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Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jun 11, 2018


Across the United States, we will be celebrating a time old tradition of celebrating our fathers for everything they do.  Recognized on June 17, 2018, families everywhere will be doting on dad, trying to convey the message of thanks and love he so much deserves.  While some people have their own traditions that they stick to year in and year out (ties, chef’s apron and barbecue paraphernalia), others are always looking for fresh ideas in the gift department that might surprise the lucky recipient.  Father’s Day gifts can be a tough order to fill and many find themselves in a rut of gifting boring and useless presents that are really not needed. While a simple card does go miles in the recognition department, I understand this common conundrum and have therefore whipped up a list of items you may have never thought of in the past.  If you have a true winner that never fails-stick with it (no need to fix something that isn’t broken) but if you are chuck out of thoughts, maybe one of these Father’s Day presents might spark your interest? Remember, the most important present you can give any father is a phone call or visit but if you’d like to bump it up a notch, this list is worth the peruse!

Top Father’s Day Gifts for Dad


  1. Gift Cards to his favorite store.
  2. A lunch out to his favorite restaurant.
  3. A New Grill
  4. A bouquet of Flowers (See previous blog).
  5. A date on the golfing green with his greatest kid.
  6. CAKE!  Chocolate covered mousse cake if you really want to dazzle him!
  7. Gardening supplies or perhaps his favorite plant to add to his bed.
  8. Shaving Kit
  9. Passes to a nearby car wash.  Dads love that sort of thing.
  10. A new board game you can play with one another.
  11. A DVD Box Set He Loves Watching
  12. A bottle of his favorite wine/a 6 pack of his favorite beer
  13. A select steak from a premium butcher
  14. A Fishing Pole
  15. Baseball Treasure Trading Coins

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Father's Day Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 08, 2018

It’s a wide misconception that flowers aren’t to be given to men but rather they are the ones to give this gift to women.  Who says a guy can’t enjoy a beautiful bouquet of blooms or appreciate a vase of seasonal sprigs? This is an old wives’ tale that has been believed by many for far too long and I say it’s high time we started changing the stigma.  Isn’t only fair that your favorite fella can peacefully enjoy a healthy relationship with fresh cut flowers? Father’s Day is the perfect place to begin focusing our efforts on maybe switching the tie he gets every year for an orchid plant or a bunch of sunflowers. The possibilities are endless and thankfully- Boston florists are readying their holiday displays for some fantastic options!  So, for this much-anticipated Sunday where we cherish deal old dad, think about presenting some of his favorite flowers that he can enjoy for himself. Stumped on what varieties and styles might work the best? Try this list to satisfy a sensational flowers Father’s Day gift!


Red is a major color associated with sending love to women but it also works nicely for men, too!  Particularly when talking about deeper shades of burgundy and wine, this palette is really attractive when creating more masculine styled pieces.  Take amaryllis for example. Grown in a long, strong and sleek appearance, this bloom is sensational for the “Manly Man” appeal and will fit wonderfully amongst décor that resides for a more masculine taste.

Interestingly enough, the shade, white is another go-to for whipping up attractive centerpieces for the masculine sex.  Clean, unfettered and simplistic varieties will dazzle him way beyond what your first expectations may be. Try varieties such as lilies, ranunculus and gerbera daisies, either mixed together or given as bunches by themselves alone.

blue roses-1

Blue is another way to go when searching for the perfect floral gift for dad because let’s face it-the male identity was raised on this hue starting at birth.  To tell you the truth-there’s really nothing wrong with that because now there are several varieties grown in this shade, which are suitable for this holiday. Blue hybrid delphinium, Bachelor Buttons and forget-me-nots make sweet gifts and present a sentimental thought.

