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Exotic Flowers in Boston

42 Things We Love About Being a Florist in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Patriot's Day in Boston is filled with an abundance of activities for all Bostonians and New Englanders. From revolutionary battle reenactments to the 11am Red Sox game to the Boston Marathon, this day is a major holiday in Massachusetts. In 2013, Patriot's Day happens also to fall on April 15th. While April 15 is synonymous with Tax Day, this year it is also Jackie Robinson Day.  42 resized 600

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tells us that 42 is the answer to everything in the universe. Perhaps. But today I just want to share the 42 things we love most about being a florist in Boston in honor of the great Jackie Robinson.

  1. The Swan Boats
  2. The Boston Marathon
  3. Heartbreak Hill
  4. The Celtics
  5. The Museum of Fine Arts
  6. Fenway Park
  7. The Zakim Bridge
  8. Arnold Arboretum
  9. Franklin Park Zoo
  10. Santarpio's Pizza
  11. New Kids on the Block new kids320 resized 600
  12. Paul Revere's House
  13. The North End
  14. Bunker Hill Monument
  15. The Freedom Trail
  16. Athens of America
  17. Hospitals in Boston
  18. Roxbury Latin School
  19. Sam Adams
  20. USS Constitution
  21. The Bruins
  22. Pizzeria Regina
  23. Mike's Pastry
  24. The Public Gardens
  25. Baked Beans classic boston baked beans resized 600
  26. Union Oyster House
  27. The Holocaust Memorial
  28. Castle Island
  29. Gardner Museum
  30. Boston Pops
  31. JFK Library
  32. Newbury Street
  33. The ICA
  34. Beantown
  35. Red Sox
  36. Hubway
  37. New Edition
  38. Faneuil Hall
  39. Walking City
  40. we 'Pahk ah cahs'
  41. Forest Hills Cemetery
  42. Bostonians
of course no tribute to Jackie Robinson we could be complete without recommending the new movie 42. 

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Why Exotic Flowers Loves the Boston Bruins

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jun 14, 2011

Bruins Flowers

As the Boston Bruins approach game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. The staff at Exotic Flowers wanted to share a few things that we love about the Bruins.

1. Old Time Hockey - the Bruins are synonomous with old time hockey. They play hard, appreciate their fans and bust ass on every play.

2. The Winter Classic Victory at Fenway Park. Bruins Winter Classic

perhaps one of the greatest Bruins games of all time in the most historic sports arena in the country.

3. Bobby Orr - not only for his hockey heroics, but also remaining in Boston and becoming a key citizen in our community.


4. Bourque & Neely - they were the cornerstone of the Bruins for years. It is sad they never won the Cup, but they are as a big a part of this team as any player. Ray Bourque and Cam Neely are what the Boston Bruins are all about.

Bourque and Neely

5. The 2010-2011 soon to be Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Their dedication and teamwork are a model for all Bostonians and what we should aspire to.

Tim Thomas 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Canucks vs Bruins Game 3 photo medium

Tags: Boston Bruins, Bobby Orr, Cam Neely

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