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Flowers to Match your November Birthstone

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 01, 2017

The Topaz is the official gemstone for the month of November, which is not only beautiful but powerful as well.  Produced in several different shades although this festive tone of mid to dark amber (sometimes orange in appearance) is the most popular, topaz still remains one of the most sought-after rocks by meditative healers dating back to centuries ago.  Among one of the reasons is its supposed ability to bring good luck and fortune, nicknamed the “bringer of abundance” by many natural enthusiasts.  Originally, the stone dates back to 2000 years ago where it was found on a tiny Greek island that was eventually named Tapazios in honor of the prosperity being mined there.  Later the name was changed to St. John’s Island where many tourists visit each year to enjoy the opulent surroundings.  

Though, being a wealth inducer is only one property of Topaz, wearers will also be thrilled it may also lower anxiety, increase relaxation and relief stress.  It is said that those who are less engaged with western medicine would rather place topaz stones around their homes to boost overall health and discourage illness for anyone present in the home.  One more reason to invest in this gem is if you’re a romantic who has an upcoming wedding anniversary!  Blue topaz is officially the gift for celebrating four years of marriage while the golden imperial represents the sixteenth and twenty-third but in general, this is a wonderful stone to present to your spouse on any occasion.

topaz flowers.jpg

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If you’re a florist who is trying to replicate the appearance of the topaz within a special flower arrangement, you have some options available to you due to the large spectrum of color that exists.  In some cases, designers might want to rely on the “feel” of the stone such as its regal personality or magical sense.  Here are a few suggestions to browse over if you have a special someone celebrating a November topaz birthday.

Orange mango callas just might be the most beautiful contrast to the topaz gemstone.  These beauties are a “no-fuss” variety that are truly gorgeous when they are placed in a vase with no other species mixed in to distract attention.  Easy, elegant and enticing, you can’t go wrong with a similar arrangement.

These delicious orange mokara orchids will also do the trick and have your special someone in awe over this delicate tropical display.  The puffy blooms run up and down the stem and possess a longevity property that will keep them healthy for over a week or more when taken care of properly.

Everyone’s favorites are usually the gerbera daisy because of their sweet and happy appeal so why not request a bundle in the topaz shades of orange?  The gerbera daisy has a significantly long list of colors to choose from which are shipped to the U.S daily.

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Flowers to Match your October Gemstone

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Oct 06, 2017

If you were born in October, the gemstone that represents your birth is the beautiful opal.  Opal is a one of a kind stone as is often looked upon as being a favorite to many who adore the multi changing colors of the rainbow that can be seen on its surface.  Some cultures respect the gem as being the most impressive of all because it is believed they hold magic powers due to the unique properties they possess.  The gem holds several meanings as well such as hope and purity but can also translate into a sign meaning loyalty or faithfulness, which is why it is the official gift for 14th and 18th wedding anniversaries.  Lure also says that the Greeks believed opals had healing properties to cure ailments associated with the eyes and could possibly even have the ability to give the owner insight into the future.

autumn gemstones.jpg

Opals are undeniably stunning with their multitude of distinctive traits which is why many florists are constantly trying to mirror this beauty with similar eye-appealing arrangements.  Unlike gems such as rubies and sapphires that are much more easily matched to red and bloom blossoms accustomed to a designer’s inventory, opals require a bit more thought when attempting to mimic their similarities in flowers.  It isn’t every day that florists come across translucent or opaque varieties when doing their ordering so they have to use a little creative thinking to replicate the presentation.  The good news is, there’s just about every tint imaginable within opals, giving way to the possibility that you can work with several different shades at one time.  Another approach is to study more of the translucent side of the stone, which can open a door into a whole other set of options. Depending on what the clientele’s objective and preference is when ordering, designers might gain a bit of wiggle room around the species they choose as well as the texture they plan to construct the centerpiece.

Baby yellow ranunculus, dahlias and roses make a wonderful gift for an October birth child because it relies heavily on the softer tones of yellow that many opals possess.  The gift recipient will also appreciate the upbeat and happy appeal that is sure to brighten up any day.  

A simple bouquet of pink peonies may also be the answer because almost all opals have a strong pink pigmentation laying on the the surface. Stick again with the lighter varieties and you can’t go wrong with this springtime arrangement that still packs a “WOW” throughout the fall.  

I love this combination of soft and severe blooms that when mixed together cause quite a show stopper!  Purple thistle, mauve roses, white ranunculus and black privet berries perfectly match the allure of October’s gemstone while offering a sultry and seductive charm.

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