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Sweet Seed Satchels for Wedding Favors

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 10, 2017

Weddings are a joyous occasion but they can run pretty expensive too.  There’s the catering, rental location, invitations, wardrobe and let’s not forget the flowers that can set couples and family members back a pretty penny if you’re not careful.  Since most newlyweds don’t have a special savings account devoted to paying for an extravagant soiree, it’s a good idea to watch the budget closely and find ways where you might be able to cut costs by applying a little of your own creativity.  I realize, this isn’t a new concept.  Brides have been attempting to do as much as they can on their own for centuries like arranging simple garden bloom arrangements, using tea lights in place of more elaborate décor and learning calligraphy to design bridal stationery.  These are all great ideas when they work out the way you want them to but as you may already know, there’s always a possibility for error if you’re not gifted in the art department.

seed favors.jpg

photo credit Red Cloud Studio via Etsy

Don’t fret if you find yourself fitting inside this category because you still have a shot at saving a buck by taking on particular wedding projects that have a lesser chance of ending up catastrophic if you don’t possess an “artsy” eye.  One area that I recently witnessed a fantastic example was a party favor gifted after a barnyard wedding ceremony.  The setting was rustic, rural and gorgeous, surrounded by farm animals, wispy hay stalks and divine rolling country that went on for miles and miles.   The family cleverly used the location as a basis for the theme and incorporated as much natural beauty as they possible could take from the landscape.  The floral bouquet, cuisine and decorations all mirrored the stunning ambiance, especially the seed packages they gave to guests.  

Believe it or not, you can easily make these at home by purchasing brown envelopes and filling them with whatever types of seeds you prefer (although wild flowers would appropriately match the scene).  Personal touches can be added by buying monogrammed stamps and ink where you can leave the couple’s initials and date of marriage as a keepsake.  Let your friends and family take home these sweet little packages and allow them to grow from your love when the warmer gardening months roll around.

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Fancy Floral Cakes

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 07, 2017

If you have a birthday coming up, you might want to consider having a themed cake made just for you to celebrate your special day.  If you love super heroes, maybe a Batman cake would work or if you enjoy spending your summer’s at the beach, maybe a tiered tropical island shaped cake would be the ideal sweet treat.  Whatever interest or passion you may have, I promise you there’s a bakery willing to whip you up a creative and imaginative sugary sensation that will help you ring in the new year with pizzazz!  Boston’s best bakers make a large percent of their income satisfying customers with goods inspired by their hobbies and personalities.  It doesn’t matter if you’re into skydiving or snorkeling, chances are-they’ll be able to provide you with a delicious model that celebrates the unique you that you are!

floral cake.jpg

photo via

So what do you ask for if you’re infatuated with flowers?  Perhaps you’re an avid gardener, a local florist or just someone who loves a fresh vase of blossoms in their home and are wishing for a cake that visually commemorates this interest?  I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to dig into a stunning pedaled spoonful of frosting instead of the traditional chocolate square cake you’re used to eating on your birthday?  

Of course it would!  

flower cake.jpg

photo via

With a little research, I’ve found some of the most outrageously beautiful flower themed birthday cakes created right here in our own city.  Roses, sunflowers, dahlias, daisies and even orchids are possible to design and can be specifically tailored to conform to whatever your favorites might be!  Check out these amazing styles and a few local bakeries that are willing to make your sweetest floral dreams come true!

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Dressing Your Wedding Cake with Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Many brides don’t realize this, but a wedding cake can decide the entire theme of an event depending solely on the color, shape and accents it’s made with.  If the cake is decorated with shells or tinted blue, it’s most likely a beach motif or if the frosting is orange and black, it’s probably a Halloween inspired ceremony.  My point is, that it’s extremely important to keep this bridal planning issue in mind when you’re browsing the catalogue in the bakery.  You don’t want to showcase a hodge-podge collection of unspecified taste during your reception so maintain focus on one orientation and choose accordingly.  Your wedding cake should be one of the first details of consideration since it will become the basis of your party platform and will guide you through the rest of the coordination process.


If you ask me, it’s no big surprise that I favor a floral motivated decoration when it comes to bridal sweets!  Not only can you add your favorite blooms to the top, sides or bottom of the cake presentation, you can also match a specific hue that you would like to be prevalent.  Whether your favorite flower is the daisy, sunflower or rose, designers can work with bakers to make your sugary treat one that all your guests will remember.  These are models that caught my eye and all reflect a stunning yet sophisticated dessert display supported by deliciously decadent blooms.

