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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Christmas Tree Lots in Boston

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Dec 03, 2015

The wreath is hung-check.

The outside lights are twinkling-check.

The holiday cards have been sent-check.


There’s only one thing left to buy for decoration and that could only be…The Christmas Tree!


It’s the most important display item of the holidays, the star of the show, the Pièce De Résistance!  Selecting the perfect tree is a monumental decision, which can sometimes even decide the whole décor feel for your holidays!  Do you like them furry, fragrant or with a particular green hue?  With so many varieties to choose from such as the Noble, Balsam and Douglas fir, the selecting process can become a bit overwhelming!  There are a multitude of factors that go into deciding what type of tree is right for your family so you might need advice on where the best places are to go looking…


Lucky for Bostonians, we have many tree lots within our vicinity, which carry several different species along with affordable ornaments and lighting options.   Depending on your budget and preference, you’ll surely b  e able to find the ideal specimen for your home to enjoy throughout the season!

Smolak Farms

315 South Bradford St

North Andover, MA (617) 648-5759978-682-6332


Allandale Farm

259 Allandale Rd

Boston, MA

(617) 524-1531


snow flocked trees at Exotic Flowers in Boston.

Exotic Flowers

609 American Legion Hwy

Roslindale MA 02131



Greenwood Tree Farm

96 Dudley Road,

Billerica, MA




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Poinsettia Heaven

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

Pretty soon, we will be entering the season of poinsettias and this year you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible varieties that will be available!  The plant otherwise known as the “Christmas Flower” has long been a true symbol of the yuletide holiday and is still ranked as one of the top items bought for gifts.  If you’re not familiar with the poinsettia, here are a few facts that you’ll enjoy learning, which make this plant so special.

Boston Poinsettias

Photo credit: flower factor

* A poinsettia’s leaves are bright in color and can be white, red, pink, red or peach.  New species are cultivated yearly so be sure to check with your florist about any new shades that may be soon available.  

Poinsettias in Boston

* The leaves are called “bracts” because they are tinted instead of simply being green.  The reason why the bracts are colored is to attract pollinators to the plant’s flower.

* Although the poinsettia looks like only a plant, there is a small bloom located in the middle of the plant bracts.  The bloom has a special name called “cyathia” which is where bees and other insects produce pollen.

* The poinsettia actually dislikes the cold weather even though it is primarily popular during the icier months of the year.  Originally, the plant was found in Mexico by a botanist named Joel Roberts Poinsett in the 1820’s.  With the specimen, he returned to his home in South Carolina and began to cultivate the plant.  

* and no the plant is not toxic to cats or people.



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Ways to Make this Holiday Season Happy and Healthy

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Nov 25, 2015


The holiday season can be a wonderful time but for some people like me, it can also by a tad bit overwhelming.  There just never seems to be enough time to get all my errands done including planning dinner menus, sending out cards, decorating and the most anxiety driven task- gift buying for all of my relatives and friends.  Really, how are we supposed to accomplish this unrealistic whirlwind of activity in only a few weeks?  It’s almost impossible if you plan on keeping your sanity throughout the month.  After all, aren’t the holidays actually supposed to be…FUN?  For millions of us, this is a laughable concept so this year I’m planning on using a few tips to relieve tension and possibly enjoy the month of December!  Seem like a bizarre concept?  Skim through these ideas and see if any of them might help increase your health and happiness this season!

Eat Well

There are thousands upon thousands on studies documenting the importance of a well balanced diet, particularly in times where stress is at a high.  By adding more fruits and vegetables and eliminating starches and fats, your body will actually run at an improved rate while also upping your serotonin levels.  Why is this important?  Serotonin is what makes those happy little bubbles float around inside you, making your attitude and emotional state positive rather than negative.  Of course we’ll need a few of those Christmas cookies to get us through but swapping your meal intake with an improved group of foods will do magic for holiday disposition.


I know that sending out those pesky postcards of you and the family are detrimental to saving face with the neighbors but at the end of an exhausting day, it’s not really that important. Give yourself a break and hit the hay so that you can rebuild the strength needed to stay on top of your game!  Eight hours of sleep is the recommended daily amount of time needed to adequately repair and revive the body.  When we are feeling symptoms of uneasiness or nervousness, it becomes even more important to add as much time as possible to your nighttime clock.  There’s always the next day to finish projects so stretch these tasks out and make the effort to rest.


It might seem that every chore on your list is of the utmost importance but realistically, the only thing that matters during the holidays is spending time with your loved ones.  Not everything that you have planned is going to be perfect so instead of creating ridiculous work for yourself, only complete tasks that are needed!  Choose the things that you truly want to accomplish and stick to that.  Let go of the Martha Stewart arts and crafts projects that are time consuming when you really don’t have the extra space in your calendar.  If stringing up the house with lights is number one for your family, get that done and forget about baking the gingerbread house.  Whatever is left behind just remember that there’s always next year!

