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Martin Luther King’s Peace Garden

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jan 11, 2016

On January 18th, 2016, we will celebrate Martin Luther King Day, a holiday dedicated to remembering his nonviolent peace movements in the quest for equality.  Observed to honor his birthday, (which really lies on January 15th ) President Ronald Reagan signed the bill making it an official holiday on November 2nd , 1983.  The country will hold several reenactments of the reverend’s famous speech, “I Have a Dream” as well as thousands of Americans gathering in the place where a piece of his memory is held dearly.  


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site honors King’s life work in spreading the idealism of peace throughout the country.  Along with precious artifacts and mementos of the hero’s lineage kept inside the museum, a second tribute marks the sanction, displaying a beautiful garden holding 185 varieties of roses at the visitor’s entrance.  The stunning presentation is one of the “International World Peace Rose Gardens” containing thousands of blossoms with eclectic colors and aromas.  Structured in a design similar to a starburst, the beds are planted entirely with roses, the United States official flower.  Landscaped in the month of March in 1992, the garden is visited by millions of people wanting to learn and pay homage to the man who spent his life crusading for a nonviolent world.  Dr King and his wife are also buried close by.


The configuration of the design and the varieties that grow within King’s International World Peace Rose Garden hold specific significance.  The starburst shape was created to mirror his brilliance and ambition of unity throughout mankind.  The plush pink roses in the center are symbolic for his wife who continued her husband’s teachings for years after his death.  The red band of roses that swerves in and out of the circle represents African Americans and their contributions made to the world and the white blooms are banded around the ring to exemplify King’s similarity with Ghandi within their peace movements.   The splash of multi-shaded roses placed within clumps is reminiscent of the world filled with a beautiful array of different cultures and ethnicities.  The assortment of several tints and color tones also represents King’s vision that peace should run throughout the world for eternity.   The garden is said to be one of the most powerful displays created in Martin Luther King’s memory and remains the number one site to honor and remember him by.  

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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. in Boston

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sun, Jan 18, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a celebration honoring the birthday of one of America’s most beloved icons.  Celebrated on the 3rd Monday of every January (although his birthday is officially on the 15th), the nation pays homage to King’s detrimental efforts towards the civil rights movement against racial discrimination.  The act to officially observe Martin Luther King Day came after King’s assassination in 1968 but it wasn’t until 1983 when it became a federal holiday.  Signed by Ronald Regan who initially opposed the bill, the act became effective after the president realized that he was severely outvoted by the House of Representatives. Although the bill had been mandated, there were still a few states, which were reluctant towards calling the holiday by its legal name, and instead, combined Martin Luther King Day with other nearing holidays.  It wasn’t until the year 2000 when all 50 states came together and agreed to reserve the event solely for Martin Luther King, Jr.  


People around the United States choose to participate in this occasion throughout many ways including re-listening to his infamous speech, “I Have a Dream”, which still emanates the strength, courage and determination within the words that have said “to appeal to the most sacred touchstones that there are in the United States”.   Bostonians, too, have the opportunity to engage within events set up around the city that propel Mr. King’s profound symbolism of “Let Freedom Ring”.  City officials have elected to put forward great efforts within erecting more and more opportunities for both children and adults to learn the importance of understanding who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and what he stood for.  Check out your local paper and to find events thematic of this special day honoring the momentous leadership efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Boston Holiday Highlights

Dr. King lived in Boston for several years studying for degrees received at both Harvard and Boston University so you know that there will be lots of events to attend honoring this special day!  Here are some that have already been listed:


“Free At Last Sculpture”

Boston University



Boston University Annual MLK Commemoration

1 pm 775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston University



Museum of Fine Arts MLK Day

Speeches, films, exhibits,

Free Admission


Museum of African American History

Beacon Hill Walking Trail


suzie_giving_tree Suzie Canale, Westwood Public Library, 2014

Visit Suzie in the children's department of the Westwood Public Library for children's books about Martin Luther King Jr.




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