Succulent plants have made a huge splash in the last couple of years because of their gorgeous color, exotic appearance and resilient longevity properties.  Barely needing water, these pretty little cacti are one of the most requested botanicals for interior designers and are now being asked for by Boston wedding planners as well!  Succulents compliment a variety of icing tints, particularly, peach, aqua and cream and make for a wonderful centerpiece that doesn’t need further props to make it pop.  


Bright and bold wedding cakes are a hit for summer and fall bridal events, specifically when shades of orange, yellow and fuchsia are thrown into the mix.  You don’t have to worry about matching because they contrast well with just about anything and you’ll have a million varieties of blooms to choose from.  Roses, gerberas, sunflowers, peonies and spring bulbs such as grape hyacinth are a few to keep in mind.  

Orchids are probably my favorite plant and/or flower in existence and I can’t think of anything that would dress a cake up more than adding just a few heads to the top or base.  If you’re looking for examples, cymbidiums, phaelenopsis and James Story orchids pack a punch of color and won’t wither like other softer petaled varieties.  

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Flower Bombs… The New Rage of the “Green” Wedding Fad

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Oct 28, 2016

It’s not news to most in the floriststhat the “Green Movement” has foraged straight though the wedding industry, from the flowers used in bridal work to the containers they are designed within.  Making a conscious effort to improve our environmental conditions and the future state that we live in is an important initiative that we’re all thinking about these days, a concept that should be taken seriously throughout all enterprises and businesses.  The flower industry is no exception, in fact we have come up with some awesome ideas to helps others find ways to integrate this important theme within their floral needs, particularly newlyweds.  Weddings are usually a huge production but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be aware of our earthly obligations.


The Bouquet

You may not know this but there are certain varieties of blooms that are more eco-friendly than others.  If you’re ordering varieties that come from local, sustainable farms, than you’re moving in the right direction.  Typically, when product is bought from nearby communities, there is less transportation fuel being used as well as the contribution to aiding the health and productivity of his crop and land.  Brides may think this means that they’ll have to hold a bunch of daisies or other type of wildflower in order to do this but that’s not true at all.  In fact, New England growers often cultivate species that are traditional for this occasion as well as exotic varieties for those who like contemporary design.  Roses, bromeliad and beautiful dahlias (when in season) are only a few tips of the icebergs when planning a “Green Wedding” ceremony and reception.


The Tables

There’s a lot of hubbub about the waste that goes into wedding flowers but the truth is, clever florists usually reuse the product that is left and repurpose it for other upcoming jobs.  If the bride and groom are interested in keeping their floral goodies, one way to cut back on waste is to gift the centerpieces to guests by playing a party game called “1-2-3”.  The way that you do this is to place a number underneath every plate setting from 1-8 (or 1-10 if that’s the table count).  Then pick one of these numbers and write it on another piece of paper that is placed underneath the centerpiece.  At the end of the night, tell your guests to check their numbers and the lucky winner gets to take home a beautiful arrangement of flowers!


photo credit via

Party Favors

Have you ever heard of a “Seed Bomb”? These things are so cool and are replacing packaged seeds due to their environmental benefits such as organic makeup and enhancement of wildlife.  Seed bombs are becoming so popular that couples are using them as party favors, too- a sure fire winner for New England gardening and flower enthusiasts!  All you have to do is whip up a concoction of scent free kitty litter, dirt, water and a few seeds, roll them up into balls and allow them to harden.  Wrap with a bow and there you have it!  Seed bombs aren’t just a clever way to cut back on costs for your wedding, but also a fantastic way to foster vegetation as well as enhance the bee population!   

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Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding

Posted by Rick Canale on Sat, Sep 07, 2013

This past July, I celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary to my amazing wife Suzie. Many people renew their vows on this special anniversary and even seek to recreate a new wedding all over again. While Suzie and I did not renew our vows, some theme weddings caught my eye. My favorite was the Home Field Advantage featuring an an entire vintage baseball wedding.

Below are some photos from that showcase this ultra cool baseball wedding. PhotoByShoops©RealWeddingsMagazine TheCouple12 resized 600

The stunning bride is carrying jasmine, hydrangea, scabiosa spheres and accents. This lush bouquet really keeps the vintage timeless look for this theme wedding.

baseball place cards

what a cool concept replicated old tobacco baseball cards that also serve as place cards for the guests. This would be the only wedding place card I would ever keep, a true collectible.

