ma.


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Exotic Flowers in Boston Wedding eBook by Suzie Canale - Chapter 1

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Feb 29, 2012

Chapter 1: Setting the Date...

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person"~Germaine Greere


boston wedding florist resized 600 


Setting the date is the first issue of wedding planning that every Boston bride should initially tackle since this can very well determine every other aspect of her special day.  While the most popular months to wed have historically been during the spring of April, May and June, couples now have ample reason to investigate the benefits of reciting their "I do's" during the other nine months of the year.   Spicy color decor, Budget efficiency/availability and exciting wedding locations all provide an alluring incentive to sway from the traditional matrimonial season.   Flexibility can be your greatest asset when mapping out your bridal endeavor, often rewarding the savvy soon-to-be's with  higher economic efficiency,  essentially giving the couple "more bang for their buck."  Although spring weddings represent the blessings of new beginnings, beautiful blooms and pastel fabrics, there are several incentives to pique curiosity towards the possibility of reciting vows during the winter, fall and summer seasons of New England.  

wedding flowers florist boston resized 600

Vibrant Color Splashes and Textures~ While the traditional springtime wedding often encompasses pastel linen and centerpieces filled with bulbed blooms, events which take place during the winter, fall and summer have a vast selection of rich fabrics, exotic flowers and fun styling potential!  Creep out of the ho- hum routine and dare to be different by implementing exciting colors and textures such as crimson table clothes accessorized with gold tableware.  Autumn weddings are stunning when we begin to experiment with large color spectrums of green, orange and red while incorporating the festivities of the season using brightly hued maple leaves and pumpkins to decorate rooms.  Summer soirees are equally impressive using tints of hot pink, yellow, orange, sky blue and lime green to create eye popping pieces whether seen throughout the dining area or worn as bridesmaid's gowns.

Buffering Budgets and Availability~ It is a true known fact that "off season" wedding events are generally less expensive and have a wider availability of trendy locales than those taking place during the spring.  Due to the higher rate of matrimonies occurring during this time, functions rooms reflectively become higher in demand causing the price to rise.  For example, the bride who books her wedding at a popular venue during June is almost guaranteed to pay anywhere from a 10% to 15% higher rate than the bride who chooses to tie the knot in the exact same place during January or July.  Friday night and Sunday afternoon weddings are also climbing in frequency due to the decrease in price compared to the usual Saturday night affair.  Couples who have their hearts set on a particular spot to recite their vows may run into issues of fully booked hotels and reception sites during peak season, making flexibility a key to nabbing a dream wedding location. One more thing to keep in mind for those considering the option of throwing an off season wedding, spring in New England is often unstable with frequent snowstorms and frigid temperatures so the more compromising bride may find more change in her purse as well as better agreeable weather patterns.

wedding florist in boston resized 600

Fabulous "Alternative" Venues ~ There's no telling the interesting places where couples can be married by using a little imagination during the chillier or steamier months of the year.  New England is gifted with many blessings from Mother Nature which are easily transformed into sensational ceremonial and reception sites with breathtaking views and inspiring symbolism.  Marrying atop snow capped mountains, ice skating rinks and along lakeside shores are not only striking for your wedding photos, but are conveniently entertaining sites for winter and summer activities!  Other possibilities might include events thrown at carnivals , aquariums or apple picking orchards. The northeast is filled with natural treasures stunning coastlines so take advantage of the eclectic resources that she offers throughout the entire year.

Suzie Canale

On Twitter @SuzieCanale



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Exotic Flowers in Boston Wedding eBook by Suzie Canale - Prologue

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Feb 20, 2012


"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love,

and they blossom when we love the ones we marry" ~ Tom Mullen

describe the image 



Marriage is a wonderful occasion where two people are brought together by a mutual understanding of commitment, loyalty and most importantly, love.  For centuries, couples have entered this cherished sanction, legally binding themselves with one another under terms of "in sickness and in health," "till death do us part" and "to love, honor and cherish," in order to demonstrate a promise to weather together all circumstances which life may bring.   No matter which region of the world, culture, ethnicity, or era, matrimony has long been recognized as a sacred ritual composed of traditions designed to bless the beginning of a new unity.  Each day, couples recite vows towards becoming a single entity with their loved one based on affections of friendship, compatibility and adoration, electing weddings one of the largest practices conducted around the world.  With over 2 million marriages occurring yearly in the United States with average costs ranging anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 dollars, the importance of wedding planning has become essential in terms of selecting location, date and event design.  The orchestration of collaborating specialty vendors within a cost efficient budget is often experienced as a massive undertaking, causing an abundance of anxiety and stress, two emotions which often interfere with the primary purpose of the initial wedding celebration. 



Boston brides, have no fear.  Amongst the mile long receipts, cross- fire opinions and endless to-do list that is being prepared, this city holds thousands of hidden treasures just waiting to make your special day spectacular in every way.  Many soon-to-be's will become surprised to find the amount of time, energy and money saved just by utilizing creative concepts formidable  to your vision of a picture perfect wedding.  Equipped with four inspiring seasons, eclectic style, a bustling atmosphere with historic background and a multitude of authentic New England cuisine, walking down the cobblestoned aisles of Boston will be a cinch for the resourceful couples willing to think outside the "matrimonial box".  

Wedding Flowers in Boston

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Exotic Flowers Boston Weddings Partners with Lombardo's in Randolph

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jan 25, 2012

lombardos weddings boston

The wedding designers and staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston are proud to announce our new partnership with Lombardo's function facility in Randolph. As a package florist for Lombardo's, Exotic Flowers will be able to provide our stunning floral designs for any event at Lombardo's

Lombardo's function facility is conveniently located at the intersection of Route 128 / 93 and Route 28 in Randolph, MA. Nestled in the midst of the Blue Hills, Lombardo's is a landmark for brides, grooms and guests who want to create a lasting memory for the wedding day.

Not just a wedding facility, Lombardo's hosts trade shows, baptisms, christenings and birthday parties. No event is too big as Lombardo's has four function rooms. Neighboring hotels make Lombardo's a convenience for guests and hosts alike. 

lombardos weddings resized 600

The food, experience and largest chandelier in New England make Lombardo's the ideal choice for any event. 

A complete synergy of two family owned businesses in their third generations, Exotic Flowers and Lombardo's complement each other. With Exotic Flowers extraordinary arrangements on the table of your event, you will be hosted by two icons of hospitality in the Boston area.

lombardos at the blue hills resized 600

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