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Flowers for Your Summer Cottage

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, May 25, 2018

The salty air is beginning to waft off our coastlines and people everywhere in New England are thrilled to be dreaming of near future visits to our gorgeous beaches.  For some Bostonians, they might even be lucky to own or rent a cottage on the Cape, Maine or Rhode Island in the next few months where they will enjoy the closeness in proximity to the ocean.  New England summers are a treat for us locals so we tend to accentuate the season as much as possible with barbecues, pool parties and evening get togethers on the porch. Foods such as shrimp, lobster and clams are a theme for these events but other areas of party planning are equally qualified for the same sort of inspiration-namely flower arrangements.


photo via

While we usually select blooms such as red berries and pine greenery for winter décor, summer time reflects a whole other field of wild blooms of a softer palette.  Mimicking the motif of a beach cottage, these varieties are softer in nature with hues of pale peaches, whites, creams and blues. Top designers around the city try their best to replicate the sensation of the sea and sand within their pieces so customers will take in the “feel” of the beach even if they are remaining within their city dwellings.  For me, this is my favorite time of year when blossoms represent a core attribute of peace and tranquility, especially when displayed near the oceanfront. If you are anticipating a love for summer flowers reminding you of past/present days spent on the seashore, check out these “can’t miss” bouquets that envelope the meaning of beach living in New England.


Stunning flowers to request or replicate on your own which convey a beachy feel are those that are light, airy and whimsical.  This may sound like a strange description but species such as delphinium, lace flower, ranunculus, garden roses and wisteria are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.  If you live by the shore, take special notice of any blooming shrubs such as hydrangea that love the salt air-they make great clipping for inserts in arrangements. Peonies are another excellent variety that goes cuckoo for a seaside habitat, particularly those that produce buds of sweet pink, cream and blush.  I also like a fresh vase of stems that have been gathered from around the yard in hues of deep blues and purples. If you’re planning a summer getaway to the ocean or just enjoy the notion of the idea, treat yourself to a cottage inspired arrangement which will keep you happy throughout the warmer season!

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Easy Steps to Care for Your Hanging Plants

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Jun 11, 2016

Part of loving summer is being able to decorate the outdoor landscape with beautiful plants and flowers.  For many of us, this means long warm days spent weeding our gardens and filling up window boxes but for others who are looking for another way to enjoy seasonal flowers, you might want to consider hanging baskets.  Hanging baskets are a wonderful investment although many people shy away from this type of floral design because of the intimidation of care.  For some reason, flowering, cascading plants can look as though their maintenance might be overwhelming but in reality, they’re really quite simple as gardening tasks go.  You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy these stunning presentations!  All you need to learn is this hanging plant care guide to get you on your way to displaying a decadent and bold array of color on the outside of your home.

hanging plants

Care Guide Instructions

  1. One of the best reasons to grab a few hanging baskets is that they will last all summer long as apposed to perennials which make their entrance in spring and then slowly exit before the end of summer.  You can color coordinate with the paint on your house or even choose an eclectic palette that showcases many different colors.  Tell yourflorist or garden center the climate of your living space as well (Do you live by the beach?  Do you live in the city?), because these differences may affect the variety of species in your basket.  Some varieties do better in the salt air as other types do better inside steamier humid conditions.  

  1. Before you go out and buy a hanging planter, find an area that you’ll be able to install a sturdy piece of hardware to hold it intact (some hangers are very heavy) and a place where there is a lot of sunlight.  Most people like to display them right outside their front doors but if there isn’t a lot of sunlight, you might want to rethink your decision.  Flowers need light to thrive and survive so the position of the planter is going to make a huge difference on how the flowers perform throughout the summer.

  1. WATER!!!!!!!  Yes, watering is the single most important thing to do when you hang a planter because they are constantly seeking moisture since there is no saucer to contain it.  Take a pitcher of water and dump it directly into the soil and if the dirt feels extra dry?  Water it again!  The single most cause for the death amongst flowering hangers is dehydration so make sure it is done daily.

  1. A little nip and tuck of the dead blooms ensures that the flowers keep blooming throughout the entire season.  Don’t worry if you’ve trimmed back the plant slightly too much because I assure you, they love “haircuts” that keep its system healthy and continuously producing blossoms.  

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Gardening Calendar for June in Boston

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jun 01, 2015


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