PhotoByShoops©RealWeddingsMagazine 1 resized 600

antique crates, vintage banners along with vintage bats and catchers masks; also having this wedding on the field really brings this wedding home. The addition of baseball fare like hot dogs, apple pie and bottles of coca cola make this a wedding to remember.

cracker jacks

another great keepsake gift includes gift wrapped cracker jacks. 

I don't think my wife would be on board for this themed wedding. But I would love to be a guest if anyone is having a wedding like this. You could even have your justice of the peace be a real umpire. The list of possibilities is endless. 

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Choosing Your Wedding Favors by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jan 02, 2013

: The Favors...

"Our wedding was many years ago.

The celebration continues to this day." ~Gene Perret



Traditionally speaking, wedding favors are given by the newly wedded couple to their guests in both thanks for their attendance to their special day and as a small reminder of the festivities.  There are several factors which decide the form of the particular gift such as a wedding theme, seasonal time of year and of course, a budget agenda.  While some choose engraved trinkets of couple's names and wedding dates, others opt for less customary items which reflect a twosome's spirit or interests.  Wedding favor shopping is an amusing to do during planning, allowing those who would like to exercise their artistic imaginations to do so as much as they wish.   Selecting anything from picture frames to satchels of candy, take a peek at these fabulous yet affordable ideas to offer your friends and family.

Traditional and Engraved~ Traditional favors are sometimes a safe and easy way to go if you and your mate are having trouble nailing down a particular item to give your guests.  Many past favorites include monogrammed baubles such as drinking glasses, photo hangers and key chains.  While all o these are low in cost and easily ordered on almost any wedding favor website, they also represent a useful keepsake from the occasion.  For those who would like to give an updated spin on this novelty theme, replace picture frames with playing cards featuring pictures of the couple's happy moments together.   Aromatic candles with the date of the ceremony and the couple's initials also make smart and useful replacements for drinking glasses and key chains and seeds.

wedding favors seeds


What's "In"~ Modern times have given forth to a myriad of fabulous contemporary favor ideas involving anywhere from cherished sports teams to new age motifs so if the customary offerings don't excite you, have no fear.   Popularity is growing in areas of goody stations where patrons can make their own penny candy take home bags filled with jellybeans, tootsie rolls and lollipops!  For the sports lovers who desire to share their love for a team or game, miniature footballs, baseball caps and golf balls imprinted with the twosome's faces are perfect to liven the celebration.   Other trendy gifts include scratch tickets, photo infused coasters and on site photo booths which provide both the favor and entertainment for friends and family.

Boston Bridal Bouquet

Homemade~ Everyone knows that homemade gifts come straight from the heart so roll up your sleeves and get cracking!  If you or your mate have a particular skill or creative talent, don't be afraid to use your personal assets.  Perhaps one or both of you are painters, calligraphers, gardeners or crafters?  Utilize those abilities to make personalized presents and keep the items simple and relevant to the specifics of your occasion remembering bigger is not always better.  Jars of homemade jams, hand tied nosegays designed with blossoms picked from your flower bed and even freshly baked brownies are "people pleasers" with virtually no room for disaster.  


Boston Author Suzie Canale

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Choosing Your Boston Wedding Photographer by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 13, 2012

“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ~ Ansel Adams


 Boston Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning is an elaborate design comprised of many stages and layers. Each segment must work together in harmony, enabling an orchestration of precise presentation. For example, the floral color palette was chosen to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, which in turn, were selected to highlight the ambiance of the ball room, which was chosen for the kitchen chef's famous authentic New England cuisine. The coordination between details are responsible for achieving an overall impeccable bridal exhibition. One important part of this blue print is the photography and the layout which the couple chooses to express their wedding memoirs. Often,  wedding photographs become of the most precious keepsakes for years to come.

