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Christmas Bulbs Make Great Presents

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Dec 07, 2017

The holiday season can bring a lot of anxiety and stress to shoppers who are constantly in search for the perfect gifts.  Finding that special something for someone you love can be tricky when sledging through the endless racks and bins of department stores of meaningless nick nacks.  Then of course, there’s the strict budget we put in place that every year becomes more and more expanded due to inflated cost increases and seasonal demand.  It’s enough to make a person CRAZY went they find themselves a drift in this typical December situation so it’s high time we started thinking of better options that will make wonderful sentimental gestures but won’t empty our wallets in the process.  Luckily, it just so happens that Boston florists have the precise suggestion to end this yuletide disaster and per usual- they’re answering with flowers.

narcissus bulbs.jpg

While there are loads of flora and fauna that make wonderful gifts, experts are heavily pushing the idea of bulbs that are incredibly affordable and fun to watch growing.  Weeks after the Christmas tree comes down, those who have received a stunning bulb will get to enjoy the memento and keep the holiday mood with them as they watch the bud open.  There are many ways to share these interesting blossoms such as wrapping them up in cellophane or starting the bulb on your own by placing the bottom in a vase filled with an inch of water.  Depending on how savvy the person you’re thinking of is in the garden, you can decide which way will work best in order to evade premature rotting.  If this idea sounds like one that may just solve this year’s conundrum of problems, check out these different species that are all swell examples of flowers to give this Christmas.


Amaryllis still remains the #1 flower to gift during the holiday season and the reason lies within noticing the plant’s beautiful shades of red, white, pink, peach or stripe that coats each petal.

amaryllis bulbs.jpg


Hyacinth are fabulous varieties to give to someone special because of their cheerful structure, pleasant aroma and symbolic representation of the spring season ahead.

Paper Whites

If you enjoy a strong, sweet scent, these pretty little blooms make amazing presents that will fill fresh scent in every room of any home.   


Alliums are fun to watch sprout because they lay on the exotic side and promise to be different for that person who seems to have everything.  

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Snow Inspired Flower Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

The snow blitz of 2015 hit New England hard, covering our cars, houses and well, everything in site up to eighty-eight inches of snow in the Boston area.  We survived Juno but if you’re like me, you might need a little pick me up to help shoo away the winter blues.  One way to accomplish this is to fill our living space with as much inspired growth as possible, namely flowers.  I know I use flowers as a natural remedy for most woes but there is no denying the power of beauty and fragrance to boost our lowered moods and dispositions.  Although we are experiencing the bitterness of the cold, there’s a sort of beauty that emanates from the sparkles of white enwrapped around everything we see.  Tiny crystals of light reflected in the sunlight and the impression of blanketed softness expels itself from the perfectly mounded bands of puffed snow.  For me, it’s a tough time of year too (I’m really a summer girl at heart) but even I can’t deny the sheer magnificence of newly fallen flakes.  The way I see it, if I can see impressive color, texture and design outdoors, why can’t I copy that same feeling within designing winter inspired arrangements for my own home?  After a few trial and errors, this was what I found to be the most successful combinations for this theme.


White hydrangea is the perfect variety for this type of floral display because it carries all of the appropriate characteristics to what we see happening outside.  Besides toned in pure shades of white, the soft-pedaled head also comes close in proximately to the way snow impacts itself on the ground.  By tucking in a few stems within a bubble bowl, we really don’t need to add too much more than perhaps a sprig or two of lady’s mantle or octoberweed.  Not only will you love the presentation of simplicity but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised as to how long this piece will last.  Let’s just hope the same doesn’t hold true for all of that white stuff outside our windows!


There’s a new trend rearing its head around Boston flower shops and I’ve actually tried this on my own so I assure you-I’m just as impressed with it as they are.  Bulbs are making a screaming comeback but are being grown and displayed in new ways.  For instance, white daffodils or paper whites can be used indoors by placing them on the tops of narrowed bud vases.  Fill the container with water high enough to reach the bottom of the bulb and watch the roots start to grow before your eyes.  Place in a well-lit area and pretty soon a shoot will begin to extend upwards.  I love using this as a bedside arrangement and adore how inexpensive yet fabulous this method is.  Before you go out and buy bulbs, check your cellars for previously unused packages of grape hyacinth, tulips or any other springtime favorite. Situating the vessel near a warm heater also helps to surge a speedy flower creation.

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie created the above arrangement of bulbs and hyacinth.

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It is Time to pot Amaryllis and Paper White Bulbs at your Boston Greenhouse

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Nov 17, 2010

Paper White Bulbs in BostonQuickly usurping the prevalence of the Christmas Poinsettia, forced bulbs are becoming a holiday staple. Amaryllis and Narcissus bulbs are not only easy to grow, but affordable. At Exotic Flowers in Faneuil Hall, an Amaryllis or Paper White Kit which includes a container and soil can be purchased for $9.95. Our Boston greenhouse also offers individual paper white bulbs at $1.25 each.

An Amaryllis bulb arrives in its infant form somewhat resembling a large onion with straggly roots. The process of getting an Amaryllis bulb to bloom is quite simple. The bulb should be nestled in a container of potting soil about one inch bigger than the bulb. Choose a decorative container as transplanting at a later date may prove a challenge.

Ideally, your soil should be sand based for support and fast drainage. Amaryllis can easily suffer root rot if they sit in a muddy soil. When planting your Amaryllis bulb, spread out the roots and leave about one third of the bulb above the soil line.

Water thoroughly upon the initial planting, but do not water again until the bulb begins to shows signs of growth; then water sparingly. Remember, do not drown this bulb. Traditional Amaryllis varieties mature in about three to six weeks. Plan accordingly for your December decor. Amaryllis kits and bulbs are also great holiday gifts for both children and adults.

Amaryllis Kits in Boston

Narcissus, also known as Paper Whites are even easier to grow than Amaryllis. Narcissus can be forced in soil or water. Narcissus bloom rather quickly. Because of their affordability ($1.25 each), Exotic Flowers in Boston suggests planting several at different intervals.

If planting in soil, Exotic Flowers' growers suggest following the same procedure as growing Amaryllis bulbs. If planting in water, the greenhouse staff at Exotic Flowers suggests pouring sea glass, pebbles or marbles in a clear glass container. Place the paper white bulbs closely together for support with the root ball facing down. The bulb roots should barely touch the water. If the roots submerge in the water, the bulb will rot. Additional water should not be poured over the bulbs or they will rot. Significant growth can be expected in less than two weeks.

Narcissus in Bloom

If you do not have a green thumb or the desire to try. Both Exotic Flowers in Boston and Roslindale will be offering pre-planted Amaryllis and Narcissus for your apartment, house or office.


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