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Exotic Flowers in Boston

A Poem by Flower Design Legend Rich Salvaggio

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

Holiday Poem Holiday Happiness by Rich Salvaggio

Snow-softened landscapes

And poinsettias brighten the spirit

Flames cavorting in the hearth

With boughs of holly draped along the mantel

And mistletoe dangling, tempting

Capturing kisses, giggles, and sparks!


 RICH SALVAGGIO resized 600

“Reprinted with permission from Flowers And Profits – Rich Salvaggio”


Tags: Poinsettia, Poetry, Teleflora, Christmas Trees, Christmas

A Halloween Poem by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Halloween is finally here,
With costumes, masks and treats,
As children run from door to door,
Ghosts and witches fill the streets!
But don’t forget the best of all,
The symbol of this night,
Pumpkins carved both big and small,
Glowing their toothy smiles bright!
halloween flower delivery resized 600
What’s that you say? Where should you go?
To find your perfect pick?
Exotic Flowers has the best in town,
Just ask for Sonny, Marie or Rick!
So stop on by to choose your favorites
Of orange, white or green,
Then get your candy bags in hand,
And have a Happy Halloween!
- Suzie Canale

Tags: Halloween Flowers, Suzie Hearl Canale, Autumn, Poetry, Author

Sad Goodbye to Summer - a Poem by Boston Author Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Aug 30, 2012


As we sadly say goodbye to summer,

And close down our garden gates,

Rest assured, there’s much more soon to come,

A new season of blooms awaits!

 autumn flower delivery in boston

While the rosehips drop to reseed them selves

And the perennials return to slumber,

Make a visit to Exotic Flowers,

Who no florist can out number!


Floral displays of fall rich colors,

With a spectrum of red to gold,

Cabbages, mums and even aster pots

An exquisite site to behold.

 Fall Flowers in Boston


Fill your planters up right to the brim,

And don’t forget to keep in mind,

Pretty soon the leaves will drop from trees,

And the pumpkins aren’t far behind!

- Suzie Canale

Tags: Suzie Hearl Canale, Autumn, Fall, Poetry, Author

A Poem for Boston Gardeners by Suzie Canale

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jun 14, 2012

boston gardening resized 600

Lucky for Boston gardeners,


The month of June has now arrived,


Bringing fresh new bursts of color,


Now that our gardens have been revived.




As the perennials regain position,


And the weeds have been removed,


We'll see our hard work will be rewarded,


With flower beds greatly improved!




But for those who need a bit of help,


Whose green thumbs have gone numb,


Exotic Flowers will put you on the path,


On what to grow and stay away from.




You'll have loads and loads of choices,


From the best of garden crew,


Who'll help design a pretty garden,


With perfect plants just meant for you!

by Suzie Canale

Check out Suzie's new children's book, "The Candy Roses of Cape Care,". 

Suzie Canale Boston Poet

Tags: Garden Center, Gardening, Suzie Hearl Canale, Poetry

May in New England - Poetry by Suzie Canale, Exotic Flowers' Resident Poet

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, May 02, 2012

May in New England brings our garden’s first treats,
With blooms bursting straight through the chilled earth,
Exciting our green thumbs for plantings to come,
Mother Nature’s Spring hint of rebirth.
As the lilacs arrive in their great dripping splendor,
The bulbed tulips stand high in salute,
Hyacinth erupts with the sweetest of scents,
While the daffodils join in hot pursuit.
lily of the valley in boston resized 600 
If the weather holds up and the air is just right,
We might see stems of bleeding hearts,
Mixed in with the lily of valley’s white bells,
A scene fit for the Museum of Fine Arts.
But if low and behold, all our gardens bloom bare,
And we find ourselves heavily in need,
A visit to Sonny and Maries flower shop,
Will solve all Mother’s Day requests indeed!
 - Suzie Canale
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Suzie is not only the resident author at Exotic Flowers in Boston, but she is also now our poet in residence. You can learn more about Suzie on her website at

Tags: Mother's Day, Mother's Day Flowers, Suzie Hearl Canale, Poetry

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