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Is it Too Early To Be Buying Our Christmas Decorations?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Nov 14, 2015

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately surrounding the issue of whether it is too early to be stocking up on Christmas fare when it’s only November.  Starbucks is the latest culprit who recently launched their “red cup” marketing ploy, which interestingly enough has attracted a large amount of controversial press.  Is it wrong to change all accessorized décor color to red and green?  Is it pushing things to be lighting up the trees with holiday bulbs?  Or how about this one- buying floral centerpieces designed to reflect the Yule Tide season?  Is it offensive or simply a show of our adoration for the merriest time of the year?  

photo credit: Flower Factor

Personally, my holiday spread is put up a couple of weeks into December and taken down one week after Christmas but that’s just me.  I understand that there are many people out there who want to grab every second they can out of the season and I admire you, I really do.  But you have to admit, there’s no doubt the ugly head of commercialism does play a part in the mass movement to put Santa Clauses in storefronts even before we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving.  Do we actually spend more when influenced by the merchandising of Frasier Firs standing in doorways and twinkling lights dangled across glass display cases?  Most advertising business experts agree that inarguable, we do.

photo credit: Flower Factor

So what does that mean for Boston florists who are beginning to bring in shipments of poinsettias, Christmas trees and wreaths?  I’d say it’s a pretty good prediction that there will be a solid sales base for the early bird shoppers who can't wait to stock up on seasonal festivities. If customers are eager for holiday pieces but are torn by the issue of the timing possibly being premature, offer them arrangements that include some identifiable props but still can be categorized as appropriate for fall.  By not overwhelming clientele with a complete switch to silver bells and frosted greenery, we can make the most of November and December by easing ourselves gently into the holiday season.

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What’s in the Stars for Capricorns and Aquarius in the Year 2015?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Jan 03, 2015

It’s the beginning of a new year and by the reading of the stars, it’s going to be a big one!  January possesses two astrological signs; the Capricorn and Aquarius, where birthdays fall from December 22 through January 20th and January 21st through February 19th.  While Capricorns (the goat) are considered the darkest sign of the zodiac, people who fall within this segment are also thought of as the hardest working often utilizing a business like approach to life in general.  The Aquarius (the water bearer) on the other hand, is fueled by a passion for humanitarian efforts, philanthropy and a desire to make the world a better place.  Although these two signs might seem polar opposites, they fuse together to make some amazing personalities, movie star personalities to be exact.  According to the overall horoscope prediction for January in the year 2015, “seers” are predicting big things!  This being the year of the ram, it is predicted that this is the time for “breakthrough” moments of life.  Big changes are to be expected with a stress on taking extra care of your health, particularly in the first ten days of the month.  Other aspects include being extra vigilant about business transactions with a stress on entrepreneurial endeavors and reality transactions.   Take a look at some of the specific aspects and the “who’s who” of the January zodiac!


                                                ink by Stefan Stenudd

Horoscope for Capricorns 2015

Capricorns should listen to their inner voices during the first half of the year and allow some ”deep” and “serious” space to be alone.  The winter is an excellent time to retreat or plan a vacation because for the last two years, you’ve been working extra hard on building that career of yours.  You’ve been learning the ins and outs of your work but its time for a break.  You’ll need it because the latter part of the year promises massive changes within your home and family life.  Relatives are almost guaranteed to be difficult, particularly in-laws both current and past.  Be on the lookout for generous gifts, too, although remember to show gratitude or these acts of kindness will turn into trouble. 


                                           ink by Stefan Stenudd

Horoscope for Aquarians 2015

Easy and steady should be your motto for 2015.  Rushing into new business partnerships is a big “no-no” as well, so be careful of those looking to take advantage of you or your finances.  Relationships are stronger now since you’ve most likely been on a two-year hiatus-it’s time to start the fires burning in the kitchen again!  Your psychological side will also come into focus as family and friends may be expressing a wide range of emotions that you are not negatively effected, yet you are intrigued by.  Travel is also calling your name with the urge to take any and all opportunities to fly, boat or drive to new locations.  Inspiration is the key word for you in 2015, so go for it!


Hollywood Stars with Birthdays in January

January Jones                       Age 36                                    January 5th

Bradley Cooper                     Age 39                                    January 5th

Nicolas Cage                        Age 50                                    January 7th

David Bowie                          Age 67                                    January 8th  

Rod Stewart                          Age 69                                    January 10th

Jimmy Page                          Age 70                                    January 9th

florist_costume Suzie Canale

Suzie checks her horoscope often and is an Aries.

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