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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Pizza ? Chinese Food ? Florist ? Who Are the Best in Boston ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jul 18, 2012

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On Tuesday July 17th, 2012 the Langham Hotel in Boston hosted the Improper Bostonian's Boston's Best Awards. For the event, the floral design staff at Exotic Flowers created dozens of flower arrangements in purple and gold. For the first time, Exotic Flowers was awarded as Boston Best Florist by The Improper Bostonian Magazine.  This best florist award has been collected by Boston floral icons Ilex and Winston Flowers in the past. Being recognized as Boston's Best puts Exotic Flowers in great company with places like Pizzeria Regina (best pizza), Legal Seafoods (Best Outdoor Dining), and J.P. Licks (best ice cream).

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Being recognized as Boston's best also puts award winners under the microscope. Who is to say that Pizzeria Regina is better than Santarpio's or that Bernard's is better than Seven Star Street Bistro ? Awards like these do create a lot of buzz and recognition and I am certain that many of Stapleton Florist's customers are wondering how Exotic Flowers was considered the best florist in Boston.



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Exotic Flowers Celebrates Chinese New Year with Seven Star Street Bistro

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Jan 23, 2012

seven star roslindale resized 600The Chinese New Year is upon us. The Year of the Dragon has arrived. Chinese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in the Chinese calendar. Celebrations go one for two to three weeks. The new year is a time for family and friends to feast together.

The staff af Exotic Flowers celebrates Chinese New Year by splurging on our favorite Chinese restaurant, Seven Star Bistro in Roslindale. At Exotic Flowers, we work on our feet and eat at our desks. Delivering and selling flowers in the Boston area is hard work. We build up huge appetites and Seven Star hits the mark on delightful entrees. I especially like the pork with thai basil. 

seven star ribs resized 600

Seven Star Bistro features a legendary Hot n Sour soup that people travel from Cape Cod to buy and store in their freezer. The barbecued ribs are famous and I always order the chicken wings, forbidden black rice and hunan beef. 

All their food is made to order so you want to give them a solid twenty five minutes to get your food perfect. Just this past friday I called at 5pm and could not pick up until 545pm. But it my chicken and broccoli, beef fried rice, chicken wings and pork strips (unique to Seven Star) were well worth the wait. The owner Chris is your cook and wears many hats. Just knowing Chris alone will make you a loyal Seven Star client. 

chris at seven star resized 600

Seven Star Bistro is a regular part of our menu at Exotic Flowers. Let Chris and Michelle make your next meal a delight. They cater too.

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