Photographers offer a wide variety of taste, style, and expertise, so it's very important to select one that matches your expectations.  Like any other profession, there are a multitude of options available, making research and word of mouth powerful tools during the process of 

finding a compatible picture taker. Once you feel comfortable hiring someone well footed in the camera biz, start to think about what you would like your  photos to capture. Some couples wish to harness the romance of the occasion by snapping close ups with little else in the background. Others want their album to tell a story of their favorite places or similar hobbies shared such as including baseball caps or skis in the framework. There are even couples who prefer to show humor by making silly faces with one another, imparting a special personality trait within the relationship.  Whichever style preferred, mirror the true essence of your relationship without being sidetracked by others opinions of where and how you and your partner should be standing.

wedding flowers in Boston

Couples should also take notice of the photographic arrangement of a location before committing to sites, especially those that include fees. Mountains, beaches and woodlands make amazing areas for wedding poses due to their natural “unfettered” beauty. The light present in a photo venue is another issue to be weary of, making sure you have investigated the different times of day if you happen to be shooting outdoors.  Dark shadows and poor lighting can be intrusive when trying to capture a special moment, leading to blurred shots and messy compositions.  Water sites such as rivers and lakes hold fabulous lighting attributes, utilizing the glisten and sparkle of sunsets and sunshine inspired days. Recommended Boston photographers include; Eric Limon Photography, Roberto Farren Photography and Lisa Rigby Photography.

by Suzie Canale


boston author

 Suzie is not only a great Boston Author, but also a regular contributor to the Exotic Flowers in Boston blog.

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How to Make Your Boston Wedding a Winter Wonderland - by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Dec 28, 2011

Sometimes the snow storms of New England are a burden for all of us. But for Boston brides snow can be a blessing in disguise. Snow covered trees and fields lend their inspiration to New England's premier wedding planners and Boston brides as well. While pine boughs and candles can enchant any winter wedding reception or ceremony, December and January offer a bride so much more. 
On the endless list of wedding do's lies the favor. Brides and grooms want to avoid the done to death photo or tasteless trinket. Instead of going overboard or overbudget, how about a Christmas ornament engraved with the wedding date along with the bride and groom's initials. Let the season inspire you. These Christmas ornaments could be snowflakes, wreaths or even hearts. The goal is to create a magical momento. 
Don't just stop at wedding flowers, decorations or favors. Don't forget transportation. How about arriving at the church in a 'horse drawn open sleigh' ? Is there anything more romantic than a winter sleigh ride ? You could position these carriages outside the church to bring the wedding party to the reception. 
Don't let New England get you down. Use the winter wonderland to your advantage. Embrace the beauty of the snow and incorporate them into your wedding.
Suzie Canale
@SuzieCanale on Twitter

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Clever New England Wedding Favors - by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Nov 03, 2011

fall wedding boston resized 600

Nothing says autumn weddings in New England like a clever fall wedding favor.  New England is known for its abundance of rich fall hues during this time of year, party planners have an enormous spectrum of wedding  gifts  to choose  for guests.   The key to selecting a memorable party  favor which reflects  your pride for Boston lies in considering the region's traits which are best shown throughout the months of autumn.    Two of the area's most dominant features include opulent historical landmarks like Faneuil Hall or the gold dome of the Boston State House ; and the most eye catching pinwheels of color that drape the trees of the city.   By combining creative instincts with a seasonal Bostonian flair, your bridal favors will surely be the talk of Beantown! 


wedding flower boston resized 600

A few suggestions;

Salem, MA  draws  thousands of tourists yearly to partake in Halloween festivities.  It is no wonder why many Boston brides are enticed to thematically capture a bit of this enchantment within their own wedding.   One of the tastiest ways to achieve  sweet tooth ambiance is to offer specialty candy or chocolate in shapes of pumpkins, ghosts and witches.  Gather three to four pieces in a clear wrap bag and fasten with an orange, purple or black ribbon.  Other sweet treats can include satchels of personalized candy corn monogrammed with the bride and grooms initials.  These special favors are not only reasonably priced but can be easily ordered through many of Boston’s talented chocolatiers  or your party planner.  Milk chocolate Halloween pops are also a scrumptious indulgence.

If you are looking for a memorable keepsake that captures  New England’s picturesque scenery then consider gifting the view through autumn themed  key chains.  The streets of Boston are just covered with gold, red and green spectacles of delight.   It is  difficult to evade the splendid grandeur that blankets most of our neighborhoods during this time of year. Whip out your cameras and start snapping!   Once you have selected your favorite autumn picture, visit and order photo ready key chains in the style and quantity that you desire.   Not only is this an affordable novelty  but it will leave your friends and family with a stunning remembrance of New England’s greatest pride, her autumn season.

Suzie Canale

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boston wedding flower resized 600

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